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How does Microservices architecture help crypto exchange developments during lockdown?

Many Cryptocurrency Exchange Development firms have closed down due to the lack of working resources during the pandemic lockdown. In this case micro services architecture facilitates easy working and allows uninterrupted service provision. This style has proved to be very effectual for any cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company to keep up with the trends and continue the developments.

The Global cloud micro services market is fore casted to reach $1.8 billion by the year 2023 and the benefits of micro services cannot be overlooked.

Benefits of Micro services Architecture for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software development:
Increased productivity

Microservices architecture segments large applications into smaller and independent functions. It even aids you in building your exchange in no time as each team works in isolation and increases productivity. Every developer works independently without waiting for another’s input and is also thus connected with the overall software. Testing for errors also becomes easier and convenient to follow.

Faster delivery

Micro services architecture creates an independent atmosphere with each micro service operating according to its own needs and even manages its database. The self-supporting architecture of cryptocurrency exchange software makes the application of code easy as you do not have to wait for an entire application. You can alter any Cryptocurrency exchange software script and deploy it, thereby making your overall delivery faster.

More privacy

As we have discussed till now, micro services architecture isolates the functionality, hence it also isolates the errors. The overall mechanism becomes profitable as you do not have to shut down the entire Cryptocurrency exchange development and can work on error area in resilience. It improves the uptime of your product and even makes it easier to pin down to the actual cause of the problem.


The independent functionality of micro services can be easily used in other applications, thus improving scalability. The development team can efficiently work in isolation without affecting the overall schedule of the developers. Micro service works out to be a simple and perfect approach for easy developments.

Technology flexible

Each element of the micro services is independent of the rest of the application. This makes it easier and flexible for developers to use any technology or language which in customizing a Ready made Exchange software. It is almost impossible for monolithic applications to use multiple languages.

Security and quality monitoring

Both the security and quality of the structure improve. As teams usually focus on smaller and well-defined functionality, it creates a high-quality piece of nodes. Additionally, in case of any security issue, if one part of the architecture is affected , the overall system will not be troubled.

Shamla tech provides cutting edge services with advanced technologies and expert developers in providing successful exchanges. Continue your developments without interrupted by the outbreak lockdown.

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