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Amp-Accelerated Mobile pages

Google Introduces New AMP Testing Tool

The latest Google update introduced the emphasis of AMP (AMP testing tool).

Accelerated Mobile pages or AMP is a great way to present content in the simplest way possible. This helps websites to load extremely fast, providing great user experience. Most websites have already changed their pages according to the AMP implementation. To help ensure that the AMP is working as expected, the Google Search Console has now introduced the AMP testing tool.

With a real Googlebot, the AMP test tool uses the Google’s live web-search infrastructure to analyze the AMP page. The tool is mobile-friendly and validates the AMP markup and also any structured data on the page.

If there are any issues, the tool highlights them. By clicking on the particular issue, the users can view details and have the line in the source code highlighted.

Amp Testing Tool

The tool provides a share button at the bottom to share the snapshot of the results within your team. All you need to do is click on the share button and share the URL with your team. The share button is also available in the mobile-friendly testing tool.

In case of valid AMP pages, the tool also shows the live preview of how the page will appear in the Google search results.

So don’t wait any longer. Catch up with this latest update and give your website the AMP makeover.

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