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binance like app development

Binance Like App Development: Launch your platform instantly!

Even after numerous digital currency exchanges are being attacked by hackers, the Binance app clone has shown a great

of resistance against these attacks. The popular exchange has its own native token named “Binance Coin (BNB)”. But also supports most of the commonly used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB). Binance Clone App Development provides crypto wallets for their traders where they can store their digital currencies. In Parallel to it Binance Dex Clone acts as a decentralized exchange platform that works based on P2P protocols which allow the user to trade their digital currencies directly with the person who receives it from another end. 

Why prefer Binance?

Supports all cryptocurrencies

Binance is one the most popular and successful platforms supports hundreds of cryptocurrency coins and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, etc.

High Security

Binance is much secured with 2 Factor Authentication feature. The feature sends a security code to your mobile phone for every action that takes place

High Volume Trade

The platform holds a very high volume trade as there are numerous trades happening in the platform for each and every second.


The platform allows the traders or the users to list their cryptocurrencies that they want to buy, sell and exchange.

Low Tax:

Using White-Label Binance Clone Script also does not charge any taxes but it serves with minimum operational costs for the trade.


Binance Exchange Website Clone Script stands as the best choice for people who expect to avoid any governing of their finances. Unless the user wishes to reveal his identity, his cryptocurrency trade or his personal identity will not be enclosed.

The privacy and anonymity the Binance clone website script provides make it one of the most desired places for digital trade.


Even though the process of trading and other transactions are well secured, but in the end, all the finalized transactions will be available except the personal information. As all the data are stored in the blockchain it is completely easy to trace back to the start.

If you wish to build your own centralized exchange like Binance, get complete assistance from Shamla tech, a leading Binance Clone Script Development company. The expert developers here provide world-class solutions for Binance Clone App Development helping you launch your platform in no time with robust features.

Here are the prominent features you get with the Binance clone…

Basic and Advanced Trading

The Binance clone website script can be built in two levels –basic, which is simple for beginners, and advanced level for experienced users. 


Our ready-made binance Clone Script provides the advantage of multiple languages to support easy adaptability to trade from anywhere around the globe.


Check for an integrated launchpad to provide buying and selling of coins and tokens in the platform seamlessly.

Instant Buy/Sell

Instant buying and selling of cryptocurrencies facilitated with our Binance Clone App Development for quick and reliable payment options.

Advanced UI/UX

The advanced and user-friendly User Interfaces in the platform are built based on customer needs and trade requirements.

Binance DEX

Get the popular Binance Dex Clone for higher trading volume and trustworthy buying and selling options.

150+ Crypto Support

Our robust Binance Exchange Website Clone Script accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies in the platform for uninterrupted trading. 

Two Factor Authentication

Moreover, two-step and multi-factor authentication feature in the platform secures the exchange from hackers and theft.  

Trust Wallet Integration

Above all, trust wallet integration helps to enjoy end-to-end encryptions and smooth transactions without any worries.

100% Source Code

100% source code certainly allows easy advancements and scalability to make any changes to the script as you need to.

Referral Options

The exchange provides exclusive referral offers and also introduces discounts to attract many new traders into the exchange.

Futures 125X Trading

This option helps to enhance your trading position with 125x leverage making it highly capital-efficient. 

White-Label Binance Clone Script

Expert developers at shamla tech offer extensive Binance Clone App Development services that are the best in the market. The company is known for its customized Binance app clone solutions that are best suitable for both android and iOS. Also, get your project crafted as per your trade requirements at your budget.

Why choose us for Binance Clone App Development?

Binance Clone Script Development focuses on driving the digital revolution and the goal of advancing financial freedom. We provide top-notch solutions for all your trade needs and customize the platform to suit your business the best. Our features include,

  • Multiple cryptocurrency Support
  • Supports unlimited types of tokens
  • Instant buy and sell feature
  • Liquidity API
  • 2Factor authentication
  • Referral options
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • Userfriendly platform
  • Low trading fee
  • Perceptual Swaps
  • Instant buy and sell feature
  • Integration of Multiple languages
  • Crypto mobile wallet integration
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Integrated
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Integrated

Ready-made binance Clone Script

An advanced Binance Exchange Script can handle a couple of thousand transactions per second. Also processes similar popular features as seen on Binance’s main exchange. Furthermore, readymade Binance Clone Script Development is designed to minimize front-running as much as possible, and offer an intuitive user experience. 

Ready-made binance Clone Script enables you to build your own P2P Binance Website Clone, Android & iOS mobile app like Binance Clone App Development, which includes…

  1. Easy registration
  2. Overall Transaction list
  3. Merchant API
  4. Multiple payment gateways
  5. PIN Lock Features
  6. Biometric access

Shamla tech offers readymade Binance Exchange Website Clone Script, those who are idea to start own exchange with those inbuilt secure and trading features and Binance website clone script also include the additional features for your trading and exchange in exchange website.

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