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December 2018

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers for the Massive Benefits of any Business Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers : Blockchain has become the most popular technology when it comes to business and other enterprises. It has transformed the world from finance industry to global supply chains. However, most business sectors are still unaware of

Hire Blockchain ICO Developer: Everything you need to know about Blockchain ICO Hire Blockchain ICO Developer : New opportunities for the Blockchain Technology have entered the market since 2008. The Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) stands as the most effective, secure and beneficial way for start-ups to raise funds for the development

Connecting ERP with Magento Magento is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms to carry out sale processes. But, in a business, there are also other functions involved for operating a smooth business and providing excellent customer experience. The present market scenario involves different channels, multiple locations and wider customer reach, resulting

The New & Improved Magento 2.0: A Look at its Exciting Features Magento is touted as the leading eCommerce platform, and rightly so. With its extensive collection of features and themes and its ability to offer a flexible solution, Magento has been adopted by more than 200,000 businesses over the world. Magento

5 Security Tips for a Magento Store The Best of Magento - 5 Security Tips for a Magento Store 5 Security Tips for a Magento Store :Magento is always known for its popularity of being one of the best E-Commerce platforms. It has a specialized set of features and functionalities, themes and

How using the Barber App can help you connect with your customers Mobile Applications are an incessantly growing trend in this generation, and there’s no denying that. In fact, according to statistics, 70% of smartphone users have at least 10 apps. That’s a pretty big number, and businesses would lose out

The Fastest Growing Mobile Application Categories in 2016 When the Mobile Application trend burst into the scene, the most commonly used application categories included Utilities, News & Books, and Entertainment. With fast-changing trends, there are many more application categories that have entered the market. Health and Fitness Applications, Personalization Apps and Mobile

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