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ICO Marketing Services


Organizing an effective ICO Marketing Services campaign is a potential brand new method for the startups to raise enough funds for their business development and enhancement strategies. Even though it stands out to be an innovative procedure with some volatility in the market conditions observed over the years, it is one such proven cum effective method for capital raising in the technology industry. 

The main theme behind the concept of ICO marketing is that the company or startup that is in need of some considerable amount of funds is allowed to create a unique cryptocurrency coin or token and sell it to a group of investors who are all searching out for the ways of making investments. Once the launch of the ICO campaign is finished and if success comes on the way, then the investors will get some decent returns upon their investments and this is how the companies and the investors get benefited from the ICO campaigns.

Now you may have a question that what actually is the role of ICO marketing services in an ICO event? Come let’s discuss it further in this blog…

The backbone of any successful ICO is obviously the best ICO marketing practices that are proven and worth investing time with. Yes! ICO marketing is one integral part of an ICO campaign that defines the overall success rate of the ICO the most than anything. 

This involves promoting the ICO to the potential investor groups so as to bring their interest over making investments with the ICO. Here is where the tactics come in as a tool for making a wide range of users and investors get to know about the project and its goals, vision, and mission. This will in turn hold a greater amount of scope and trust for the project to get enough accredited investors at the right time with no hassles.

The marketing practices in an ICO campaign can be done via a variety of channels like publishing the content relevant to the ICO in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, case studies, PR (Press releases), and newsletter publications and so on. The marketing campaigns might be organized either for free of cost or some considerable charges which are collectively called the paid campaigns. 

Going out for a paid campaign is always worth it for the business as it brings a lot of traffic for the project than that we imagine. But if we are not ready to spend some decent money on ICO promotion, we can eventually cut down the cost rates to a maximum extent as possible right with the selection of free campaigns, but they would be proven to be worth for some extent only and not as much as we need. So, the choice here is obviously up to you that whether you are going to opt-out for the paid or the unpaid/free campaigns and you will be pertaining to reap benefits as per the selection.

Anyway, irrespective of the selected types that you hold on for your business ICO promotion, you ultimately require a consultant who can provide you the necessary support that you need in terms of promoting your ICO. Yes, without the help of an ICO marketing company you can’t go ahead right with your ICO promotion as it is a long subject holding a lot of promotional strategies at its core. Yet, it is certainly none other than marketing that can help you shape up the success of your business and the ICO event successfully with no hassles.

The major motto of any ICO marketing campaign is to get credible leads for the business to make it come up pre-dominantly in the industry by beat the competitions that tend to lead the game. So, what actually is used by those campaigns to reach the targeted audience and the required traffic? Do you have any idea about this? 

Yes! A variety of tools are being utilized for the marketing part of an ICO campaign to enhance the overall scope and credibility of the project on the whole at ease. If you wanna explore those tools that help in the promotion of an ICO, then do make a search online to get it across and approach a leading ICO marketing services provider like us.

Here is how we strategize the steps for an ICO marketing campaign:

  • Whitepaper drafting: 

The whitepaper is the entry gateway for the investor community right after the website landing page. It needs to be done in such a way that it looks very much informative, appealing, and highly convincing on the investors’ side to get and keep track of their attention forever until the goals of the project are attained. Thus white paper plays a pivotal role in defining the success rate associated with the marketing part of an ICO. Of course, it is the effective point of communication for the investors to get through the goals, vision, mission, and some other important details right from the ICO Marketing Services campaign organization to its endpoint or launch phase. 

Creating out a highly professional white paper can obviously help you get prospective investors for the business altogether by exposing the overall technical outline of the project thus resulting in the generation of ample funds for the project at the right time. Also, make sure that the whitepaper design should be having a nice template ever so as to reach potential outcomes in no time.

  • User engaging landing page creation: 

The website or the landing page is the one that is going to create the first impression for your project among the community of investors. Hence that impression should be made as the best to attract the attention of catchy cum potential investors’ right within a short time span itself. This is what we call a user-engaging website that brings a lot of user engagements for the project to move forward towards its goal of accomplishment. 

Thus, on the whole, the website should simply appeal and responsive so as to retain a lot of user engagements within it. Once we are ready with the website, it’s time to publish content regularly on it either in the form of blogs or articles or some others to keep track of the required traffic via SEO (Search engine optimization).

  • Promotion via emails and social media: We all know that there are multiple social media platforms available as of now to do with the social media promotion for your ICO. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, and Quora are some of the reputed social media platforms that marketers always prefer to go with. 

We can either publish content or some other information in the form of posts over these social media channels to get additional traffic for the ICO. As people nowadays are increasingly using these channels online, it is one of the best ways ever to boost up the traffic levels.

In addition, the promotion can be done via sending emails to a lot of business clients intending to convert them into potential investors. The emails sent will either be in the form of attractive newsletters or information templates to make the clients get more exposure on the side of the project’s scope. These kinds of promotions would make you get into the out-of-box traffic results for your project for sure.

  • PR: It is one proven method to maintain harmonious public relations with the user community thus aiming to expand the user base leading to enhanced traffic. Building a community is of the utmost importance when it comes to ICO marketing, and moreover, this is a more practical way to reach out to the targeted investor group with no hassles. 

In case of allotting a huge budget for your ICO, you can get your PRs done by outsourcing it to a professional ICO marketing agency. In and every release, you must make sure that you have shared the most relevant cum informative content about your ICO. 

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