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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company: Ensure a Secure Cryptowallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company : We should realize that securing our Cryptocurrency Wallet should be our number one priority. As a Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company, our team of industry experts provides solutions with robust security architecture. A good Cryptocurrency wallet should give you a total control over your private keys. Also, it should have the capability to store and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies for cross border exchanges.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

SHAMLA TECH has a team of ICO Developers who imbibe high-quality and innovative security techniques for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development. We ensure to facilitate substantiation of all parties implicated in a transaction and guarantee that all private information is secure. We work in order to decipher any security problem and bring simple, fast and safe transaction process.

Each day the transfer of cryptographic keys are increasing as the world wealth is decreasing.  A people begin to develop Cryptocurrency wallet for themselves, the consequence of maintaining and securing them is become a prime factor for the cryptocurrency holder.

We ensure to provide our clients highly advanced digital currency wallets with superior security for the best functionality features. We have invested years in gaining a rich expertise in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As a Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company, our team of ICO experts develops crypto wallets that support all the available cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Why do we need to secure our Cryptocurrency wallets?

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the private and public keys and work together with respective Blockchains in order to facilitate users to send and receive crypto coins or tokens. To use a cryptocurrency for any purpose it is necessary for you to own a secured digital crypto wallet.

A majority of Cryptocurrency holders protect their crypto coins with private keys written on paper or even stored in some devices. This makes it vulnerable and is often misplaced and therefore holders get locked out of their accounts permanently. Ever since cryptocurrencies came into the market, it began to multiply and increase in a short span of time. Presently, there are so many investing communities and cryptocurrencies that the option of making it safe has reduced.

Moreover, some of the most prominent hackers wait for a chance to do something by dissuading cryptocurrency holders to secure their cryptocurrency wallets. Most of the Exchanges around the world do not possess a secure and robust infrastructure resulting in an unexpected crash down or attacks. A cryptocurrency wallet by definition is a part of software that can easily be defenseless to security vulnerabilities. It is essential to keep these wallets secure.

What are the features of Cryptocurrency Wallets?

At SHAMLA TECH, we develop cryptocurrency wallets with advanced features of security. Our first priority in developing wallets is to provide it a high level security for the benefit of the users. There are two main features that can be given for a cryptocurrency wallet, one is to secure the private keys of every user and two, provide secure log in procedures for the same.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company provides the best crypto wallet security features I order to help reduce risk of losing coins. The best cryptocurrency wallets are those that are easy to use in sending and receiving crypto coins or tokens and securing it as much as possible. Our expertise helps us develop secure apps that provide users the option of accessing their cryptocurrency wallets from their mobile phones.


Wallet Development Company
Wallet Development Company

How to keep your Cryptocurrency wallet secure?

The level of security of your cryptocurrency wallet varies according to the types of wallets that you use. Most of the online wallets provide opportunities for theft. It is very necessary to implement security precautions even before using the cryptocurrency wallet. There will be no safety for your wallets if you lose your private keys. Moreover, there is no easy option to reverse any false transaction that you make. It is important to take some important measures and precautions to protect your cryptocurrency wallet.

Try to keep a backup of your wallet. Store small amounts of cryptocurrency online and the majority of it can be stored within a secured environment. There is an offline wallet backup hardware or even a USB will help to recover your wallet if stolen or lost. But this does not protect you from hackers. Use an offline wallet for savings it stands at the highest levels of security. Keep your software of the wallet updated for the use of the latest security features.

The more layers of security the wallet has the more it is safe and secure from hackers. Use good branded wallets with robust and high quality security features. It is better if it has a two factor authentication and additional pin code when it has to be opened.

Also, the safest option to safeguard your wallet is to keep it in a secure offline. In this case, the public or private keys cannot be hacked. Make sure to backup everything regarding your wallet so if in case anything happens this option will help you.

ICO Development and Marketing

5 Tips on Effective ICO Development and Marketing

ICO Development and Marketing have attracted the interest of masses ever since the cryptocurrency trend entered the market. Large and small businesses is hopping into the ICO stream of fundraising by creating their own cryptocurrency and launching their own ICO.  For such, ICO Marketing strategies are necessary to help the company raise a large sum of money and obtain the financial support needed for their ICO venture.


Development and Marketing.jpg
Development and Marketing.jpg


However, not every ICO brings success.  Well to launch a successful ICO and raise millions, it is necessary to make a good research and plan a perfect marketing strategy.  A Study shows the largest of the 10 ICOs accounted for more than 25% of the money raised and only 48% of ICOs seemed to be successful. To make a successful ICO launch, planning your ICO Marketing strategy form the very first day determines the success of it.  The ICO Marketing team should make use of various marketing channels that are conventional and recognized to the latest advanced marketing strategies.


#1 Have an Interesting Story


Most of the crypto tokens get through a successful ICO simply because of the story behind their mission and the symbol it portrays. Many potential investors claim to invest in tokens with attractive stories that share the same values in their investments. Your story should have a grip on potential investors making them supporters of the same.


ICO markeitng Have an Interesting Story
ICO markeitng Have an Interesting Story


Connecting people with a clear vision is one of the most effective ways of raising a successful ICO to millions. It also stands as a good marketing means, where they will spread information to other potential investors and get them linked to your ICO.


#2 Develop a Stunning ICO Website


The ICO website can be considered as the window of your shop. When people pass by, it should attract them to visit it. This applies to your website. The content, layout, design and navigation should pull the attention of the visitor. A perfect ICO Website attracts the attention of the investors and also gives them a sense of reliability about your venture.  The very first impression should never go wrong. Hence, make sure to build a stunning website for your ICO.


ICO markeitng blog Develop a Stunning ICO Website
ICO markeitng blog Develop a Stunning ICO Website


Showcase all the important information required to invest in the ICO. Some of the most important sections of the website should be the featured team of your project, an explainer video, the roadmap, information that portrays your clear vision of the ICO venture.  It is very essential to have the Call-to-action section that ensures to appeal to investors to become whitelisted or participate in the pre-sale. Design and develop eye-catching graphics.


#3 ICO Development and Marketing Reach out to the right audience


It is essential to target a specific group of individuals when you plan to market your ICO. Plan an innovative ICO Marketing Strategy that is designed around that particular group. When it comes to a specific project like an ICO, make sure your marketing schemes reach the right audience at the right time.


Reach out to the right audience ico marketing
Reach out to the right audience


Create an ICO marketing strategy for the experienced investors and for the new investors individually. In this way, you will reach your targeted audience in the right manner. The ICO industry is growing big, marketing ICOs on a large scale will not be very effective. Make sure to spread the right information to the right audience. This is because the majority of various business sectors around the world are unaware of ICO, let alone the Blockchain Technology. Only some of them are aware and some of them are experts in the field. Therefore, it is necessary to target the right audience in specific time to make your ICO Marketing even more effective.


#4 Introduce your Project Team


Giving an identity for a good ICO venture is not a bad thing. If you are developing something of a great deal, why not let people know the individual behind it? Well, when it comes to ICOs, it is essential to showcase your team of advisors, directors and partners.  Moreover, your team of directors should be genuinely interested in invested and bringing your ICO to a high level.


#5 Build a Community and Communicate to Investors


In developing an ICO, it is important to make it transparent. This alone will help you build a good brand awareness and community for a wide ICO reach. By making your ICO transparent, you attract potential investors by gaining their trust. Take time to reply and communicate to your potential or impending investors, never try to ignore any one of them.


Build a Community and Communicate to Investors
Build a Community and Communicate to Investors


Understand your target market, take part in the industry related events or forum discussions, crypto conferences, seminars and such. This will help you develop a good rapport with investors turning them into partners and supporters.  It is important for you to community

Cost of Launching an ICO

What is the Cost of Launching an ICO?

Cost of Launching an ICO has become one of the most popular searches over the internet. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is noted as the most effective Fundraising Venture for businesses around the world. The amount of capital available to conduct a successful token sale by the startup also determines the success or failure of the ICO.

The significant part of the ICO lies in creating the budget plan before initiating the cryptocurrency fundraising venture. By doing a research on the cost of Launching an ICO you will have an idea on the overall process. In the end, it will help you avoid borrowing or facing a failure in the ICO. With our team of expert ICO developers, we help you right from research and idea to marketing and launching you ICO raising it to millions.

Technical Aspects and the Cost of Launching an ICO

It is always important to take a positive perspective in initiating any business project. Well, for a successful ICO to be launched and raised to millions it is important to take certain factors into consideration.

Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper Drafting is one of the main aspects of the ICO venture. It takes innovative and skilled expertise to draft a perfect whitepaper. Also,

to attract potential investors by giving them an in-depth introduction to your ICO venture. If you are looking for a limited cost of launching an ICO then you can plan on doing your whitepaper by yourself. Whitepapers should usually be detailed, informative and comprehensive. Usually, whitepapers are drafted and perfected by experts and industry enthusiasts.

A well-drafted whitepaper should let your investors know the whole purpose, aim and objective of your ICO venture, giving them an insight into the technical aspects and advantages of your ICO project.  It is like an ICO proposal that discusses your product, the proposition of its value and how it can be used and distributed. On the whole, ICO stands as a business proposal for potential and impending investors and gives them an outline on how to implement the technology and gain the trust of investors.

However, the cost of launching an ICO may also involve the cost of hiring a content writer to draft an extremely technical and professional whitepaper. Therefore, it is important for the whitepaper to be clear, concise and well-written.


Cost of Launching an ICO
Cost of Launching an ICO













Landing Page Development

Developing a website for any business enhances the goodwill and scalability of the brand. The quality of the website will not only appeal to more customers but will also help in increasing the scalability of the business. The quality of the website depends on how much amount it takes to build one. The cost of Launching an ICO also includes the development and designing of a stunning ICO website that will attract potential investors.

Moreover, there are also some good developer sites that will help you build a good website. The best websites are made from scratch and it brings optimizing results for the best.

The Smart Contract

The ERC20 token standard is usually recommended in creating the smart contract. This is not only because it is easy to use but also that it can be transferred from one wallet address to another. The problem lies in finding a professional developer since the best ones are probably working on their own ICOs.

Developing smart contract needs a lot of time, even a skilled developer will need all the necessary and secure requirements. It is important for him to check the individuality of the work in order to make it more available for users.  To check with the cost of Launching an ICO, smart contracts play an important part. It takes approximately two weeks to complete the whole process of checking all the technical details and testing it with audits side by side.

Security Audits

Smart Contract has the best feature of carrying out transactions with a high level of security. The token will not be appealing to investors if it cannot provide security. If there is a lack of security, then even a simple error cause a great loss that cannot be fixed.


ICO Marketing is the most challenging part of ICO since it helps you gain the trust of investors.  Even before the ICO is launched, it should be marketed. ICO Marketing in sense, it should have an online presence. This should be streaming through a good website, social media and other internet and communication channels.

It is important to portray a certain level of attention, reliability and professionalism to gain the interest of potential investors. To find the Cost of Launching an ICO, it is necessary to know the whole process of ICO Marketing.

Social Media

When it comes to marketing for any business enterprise social media cannot be ignored. It is one of the most powerful ways of marketing. It helps to reach out to your targeted audience in the most effective manner. Some of the most prominent ways of marketing via social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram and much more.

By marketing your ICO this way, it attracts your impending investors. It also gives them information on your ICO and the objective to raise it to millions. A huge part of the campaign is content creation. Approximately, when you consider the cost of Launching an ICO, a social media campaign may cost about $3,000 for a month.

Press Release ad Media Submissions

Another most effective way of promoting your ICO is through media, journalists, analysts. Just by letting them know your ideas about your ICO Launch and much more. It is necessary to put up your information of your ICO as press releases. Submit it in a large number of websites and publications as possible. There are certain sites that will cost you in submitting your content. This will help you gain the interest of your impending potential investors and gain their trust also.

To know the cost of Launching an ICO when it comes to publications and media submissions, you should take a look at some of the most prominent ICO Listing and press release websites. This will give you an idea of the whole amount needed for ICO Marketing.

Communications Channels

When it comes to marketing your ICO via communication channels, it is necessary for you to hire a community manager. It brings effective and proficient results. Again, when you consider the cost of Launching an ICO, it depends on the person and time you hire. Your ICO should have a legal structure in order to make it more prominent and reliable for your impending investors.

In order to perfect this, it is necessary to protect the ICO individuals from personal civil or criminal action. It is very important to provide protection for your impending investors.  Ensure that skilled legal representatives evaluate your ICO. Avoid scam for security purposes.

Community Management

Community Management is very essential for your ICO especially during the early days of the token sale. It is important to build rapport with potential investors and attract their attention. Your sole objective should be to create a community that supports you in what you are trying to reach out to them.

The overall cost of Launching an ICO

Draft your ICO whitepaper by yourself if you are looking for a cheaper solution. If in case you are unsure of your writing abilities, it is necessary for you to hire an individual which may cost respectively. Sometimes, social media and community channels are of no cost. However, it is important to market your ICO in some most prominent paid community channels that will help you gain your reach to investors.

In conclusion, you need to spend money in order to make more money when it comes to ICO.  As it is obvious that ICO is all about winning the trust of investors and that alone will help you raise your capital to millions.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development : Why is it necessary?

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development provides you complete control over your money and functions in a way that allows users to earn, monitor and transfer crypto coins. Since cryptocurrencies keep increasing on value, it is significant to own a cryptocurrency wallet that helps you send and recieve your coins. In the recent years, the number of Cryptocurrency Wallet users has been escalating. Research shows a phenomenal rise in Blockchian wallet users with approximately 24 million in 2015 to 3.1 million users in 2018.

If you would like to own cryptocurrency or trade them, it is  necessary to own a Cryptocurrency Wallet. Unlike banks that stores physical currencies that may sometimes be in favor of third parties, a Cryptocurrency Wallet records transactions on the Blockchain technology. This brings in all the best benefits of decentralization, security, transparency and immutability. It also provides the holder a complete control over it. If a cryptocurrency is transferred to the wallet, the ownership of the crypto coins is signed off to the holder’s wallet address.

Basically, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development is to develop a software program known as the Cryptocurrency Wallet that is designed to manage your crypto assets. When you have a Cryptocurrency Wallet of your own, you will have one or more addresses corresponding to your private or public keys. It stores your private and public keys that enable you to send and receive crypto coins via the Blockchain Technology. As a Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company, we stick on to all the security standards to develop safe and robust cryptocurrency wallets.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: How does it work?


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development


Cryptocurrency Wallet has a private key that holds a secure digitalcode known to the respective individual user.  In addition, there is a public digital code that is linked to a certain amount of currency. The crypto currency wallet usually stores the public and the private keys. This allows the user to send and receive coins.

A physical wallet is way different when compared to a digital wallet. Digital wallets store public and private keys unlike a physical wallet the stores cash. Neither does a digital wallet store cryptocurrency. It holds the public and private keys to manage the crypto assets. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development has made a great impact. Millions of people today hold cryptocurrency wallets for various reasons.

In a Cryptocurrency Wallet, digital currencies are not stored in any location neither do they have any physical form. A cryptocurrency wallet holds the records and transactions of the transfer of the crypto coins on the Blockchain ledger. They are basically software programs that store the public and private keys rather than digital coins. They are recorded on Blockchains. This makes it easier for users to monitor their balance, transfer money and conduct other operations.

Transferring cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or any other coins essentially means signing off ownership of the particular crypto asset to your wallet’s address. The private key of your wallet should coordinate to the public address the currency is allocated to. The balance in your cryptocurrency wallet will rise while the sender’s balance will reduce correspondingly. This happens only if the public and the private keys match. The cryptocurrency transaction is validated by a transaction recorded on the blockchain ledger. There will be a change in the balance of your Cryptocurrency Wallet.

How to develop your own Crypto Wallet?

As a Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company, we specialize in creating crypto wallets in accordance to fulfilling all the requirements of our clients. Our team of Blockchain enthusiasts develops official wallets and multi coin wallets that ensure high standards of security. We provide protected and consistent Cryptocurrency Wallet Development services in order to control your Crypto assets safely.

We serve numerous clients with their immediate needs in developing a highly advanced effective currency wallet with greater functionality. Our Blockchain developers and strategists have a rich expertise in experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain based ventures. Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development assures you the best services that are delivered beyond expectations.

ICO Marketing Agency

ICO Marketing Agency on How to choose the best ICO Marketing Strategy?

ICO Marketing Agency  The right marketing strategies used to promote your ICO determines the success of winning the trust of investors and raising it to millions. Every company initiated in the ICO venture, will direct their focus mainly on the Pre ICO campaign which stands as the backbone for the success of an ICO. As an ICO Marketing Agency, our sole aim lies in helping our clients gain not only the interest but also the trust of their impending investors.

ICO Marketing Agency
ICO Marketing Agency



An ICO proceeds by generally beginning to draft the whitepaper proceeded with proficient ICO digital marketing strategies that will take your ICO across the globe. A well-written whitepaper also acts as an ICO marketing tool that attracts the interest of potential investors. ICO marketing strategies are created by an ICO Marketing Agency in order to raise millions.

How to make your ICO Marketing Strategy effective?

Marketing your ICO and taking it to investors within in a time-constrained manner is the most challenging part of the ICO venture. The very first thing about marketing your ICO is to attract the interest of potential investors. It is very important to reach out to the right audience when it comes to marketing your ICO. ICO is one of the fastest ways of raising funds. Hence, Our ICO Marketing Strategy helps you reach out to the right audience at the right time with the right voice.

Marketing your ICO should be effective in such as way that it convinces the mind of potential investors. It is essential to building a crypto community in order to keep your ICO engaged and build the trust of investors. As an ICO Marketing Agency, our expert team of ICO Developers provides complete marketing services via various social channels and online communities and forums. Our sole aim lies in bridging the gap between ICO owners and investors.

ICO Marketing Strategies should be well-planned and well-executed in order to gain success in ICO and raise funds to millions. We provide top-notch ICO marketing strategies that will be very productive in your ICO venture. It is always better to plan, get an idea and do a research before starting your ICO. It is essential to plan a perfect marketing strategy since the majority of getting a sure success of the ICO lies in the marketing strategies taken.