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ICO Marketing


Get an outstanding reach for your ICO globally with the top ICO marketing services company Shamla Tech!

What is an ICO and how it works?

An ICO is a strategy of raising funds for the crypto businesses, wherein a token sale happens in exchange for the digital currencies. The investors who are all showing their interest in a particular ICO project can buy the token of that ICO, as a sign of making investments in the project. 

How ICOs entered the business space?

With everything going digital, decentralization is what that most of the crypto ventures in the industry have now been looking for. This trend gives rise to the boom of ICOs in the world market.

Are ICOs worth to invest?

ICOs are significant for the concept of digital fundraising. They account for the total annual revenue of around some billion dollars, thus contributing the most to the global business economy.

Role of marketing in an ICO:

ICO Marketing

 Marketing is an integral part of any ICO to reach success at the earliest. Without a perfect marketing roadmap, success is not possible with ICOs. Hence it should be dealt with in a more precise manner. Here are some of the proven techniques that can work well for an ICO in defining its innate success:

  • Create a featured SEO-driven website:

A professional landing page creation is the first crucial step for any ICO organizer, as it only brings the first cum best impression for the project. If you have an appealing look for your website, then the chances of getting visitors will also be higher. Else, you may lose some visitors potentially if your website is not attractive enough.

SEO optimization is equally important to drive traffic for your site. This paves way for the business conversions as well. Posting SEO-rich content can make your site rank higher in the search engines like Google. If the search engine ranking increases, then the page visit rates will also increase simultaneously.

SEO works on the basis of targeted keywords that can help a website acquire more visitors. Besides, it depends also on the webpage design layout, quality of content, and user navigation options.

Though the SEO requires time to come up, you could keep rocking in the business once you build it up perfectly. 

  • Draft comprehensive white paper:

The whitepaper is the entry gate for the investors to reach your ICO. Through whitepaper, people will get to know about the central idea behind your project, its future scope, and the overall token sale details. Hence you should be very much careful in documenting your ICO’s white paper. 

The white paper should be created in such a way that it reveals the important information of the project in a more detailed way. Some of the major parts of information needed to be covered in the white paper are listed as follows:

  1. The uniqueness of the project plan
  2. Competency of the business idea 
  3. Advantages that it brings for the investors and the project owners
  4. The potential of the technology used (for instance blockchain)
  5. The overall process flow inclusive of the methodologies used
  6. Investment capital details
  7. Experience and expertise of the team
  • Start listing your ICO on top exchanges:

Listing is one effective marketing methodology to gain a huge investor base for the ICO. It helps entrepreneurs expose their projects to global clients, thus getting a better reach. 

When it comes to listing, both free, as well as paid options, are available. Some free listing sites itself are ready to provide you with an authentic ICO listing service. On the other hand, paid sites are also worth investing your money, as they are better than the free sites available for listing.

Yet, you may have some confusion in choosing the best listing sites as a newbie entrepreneur. If so, then it is always good to consult a leading ICO marketing firm like us to precede your listing process with ease.

Check the traffic and ranking once before you choose any specific site for listing.

  • Prefer outbound marketing rather than going for inbound:

The extent of success of your ICO depends on the type of marketing method you choose. There are two most common types of marketing methods available to promote your ICO, which include inbound and outbound marketing. 

If you select inbound, you could be able to reap better advantages in terms of organic traffic ever. Inbound type of marketing is usually done in the following ways:

  1. Articles and blog posts
  2. Infographics and video presentations, and
  3. Webinars and so on.

Posting blogs relevant to your project idea is really great to establish your brand among a wide range of business groups. But a solid understanding and skill are needed here to make it happen. Better, go and hire somebody who has enough knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies and expertise in the technology of blockchain.

  • Email marketing:

Send bulk emails describing your project to a community of people to get leads for your ICO. Though it seems to be the oldest marketing technique, it would contribute somewhat to your marketing part for sure.

So, never take it for granted. To utilize this technique as well to boost up your ICO marketing.

  • PR:

Community reach can be obtained possibly to a greater extent with this PR strategy. It is the one of the proven methods to market ICOs. Submitting press releases in some of the top-tier PR sites can help you build a long-term relationship with the investor community.

  • Social media promotion:

Nowadays, a majority of people are using social media for a variety of reasons. So, promote your ICO via social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and so on is the best tactic to get into a faster reach.

Here, you can either take part in the discussions or forums to engage yourselves in the social media groups.

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