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Why ICOs for fundraising?

There are numerous business models available in the crypto industry for raising funds right from the olden days till now. But the conventional models were not proven to be that much effective in front of the new fundraising model called ICO (Initial coin offering).

As the world keeps on improving every single day in terms of technology front, digitization comes in to innovate every business system. By the way, ICOs emerge as the blockchain-based effectual fundraising models helping the entrepreneurs in funding their projects in a faster, secure, easier, and advanced manner ever.

An ICO is a crowd funding business terminology that generates ample profit by offering digital tokens or coins to the investors, who are willing to support the project with a considerable amount of investments.

As per a recent survey, the so-called ICOs were found to raise funds of around 5.6 billion US Dollars in the last year itself. How great it seems to be!

Then, why not you guys think about launching your own ICO and promoting it for better reach? Yes! You can of course generate huge profit in no time with the planning of a perfect marketing strategy for your ICO.

This blog is going to explain what are all the crucial aspects needed to be focused on making an ICO reach out to the targeted investor’s group.

Competitive benefits of ICOs:

Even though the ICOs look risky over the years, they are the best and potent ways of getting started with a venture idea today, as they hold some promising benefits ever. If you are very much specific about your business prospects and goals, then you will ultimately end up with better outcomes. 

ICOs keep the following benefits in store:

For the crypto entrepreneurs:

ICOs are found to be very effective in comparison to the traditional fundraising methodologies in terms of profit generation and saving time. This means that they are the quickest ways to generate a huge volume of funds ever for the entrepreneurs who lookout for the best methods of raising funds in the industry. Here, the marketing costs are also minimal as well so that you can save a lot of money.

For the investors:

Liquidity is the major advantage that the ICOs bring in for the community of investors. This means that the investors can reap substantial gains (solid cash flow – returns upon investments) by investing in ICO projects with no doubt.

Everything to know about ICO marketing:

ICO Marketing Solutions

Before taking your ICO marketing a step forward, it is mandated that you need to ensure the below checklist in prior to preceding it:

  • Depict the value that your brand holds:

It is somewhat crucial that you need to make your investors aware of how your brand is going to help them in the future. No matter what value that your brand is going to bring for the investors, but it is very much essential to let them know about it. And moreover, this could help you keep your investors having an eye on your project always, thus retaining their interest by building a greater level of trust.

Here, you need to give frequent updates to your investors in relation to your project’s upcoming events and plans as well. 

  • Make sure whether you are well-equipped:

In order for you to get started with the marketing part, you need to ensure whether your brand is fully provisioned to serve the clients with what they actually require from your side. Else, you may end up with some disappointments from the clients’ side, thus getting a chance to lose potential clients out of the project. So you should be very much careful with this to avoid the unnecessary discrepancies that are about to rise here.

Well; how could you make a reality check on this? 

Yes, you need to keep the following ready with you:

  1. Idea or plan: This is the core of the project which is going to decide the success rate. So, coming up with a prospective idea is a must here.
  2. Roadmap: Sketching a perfect road map can let you move closer to your goals in no time.
  3. Infrastructure: This defines the part of naming your token and furnishing it with an appropriate logo or symbol.
  4. Platform choice: Choosing the right platform for your token development is of the utmost importance when it comes to building reliability for the project.
  5. White paper: Drafting up a comprehensive white paper can let you engage in a broader range of professional audiences ever; it needs to be very much informative.
  6. Security: This is what decides the level of trust that you maintain for your project among the investors’ side. Trust is everything when it comes to achieving success in an ICO and hence it is needed to be taken care of the most than anything.

Shamla tech – a top ICO marketing services company:

Serving the blockchain industry with vast expertise over the years, Shamla tech provides the best ICO marketing solution to global clients. The following are some of such notable services that we can provide for you:

  1. SEO (Search engine optimization): This is what the major service we provide in the field of ICO marketing. It helps you in getting better traffic for your site, thus resulting in more user engagement and better profit.
  2. SMM (Social media marketing): You can attract your target audiences by posting the right content on social media platforms.
  3. ICO listing: You can make your project get listings over some of the top listing sites available on the internet for ICO promotion.
  4. Email marketing: This contributes to your day-to-day marketing plans so that you could be able to gain many new potential investors every day for your project via sending emails.

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