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Rarible clone

Rarbile Clone – The demystifying process of NFT Platform Development Like Rarible

Rarible is an exclusive marketplace that allows users to sell and buy digital assets from various industries including artworks, video games, music, etc. Through Crypto Kitties Rarible clone platform gained popularity in the marketplace. At present many traders are looping their interest to build NFT like Rarible marketplace globally to allow digital creators to sell their digital assets as NFTs in the marketplace and also earn ownership for their work. The Ethereum blockchain registers the attribution of every NFT is a secure and distributed ledger that will stay forever. Create blockchain NFT like Rarible to tokenize and trade digital assets on the Rarbile marketplace.


Minting an NFT to Rarible

Minting is an easy process, you don’t have to be an expert in Blockchain, just get Ethereum and Web browser to get things to work. Crypto enthusiasts are attracted to the decentralized, scarcity, and novelty nature of Ethereum and Blockchain who are paying extra pennies to own the unique digital assets. The scarcity and novelty of NFTs are changing the world of traditional cryptos. Every NFT provides a unique token that signifies digital collectibles. Build NFT like Rarible to create NFTs.


Part 1: Create an Account on Rarible

Here, we are going to discuss the steps to create an account on the Rarible Platform.

  • MetaMask Installation
  • Create an Ethereum Wallet
  • Send Ethereum to your Wallet
  • Connect to Rarible Platform
  • Customize your Rarbile account

MetaMask Installation

MetaMask provides a virtual wallet to store Ethereum. Users can create a digital wallet and populate it with Ethereum tokens. MetaMask allows users to manage their accounts and assets on the Rarible using Ethereum tokens.

  • Browse for MetaMask Chrome Extension on the Chrome Web Store.

Rarible clone

  • Click the Add to Chrome

Rarible clone script development

  • MetaMask has been installed in your chrome browser.

  • After Successful installation, MetaMask will redirect to Welcome Screen.

Build NFT like Rarible

Create an Ethereum Wallet

  • To create a new wallet click the Get Started
  • Now, click Create New Wallet button.

Rarible Clone Script demo

  • MetaMask will redirect the screen to the privacy policy, read it and click the I Agree button

Create Rarible Clone

  • Create a password.
  • The password will act as a bypass to login into MetaMask without the need to resume your private key or seed phrase.

NFT Marketplace Like Rarible

  • Listen to the Video carefully before getting started.

NFT Marketplace Like Rarible

Build NFT like Rarible

The users who have the phrase will own all the tokens and digital assets. Safeguard your seed phrase in your way.  If you lose your phrase, you may lose all your tokens.


  • MetaMask asks you to re-enter your phrase. Drag the boxes according to the directions to proceed further.

Rarible Like Platform Development

Rarible Like Platform Development

  • Finally, you passed the test and a MetaMask wallet was created. Keep the recovery phrase safe.
  • Click the All Done button.

Rarible clone

  • A New Update, read carefully.

Build NFT like Rarible

  • Now you are re-directed to the wallet page, click the Buy icon to purchase NFTs. You require Ethereum to mint NFTs.

Select Directly

Select the Directly Deposit Ether and Click the View Account button.

Rarible clone script development

Now MetaMask will provide your Ether Waller Address, copy the address, you have to send Ethereum to this address.

  • You can go to your crypto exchange which you are using and send Ethereum to your Metamask wallet
  • Once you have Ethereum in your wallet, you can purchase

Build NFT like Rarible

  • Now go to the Rarible website, click Connect Wallet on the top right-side corner.

  • Select MetaMask from the list of options.

  • Click the Next button on the MetaMask pop-up.

Rarible Like Platform Development

  • Click Connect button to proceed further.

rarible script

  • Click Proceed button.

Rarible Like Platform

  • Now you are logged into your Rarible account.

White label Rarible Clone Script

  • Customize your Rarible account according to your requirements.

Create NFT Market Place like Rarible

White label Rarible Clone Script

White label Rarible Clone Script

  • Enter all the details and update your profile.

Once you click submit button, MetaMask will pop up a Sign request. It will use your private key to sign digitally and update requests and post the modification to the Ethereum blockchain.

Rarible clone

Finally, your Rarible account is ready.
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RARI Tokens

RARI tokens gained so much popularity to exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens in the marketplace. Rarible like platform development will help users to exchange cryptocurrencies, create NFTs, and trade cryptos. Create a Rarbile clone to enjoy decentralization. A RARI token is a governance token in the crypto space. The tokens play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of the main platform. About 75000 RARI tokens are launched every week, where 60% of tokens are used by mining and on-hub liquidity, 30% are mined by traders and the remaining are divided into 8% for NFT investors and 2% for users.


White label Rarible Clone Script

Now you have a clear idea of how easy it is to use Rarible marketplace, Rarible Clone is a copy of the Rarible market, and it wants to create a Rarible like NFT marketplace. Rarible clone allows users to sell, buy and trade digital assets. Digital artists and crypto investors are fascinated to create NFT marketplace like Rarible to list their digital assets and tokenize them.


Build NFT Marketplace Like Rarible

Create NFT marketplace platform like Rarible with additional features with a best white label rarible clone script to survive to rule the marketplace.

Frontend UI

UI is the most important part to create NFT marketplace like Rarible where all the interactions take place. The most common element of UI should have the following fields:

Dashboard: The dashboard displays all the information about the admin user account and NFT marketplace.

Admin Panel: Admin tracks the activity of the NFT marketplace to build a strategy and enhance the traffic in the marketplace.

Filters: Filter saves the user time by filtering the requirement element by its options.

Search bar: The user can use the search bar to search for a relevant item.

Category List: The category list allows the selection of items according to category.

Community Space: This space will help users to know about other users and how they trade.

Copyright Breach: Duplication of data has increased where content is copied and used on multiple platforms without giving credits to the original creator. Rarible allows only verified user ID protecting the assets from copyright issues.



Rarible uses Ethereum and supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. Enthereum is the best solution and a pioneer to create blockchain NFT like Rarible marketplace that suits for reliable and constant performance. Many blockchain technologies are available in the market that has an insufficient gas fee associated with Ethereum. Do your research to pick a suitable blockchain.

Data Storage

Data Storage plays a vital role and should be concerned about security in the NFT marketplace.

  • Filecoin
  • IPFS
  • Pinata
Crypto Wallet

The crypto wallets are essential to buy and sell NFT, they should have cross-chain support. The crypto wallet should be able to support the cryptos.

NFT Marketplace Use-case

To begin, the NFT marketplace should have a use case. If there are no use cases users may not be able to perform tasks efficiently.


The process to create NFTs

Non-fungible tokens can be created virtually to represent any real items digitally. If are digital creators and own unique artwork, music, video, collectibles, etc can be tokenized as NFTs on a marketplace like Rarible.

Tokenizing your unique creation as the artwork is quite an easy process and does not require any knowledge about blockchain and cryptos. Select the blockchain that you want to issue your NFTs. Ehtereum is the primary blockchain, users can also select other popular blockchains like TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, EOS, etc.

Every blockchain maintains a compatible wallet, marketplace, and NFT token standard. For instance, if you create NFT on Binance Smart Chain, you are allowed to sell nfts only on platforms that support BSC assets and not allowed to sell on other blockchain networks.


How to use Rarible
  • Rarible Like Platform Development allows users to mint their NFT on the marketplace.
  • Create an account as shown above on the Rarible marketplace
  • Use a wallet like MetaMask to connect with the rarible for secure transactions.
  • Content creators have to log in and upload their NFT with descriptions and prices.
  • Users can analyze the bids placed by the crypto creators.
  • Rarible allows users to conduct auctions for the items at a specific time and date.
  • Users can receive payments into their wallets by selecting the bid.


A comprehensive white label Rarible clone script allows users to Rarible like platform development. It is quite easy if you own a white label rarible clone. Many companies are offering Rarible Clone Script Development to simplify Rarible Like Platform development process. They create Rarible clones for various business needs. So explain your requirements clearly before getting started.


Why ShamlaTech Create NFT Market Place like Rarible

ShamlaTech is a pioneering NFT Marketplace Development company that has vast experience in developing various NFT marketplace platforms, we have all popular NFT Marketplace Clone Script to deliver white label solutions to our clients. We provide Rarible clone script development for especially for digital artists. Our services include cross-platform solutions, API integrations, plug-ins, we Create Rarible Clone based on user requirements with additional features. Customers can reach us to get Rarible clone script demo to get the details of our Rarible clone and its features.

Hope you have an idea about how to Create NFT Market Place like Rarible and how to install the wallet and add crypto to a wallet. At present, NFT trends create Rarbile clone with exciting features. Get Rarible clone script demo and quote from our experts to start your crypto business journey.

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