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How using the Barber App can help you connect with your customers

How using the Barber App can help you connect with your customers

Mobile Applications are an incessantly growing trend in this generation, and there’s no denying that. In fact, according to statistics, 70% of smartphone users have at least 10 apps. That’s a pretty big number, and businesses would lose out big if they don’t utilize mobile applications.

Barber Express Application is an essential app for every barbershop owner and freelance hairstylists. While it holds many fruitful benefits for your business, the biggest one remains an improved customer experience. Here’s how you can connect with your customers better with the Barber App.

Be available, at all times
Unlike the traditional method of visiting salons/ barbershops, you can be ever available to your customers through the Barber application. Customers can find you easily on the application, view your services, and check your reviews and ratings, at any time and from any place.

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Effortless Booking for Customers
How do you get your customers to come back for more? By giving them a great customer experience. And through effortless booking, your customers can book appointments within mere seconds, and from anywhere. No matter the time of the day or any date in the month, customers can easily check for your services and book appointments based on the time slot availability. Also, the application doesn’t require new logins for booking. Customers can book appointments through their Facebook, Google and Twitter Account easily.

Appointment Reminders
The Barber Application also sends out automated e-mail and SMS reminders to customers for their booking appointments.

Bridge the gap between you and your customers and provide an exceptional customer experience through our Barber Mobile Application. Get in touch with us to know more about the Barber Application.

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