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Launch your own ICO

Launch your own ICO Successfully and Raise Millions

Launch your own ICO Successfully and Raise Millions

As an ICO development Company, we offer complete ICO solutions right from whitepaper drafting, pre-ICO, token development, ICO listing, smart contract development to Blockchain software development. We help your Launch your own ICO and make it as one of the most successful investment.

ICOs are similar to IPOs, but this is not entirely true. ICOs are unregulated, fast and reach globally in the quickest manner. The very first step to Launch your own ICO is to draft a whitepaper, create your token gives it a name and a value. This is followed by the pre ICO and the post-ICO, in other words, crowd sale.

Launch your own ICO
Launch your own ICO

How to Launch your own ICO?

To Launch your own ICO, the most essential and powerful tool is the whitepaper. The whitepaper of an ICO includes a detailed description of the whole process of the ICO development service. The white paper is similar to a roadmap of the ICO. The pre ICO strategy helps to reach out your ICO across the world for successful and effective results in the fundraising mechanism.

The simplest part of the ICO development process is the creation of the crypto coin or the token. The token or the crypto coin of the ICO determines the success of the ICO. It is important to establish the fundraising goals before creating the token. Once the token is ready, make it ready for the show.

Our ICO development company helps you Launch your own ICO. Once the tokens are created and marketed, we list your tokens in some of the most prominent exchange listing websites. One of the best ways to Launch  ICO Successfully is to launch it on the Ethereum platform for more effective results. It provides transparency, security and efficiency for a successful ICO launch.

Amp Prestashop

Prestashop : AMP for eCommerce

Why should you consider it Prestashop Amp ?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the latest Google initiative dedicated to speed-up load-time of web pages on all mobile devices.prestashop amp
With increasing mobile users, the Google AMP initiative focuses on better mobile experience. And with the speed-loading of AMP pages, users will receive just that.
The AMP pages use a stripped down code of the web page known as AMP HTML. The HTML includes certain restrictions providing better performance and displaying rich content quickly.
AMP is denoted by the lightning symbol and the AMP pages appear on the top of the search results. In the search result listing, the AMP pages can be listed either as a simple list or within a carousel.
This is how your page will rank if it is built according to the AMP standards.

Amp pages
Amp pages

Why Implement AMP for your business?

Yes, AMP is great. But is it worth trying?


You already know that the AMP pages appear on top of the search results. This leads to increased visibility and better click through rates.
Plus, when your page loads quickly, your users are more likely to navigate through other web pages. This will definitely reduce bounce rates.
All these factors together will help improve your SEO ranking.
So, apart from rocking your SEO ranking, what else does AMP offer?


47% of the users expect the web page to load within 2 seconds.
And if your web page doesn’t live up to that expectation, it won’t be long until they bid their goodbyes.
It is especially crucial when it comes to online shopping.
In fact, 79% of the web shoppers who had to wait longer said that they wouldn’t visit the site to purchase again.
On the other hand, AMP pages load 4x times faster. So your users are more likely to stay on it and to purchase from your website.

Amp Prestashop
Amp Prestashop


The lightweight design of the AMP pages allows it to load quickly even on slow internet speed.
In fact, AMP pages use less than 10x bandwidth when compared to non-AMP pages.
So, even with slow internet speed, your users will have an amazing mobile experience.

So, what’s in for eCommerce AMP?

AMP pages were initially restricted to news content and blog pages. However, AMP always aimed at providing fast-loading pages across all the verticals – from the news, eCommerce and beyond.
So the trend has shifted to eCommerce as AMP is suitable for building many aspects of the eCommerce pages.
AMP for eCommerce websites is the need of the hour.
Here’s why.
An average eCommerce site takes at least more than 5 seconds to load, whereas, as discussed earlier, users expect the pages to load in 2 seconds.
So you are disappointing your customers and losing out big in the form of conversions.
With AMP, eCommerce sites can overcome this hurdle and present lightweight, fast-loading web pages. It won’t be long before every eCommerce website joins the AMP bandwagon. In fact, eBay has already begun analyzing its AMP possibilities.

Ready to AMPlify your eCommerce Web pages?

Before we begin, you need to understand that the entire online store doesn’t have to be converted to AMP pages.
Some parts of an eCommerce website benefit the most out of AMP. This includes Homepage, Category page, Product Description Page and CMS pages.
AMP for eCommerce offers many pre-built and easy-to-use components that can be used to include interactive experience like carousel, video elements and even display related products easily. eCommerce websites can explore such elements to build powerful AMP pages.

Prestashop amp pages for eCommerce


This is typically the first page the user interacts with and it suits the AMP environment wonderfully.
The eCommerce homepage is a display of what your business has to offer. AMP allows you to include rich banner images. And with the help of the AMP carousel element, you can include Featured products, Bestsellers and New Arrivals.

Category Page

The category page displays the category banner and a simple description about the page.
Right below, the products are listed with its necessary details and ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ button.
Now, it’s important to understand that the purchase flow still hasn’t been AMP’ed. You will have to redirect the customers to your non-AMP web pages to complete the purchase.

Product Page

Once the user clicks on a particular product, the product description page appears.
The page displays the bold product image in high quality. You can also include video elements. For detailed information sections, you can use the ‘accordion’ element to include content. This includes the product price, detailed description and ‘Add to Cart’ button.
You can also use the AMP Social Share component to enable product sharing.

Highlights of using Pretashop AMP for eCommerce


AMP stresses on brevity. And eCommerce websites can use this to their advantage.
AMP gives you the choice to disable and enable any sections of the web pages. So, if you have something that can really strike a chord with your mobile users, then enable it. The unwanted stuff, you can disable them easily as well.
Understanding how your users think, what they like and what they want is a gold mine every business searches for.
AMP makes the journey a little easier with its Analytics component.
You can install the AMP Analytics component and extract helpful user data. Also, AMP supports several third-party analytics vendors. So, you can also rely on your preferred Analytics tool to collect the data.
Just collecting users’ preferences isn’t enough. Giving your users a personalized experience is the key to better conversions.

Prestashop Amp huge benefits for eCommerce stores

AMP allows you to display different content components depending upon the user’s status. Use your Analytics component and provide a tailor-made experience for your users.
Going the AMP way holds huge benefits for eCommerce stores. If you need assistance to AMP your eCommerce websites, SHAMLA TECH offers AMP services.
So what are you waiting for? Get AMP’ed and speed up your way to better business.


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What is AMP? How Can It Help your Website?

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & How Can It Help My Website?
Since Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative, the world has quickly adapted to it. Considered to speed up mobile browsing, the project has had the cooperation of many big names in the technology industry.

But what is AMP, how does it affect your SEO efforts and what benefits can your website reap from it? Here’s the whole story.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an Open-source coding standard that is developed to allow web pages on mobile phones to load faster. AMP enables publishers to take heavy and clunky web pages and streamline them.
To effectively run these AMP sites, a thin version of HTML is included rather than the bulky website version. This slim line of code allows sites to load faster in smaller spaces, such as your smartphones.

Features of an AMP website include:

» Use of CSS and HTML is streamlined, with the size of inline CSS in less than 50kb.
» Includes Image Lazy Load, which means images appear only when you scroll down.
» Ads and Analytics are accepted on AMP, just like regular web pages.
» No JavaScript should be used.
» AMP sites must be validated with the AMP Validator which comes bundled with the AMP JS Library.
» Custom fonts must be specially loaded, and image height and width must be declared.
» Forms are not allowed.
» Videos can be included by using AMP approved extensions.

All these restrictions ensure quicker loading times and will eliminate the frustration of waiting for a long time to access content.

What are the benefits of AMP?

» Faster Load Times

By far, the greatest advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages is quick loading web pages.
Have you ever tried to access content from your smartphone? Then, you would understand the long wait you have to endure due to the slow loading speeds. With most users on a slow-internet pack, the speed offered is simply not enough to access information on-the-go.

However, with AMP, you can access content faster. According to Google, AMP web pages load 15-85% faster than the non-AMP websites. With faster loading sites, you give your users a better experience. If the users have quick access to information, they will most certainly stay on your website longer.

» SEO Benefits:

It is pretty evident that the future is mobile, and Google is an advocate of this idea too. So if your website is mobile-friendly, Google caches these sites quicker thus improving your ranking. Also, the longer a user stays on your page, the better your page ranking gets.

The importance of AMP pages cannot be emphasized more than with Google’s introduction of the AMP page carousel that appears on the first page of mobile search results. The carousel features articles that are related to the query. It includes an image with the article heading. The kind of content marketing you’d receive is huge.

Who can use AMP pages?

Although, Accelerated Mobile Pages are great, is it worth the time and effort? Not for everyone.
Accelerated Mobile pages are useful for sites that publish blog content, news articles or any other kind of content. However, if you convert your products or service page into AMP, you’ll lose the chance to impress your visitors with gorgeous websites, due to the slim HTML code required for AMP mobile pages.

So rather than turning your entire website into AMP, focus on converting your blog section or news feed into AMP. With lightning fast loading on your blog section, users will receive the information they need quickly thus improving your ranking.

If you are a content marketer or a publishing website releasing fresh content frequently, then AMP will be a lucrative tool for increasing your search engine ranking.
Get started with AMP

If you have a WordPress site, then there’s a 5-minute process for integrating AMP. Use the following plug-ins.

» AMP WordPress by Automattic

» Yoast SEO

If your website is not WordPress-based, then you’ll have to go to the AMP website and learn how to integrate it by hard-coding it. Or, you could get in touch with our experienced developers who can turn your eCommerce websites into AMP pages effortlessly. For PrestaShop AMP, Magento AMP or any AMP for CMS pages, SHAMLA TECH can help you out.
Once you do integrate your AMP, be patient. Your content will not immediately appear in search results. Google will take at least a few days to crawl these new pages. It can be a relatively slow process, especially when it comes to already existing content.
AMP is a free open source framework offering lucrative opportunities for you to build your site ranking and search engine results. Don’t lose up on this opportunity to give your users a faster mobile experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages.
Will you be implementing AMP for you blog and content pages? Share your thoughts in the comments below.