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exchanges like localbitcoins

Start your own robust exchanges like Localbitcoins instantly

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies gain the advantage of trade without boundaries. This made a vast majority of the individuals to acquire cash by means of popular crypto coins. Here the demand for good exchange platforms also increases. This becomes a great time for creating your own exchange similar to popular exchanges like LocalBitcoins.

Building up your very own exchanges like localbitcoins from the start is a troublesome undertaking. Yes, you will definitely need professional assistance that can control you with an overall process for making a local bitcoins clone. You have to search for some already constructed and rich-included Local Bitcoin Script specialist developers to build up your exchange. The exchanges like localbitcoins from top development company Shamla tech is the most-effective way to launch your own P2P Crypto Exchange Platform easily. The developers here provide highly customizable and adaptable features best suitable for your business at your budget.

Here are few robust features in the Local bitcoin clone script

Inbuilt Escrow 

Escrow feature set up for highly secured bitcoin transactions with multi-signature and wallet options to protect your bitcoins from theft and hackers.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Highly protected cryptocurrency wallets to store your assets and allow easy and superfast transactions.

OTC Trading

OTC trading feature allows offline trading with direct communication between the seller and the buyer.

Margin Trading

Traders are provided more trading powers to facilitate increased bitcoin trade by permitting to borrow margin from other parties.

Ad Based Trading

Advertise to buy or sell bitcoins with trading details, bitcoin cost, quantity, location, etc to easily get a suitable buyer or seller.

Integrated Chatbot

Reduce the chance of misunderstandings and disputes between the traders with direct communication through chatbots.

Search and Filter Option

The feature helps users to save time and convenient trading with easy filtering options. This way, they can quickly find orders that match their budget and requirements.

Ratings and Review System

Improvise the working in the platform by including a review and rating function. This way, the users will be able to provide feedback for their experience and make way for advancements.

Login alerts and notifications

Whenever you log in to your platform or get any trade requests you will be sent an alert and notified instantly to the given mobile number or the email id.

How does the Local Bitcoin Script work?


The traders will have to create an account and login into the exchange to start with the trading process.


After logging in to the platform the buyer or the seller can start the trade with existing orders or by posting advertisements with their trade requirements, trade limits, currency, amount, and desired payment options.


The trade will be started between the buyer and the seller after their requirements match.


The buyer and the seller can also chat directly with each other to discuss their trade details and needs.


At the time of the trade, the escrow system collects the bitcoins and transacts it to the buyer once the payment is confirmed by the buyer.

Why shamla tech for local bitcoin exchange clone script?

Ensure Accountability

Our solutions have the best integrations to allow easy KYC of users when registering. Moreover, with the presence of a ratings and review function, users can verify each other’s credentials and transfer funds safely.

Protect Against Fraud

The escrow feature that comes with our LocalBitcoins script helps safeguard the interests of our users. Our Bitcoin Escrow Script is highly secured with user verification and strong features eliminating hackers to ensure utmost security.

Simplify Operations

Users want a platform that is hassle-free and user-friendly. Our clone script is built with features that are engaging, easy to understand, and, most importantly, enhance productivity and open to customization.

Easy to launch

Our Bitcoin Escrow Script is built with the aim of expanding the market of peer-to-peer and decentralized trading. This way, our readymade solutions help to launch your desired platform in an instant.

How to get the script?

exchanges like LocalBitcoins is highly secured and facilitate the best and superfast transaction methods. You can get your own script at prices depending on the features you need, altered or removed. These white-label scripts cost very much less than that of developing an exchange from the scratch. Our industry experts provide you full-fledged support to transform the exchange as per your wish.

Look for the following when you buy an exchange script…

  • Ask for a demo of the exchange working to know its features.
  • Look for the best script that fulfills all your needs and business requirements.
  • Compare the pricing; evaluate the customization processes and also compare how long do they take in providing these services.
  • Choose the script that suits your business the most also with high adaptability.

As a leading local bitcoin exchange clone script development company, Shamla tech provides a ready to launch cryptocurrency exchange platform that can be completely personalized according to your trade needs. We ensure to launch your dream platform in no time with the best at the latest services at a very economic rate.

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