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Cryptocurrency exchange software development company in USA

Checklist for Security and technical features of crypto exchange platform

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are online platforms where users buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum, litecoins, and many more. Privacy and security are the two main characteristics that should be ensured by every exchange platform. A best Cryptocurrency exchange software development company will assure top notch security for your transactions. Here is the list of security you have to check.

Cross-Site Scripting Protection

Security against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks in which malicious scripts are injected into the exchange websites.

DDos Protection

DDoS protection is the security against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, one of the main methods of disruption in the modern day Internet with over pouring traffic.

Exposing Server Information

Disclosing the backend information about the software, server, script details used in the exchange will lead to hacker interventions.

Cross-site Request Forgery Protection

Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) is nothing but another layer of protection for preventing the exchange from XSS attack.

Clickjacking attack and X-Frame-Options

Clickjacking is the user interface hack done by the intruders. When the user clicks on the button or link the redirects to another domain owned by the attackers catching the information.

Cold storage

Cold storage is the one of the viable methods used to store bitcoins in offline mode avoiding internet hackers.



Once you get in touch with a good Cryptocurrency Exchange Development firm, you can be rest assured to get rid of the entire technical requirement and all the rush pertaining to the implementation and maintenance of the exchange. The expert developers in cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company have a high level of accuracy in creating and checking all the components.

  1. Advanced Admin panel for seamless management
  2. Multi-language support to be easily adaptable
  3. API integration
  4. Two factor authentication
  5. Escrow system for enhanced security
  6. Effective Trade engine
  7. High transaction Speed
  8. Multi-currency wallet
  9. Marginal trading
  10. Referral program
  11. User friendly Mobile apps
  12. Over the counter

As a leading Cryptocurrency exchange software development company, Shamla tech specializes in the development of custom cryptocurrency exchange service solutions that are trustworthy.

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