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Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant

How to trade without enclosing user details?

Even though there are now more advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development that aim to truly disrupt decentralised services, another interesting type of cryptocurrency exchange is gaining traction. The new trend non-custodial exchanges seem to have shifted to a more decentralized way of storing funds with centralized decision-making at the business level. The new platform has evolved to be breaking new grounds and have already started attracting wide range of audiences.
Non-custodial services fall in the category of decentralized services. Usually, companies operating with this business model will give users the responsibility of storing their own private/public key-pairs or seeds in order to avoid the centralization of funds and assets.
These Cryptocurrency Exchange Softwares are hassle-free and trader-supportive giving more security to the funds. Of course, it’s important to underline that this is a major improvement over fully-centralised exchanges and funds, simply because users have the power to hold funds while transacting.

Non-custodial Cryptocurrency Trading software

One of the best examples of a non-custodial exchange is the new decentralized platform Binance DEX. Even though some of the community treats the Binance DEX as a purely decentralized exchange, the best and the most accurate way to describe it would be as a non-custodial exchange that does not hold any user funds.
The trade here is done in a decentralized manner where key-holders will always have primary access to their funds.
The Instant Non-custodial Cryptocurrency Exchange script however, allows anyone to gain a hassle free trading experience for their customers who are not open to sharing their wallet details or access to funds in order to maintain privacy and a greater sense of security.
The instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange is built with enhanced privacy in mind and has been designed in such a way that traders can carry out anonymous transactions on the platform easily. Yep, they do not even have to create an account or submit KYC documentation to place trades.
In a centralized exchange, the price range of the cryptocurrency maybe limited but in an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange script, it compares trades requests across different partner exchange platforms and finds out the best price that would benefit the customer to make the trade happen. All of this is done in no time.

Features of the Clone Script

Advanced TradeView UI to buy or instantly
Sensei TradeX to compare prices in the market
Instant fund Swaps
Anonymous Trading without verification procedures
Easy Dispute Management with the admin panel
Robust API
Marketing Suite for instant social media shares
Scheduled marketing campaigns

Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant

Expert Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant at shamla trech help you built personalized exchange platforms as per your business requirements. As a leading cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development company, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant provide assured progressive solutions best suited for your trade needs.

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