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Create Your Own Cryptocurrency


Have you ever wondered how to create your own cryptocurrencies?

If so, you would get a clear idea of the same in the blog. Come; let’s read it….

Every newbie entrepreneur belonging to the crypto business space might have a question ‘How to create a cryptocurrency?’ Of course, he might think that whether it is feasible to create a coin of his own.

If you too have the same question in your mind, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to provide all the aspects needed to create a coin of your own.

Today, anyone can create a crypto coin or token for their business crowd sale requirements. But this involves a solid risk that the ICO creators are about to launder the investors’ money, thus making the project totally scam. 

Though the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has been taking some initiatives to avoid these scams, it has not yet controlled. The crypto sphere is now filled with a lot of scam threats in and around.

With this, some regulations have been coming up on the way of crypto entrepreneurs to bring a scam free crypto business community. At Shamla Tech, we take the pride of developing highly regulated cryptocurrencies that paves way for legit business types. 

Do you wanna make your business as the one among those?

Then our expert professionals are here to help you out…But before making a deep dive into the concept of cryptocurrency coin development, you need to have some basic understanding as follows:


  • Get to know how the coin and the token differs:


Though the coin and the token look similar, both differ slightly in the way they work. Yes, a coin is about to work on its own blockchain whereas a token utilizes a pre-existing blockchain for its operation. 

Well; what is a blockchain? In simple terms, it is a public transactional ledger holding the records of transactions made on a network. 

As per recent analytics, the ethereum blockchain itself has the token contracts of around 71,000 in its network archive. Moreover, this range is expected to rise and mature further in the future with the wide adoption of crypto coin development ideas from the users’ side. This is really amazing right!

Yes, this depicts the scope and importance of ethereum based cryptocurrency token development for us. By the way, we at shamla tech excel in ethereum-powered token development, so that it would be a wonderful chance for you to get into the demanding crypto industry in no time with us.


  • Decide whether you go for building your own blockchain or pick a pre-existing one:


When it comes to cryptocurrency coin development, you have only two options to go with. Wither you need to create your own blockchain or else you need to utilize an already existing blockchain for your technology requirements. If you go with the former one, then you need technical expertise to a considerable. But that is not the case with the latter one, as it one requires some simple changes to be done for utility.

Thus, it doesn’t matter which option you choose to go for; but the thing is that you require at least a bit of technical coding knowledge. 

If you don’t have that knowledge, then don’t worry. We can provide you with the same. Yes, being an extensive cryptocurrency coin development services provider, we have solid technical expertise in the field of coin development, which can make us help you out with perfect coding as per your business requirements.


  • Seek the help of the right coin development company like us to get done with your coin launch:


When it comes to the deployment of your own cryptocurrency coin in the market, you obviously need to get help from a feasible crypto coin development solutions provider like us. Yes, we are ready to help you with the technical part of your business, and of course, we think that it’s our responsibility to do from our side once you partner with us.

We can make you build a custom crypto coin for your brand, thus letting you define a profitable business ever in your journey. 

Benefits that you get from our cryptocurrency coin development services:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Fraudulence removal
  • Transactional speed and anonymity
  • Cost reduction
  • Fund security.

Steps we use for cryptocurrency coin development:

Crypotcurrency Coin Development

The following is the step-by-step procedure that can let you build a viable cryptocurrency for your business needs:

Step 1: 

Blockchain selection: You need to define the type of consensus mechanism (blockchain), that you are going to integrate into your coin development. This step can help you fix the legitimacy of your business transactions with ease.

Step 2: 

Node design: Here you need to define the functional modules and the overall workflow of the selected blockchain network to get done with appropriate node design. 

Step 3: 

Blockchain architectural establishment: Check for the efficiency of the parameters within the internal architecture of your blockchain once before you are about to launch your token.

Step 4: 

API integration: A majority of the tokens have pre-built APIs, but there might be a chance that you may miss out on some APIs necessary for your token to go live. So, don’t forget to make sure that all the necessary APIs are integrated into your system.

Step 5: 

Interface design: The entire worth of your cryptocurrency is decided mainly by the interface design. Yes! An appealing interface is what can make your crypto coin gain more investors. So it should be designed with the utmost care. A good interface should posses updated databases, FTP, and web servers.

Step 6: 

Legalization: It is vital to ensure the legalization of your cryptocurrency by making it abide by the necessary regulatory laws. 

Final thoughts:

As a whole, cryptocurrency development holds a promising future for your business. If you wanna commit your business for a strong future scope, then create your own cryptocurrencies with us. 

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