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Complete Guide of IDO Development : Find Out Why IDO Crypto Platforms Are Rising

IDO Crypto Platforms: Fund-raising models are eventually rising to build a revenue base that will help the organization’s core business and services. Most fundraising models are built upon centralized systems that are vulnerable to hacking, vulnerable to human errors, corruption, etc. With some negative impacts, centralization is the reason for many problems.
Initial DEX Offering model is introduced to combat the challenges of other models; it enables protocols for traders to trade without any central authority. Let’s have a detailed view of the IDO model.


Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

IDO is a fundraising model where the coins represent any type of assets that can be issued and exchanged on the decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. DEX is a decentralized liquidity exchange to swap tokens. For example, ETH/USDC to swap Ether to USD and vice versa, the investors have to add USD and ETH to the liquidity pool. So, the liquidity exchange can offer instant liquidity at each price level due to the method.  IDOs are created for any type of crypto asset to attain profits. IDO’s goal is to reach global customers by offering immediate trading, instant liquidity, and low-cost listing services.

IDO development is an amazing model for those who want instant liquidity and it is also the safest platform for traders to accomplish crypto assets and tokens for swapping. Initial DEX Offering applies an economical token sale model as the existing liquidity pools on DEX allow IDO to provide instant liquidity with a marginal shortage.

Ex of DEX providing IDO services are Binance DEX, Uniswap, and Polkastarter.


Other Fundraising Models

IDO is the successor of other fundraising models like ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings), and STO (Security Token Offerings). IDOs are a brilliant choice for startups and new projects.


ICO termed as initial coin offering is a popular fundraising method for issuing coins in the crypto sphere. This corresponds to an initial public offering (IPO). is equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). ICO is a decentralized system with high liquidity with the CEX. Startups and new companies use ICO to raise funds to create launch coins, apps or services, etc.

ICOs generate massive returns for some investors based on the market and product but some tend to fail. ICOs may represent a stake in a company or the tokens might have some efficacy in using the product or service of a company.

Startups looking for investments need to submit a white paper that summarizes the working process of the proposed system. You have to buy digital currency and have a basic idea of the cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges to participate in ICO.


Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising model to raise funds through trading platforms. The centralized system assures high value for the users and it is highly secured for transactions with the same amount of risk. In contrast to ICO, IEOs occur on a crypto exchange on behalf of the company launching tokens.

To fundraise, startups are charged some fees along and some portion of tokens were also sold. The main of the IEO is to raise the company’s profile in investors’ eyes by listing the tokens. Contributions are sent through a platform that hosts Initial Exchange Offering. Binance Launchpad in the first IEO launched in the industry competing with other IEOs.


An STO is a security token offering which is a public offering where security tokens are sold in blockchain exchanges or security token exchanges. These tokens are used to trade real-time financial assets and store token transactions on blockchain platforms. The security tokens are issued on an authorized or unauthorized blockchain. They signify a stake in an enterprise or external asset.


Benefits of IDO Solutions

Instant Liquidity:

IDO projects get instant liquidity by the liquidity pool which promises liquidity at each price level with no deficit. Several altcoins are accessible via decentralized exchanges (DEX) where high trading volumes are not required for transactions. IDO solutions distribute project tokens and upsurges financial inclusion.

Immediate Trading:

Investors can start trading immediately after project launch with IDO development. Traders can easily buy new tokens sell them for higher prices through IDO. For instance, the initial token cost for UMA protocol fundraising is $0.26 instantly jumped to $2.

Open & Honest Fundraising:

IDOs can easily start their operations by listing the tokens publicly. Generally, investors purchase low-priced tokens and resell them for higher prices to gain profit. To start fundraising, anyone can organize or join IDO without CEX.


Lower Prices:

Decentralized exchanges work on the foundation of automatic smart contracts. Projects only pay for gas fees to deploy a new smart contract that controls the liquidity pool and the assets if they use DEX without any mediators. DEX charges a very low price around 0.3% for exchanges similar to Uniswap.


DEX uses blockchain with smart contracts to execute trades and register them by allowing reliable transactions. Hackers are less likely to concentrate on DEX because it does not store assets.


Successful Projects of IDO

BSCPAD Crypto:

It is the first decentralized crypto trading platform for the Binance Smart Chain network. It issues bscpad crypto tokens to raise liquidity.

bscpad crypto

Universal Market Access(UMA):

It allows anyone to build decentralized financial products and synthetic assets on Ethereum. UMA launched its token sale through Uniswap with the initial price of $0.26 per token where it eventually jumped to $2 as the investors queued up to buy the tokens for a low cost. Finally, the token stabilized at $1.

IDO Platform Development Company


It is a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum. Users of SushiSwap migrated their $1.14 billion of Uniswap’s sealed digital assets to the SushiSwap platform.

SushiSwap - IDO Platform Development Company

The platform does not act as an ICO for SushiSwap, but instead, it rewards the liquidity providers (LP) on Uniswap for putting their tokens on SushiSwap. Users are rewarded with SUSHI tokens for this. Each Ethereum block issues 1000 SUSHI tokens approximately every 12 secs for the first two weeks to the users who deposited their Uniswap LP tokens into the SushiSwap protocol.


How to Launch an IDO at Low Cost?

Binance DEX stated that token issuers can organize the IDO crypto platforms issuance independently. This can be done online on the blockchain through the transaction from the issue or offline with the IT system of the project.


  • Create a unique and innovative strategy following the current trends for IDO Exchange Development.
  • A white paper of your project will help to create a detailed view to investors about the project.
  • Hire an expert IDO Token Development Company to launch your project. Start from scratch to build an exciting fundraising model.
  • Offer utilities for using the token in the market to create high liquidity for investors by increasing the token value.
  • Governance tokens help in identifying the tokens to benefit users to grow and connect to the platform.
  • IDO Launch services offer robust services to build IDO crypto platforms using blockchain technology to increase the value of the business in the marketplace for investors.

Upcoming Initial Dex offerings in 2021


It is planning to host the web3 at a low cost for unique digital assets and scarce. The projects proffer multi-chain NFT marketplace, NFT collateralized loans, price traceability protocols, NFT wallet, collections, etc.


It aims to become an “Infura for Polkadot” and provide API access to developers to the Polkadot Relay Chain and for upcoming parachains to be organized by project teams.


It is specially designed and developed as a cutting-edge portfolio trade automation tool to protect user’s funds against market instability. ML-based algorithms are used for consistent learning and improving the process is suitable for beginners and excessive volatility can cause enormous instant loss.

PERI Finance:

It is also known as Pynths Protocol, a decentralized cross-chain artificial issuance protocol and also a derivative exchange. Users can access a wide range of traditional financial and crypto assets in the form of leveraged and non-leveraged artificial products. It aims to achieve fast and reliable transactions, low gas fees, and security from loan attacks.


The Future of IDO Model

IDO is the future of the fundraising model as it is introduced to address the problems with the predecessor’s ICO, IEO, and STO. The IDO platform crypto-based decentralized exchange needs no permissions to conduct any fundraising events. However, scammers can easily exploit loopholes by disturbing the token issuers with instant price movement issues.

Though IDO is the future fundraising model, it requires a lot of effort by integrating control mechanisms into the prevailing existing IDO model to avoid variations in the token prices till the fundraising has been completed. Issuers can get control over their buying of tokens by the KYC regulations.

Team up with the top-most IDO platform development company to know the market trends and future projects.


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FAQ Question 


How do I get on IDO Crypto?

To participate in IDO crypto you need a pre-buying Launchpad token and luck in the lottery.


What does Ido stand for in Crypto?

An Initial DEX Offering launches cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange. IDO refers to the offering of tokens to the public instead of a sales mechanism


What are ICO and IDO in Cryptocurrency?

ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and IDO (Initial DEX Offering) are a form of cryptocurrency that businesses or startups require for fundraising.


What is ICO and IDO?

To raise funds in the crypto space for business ICO was first introduced, later IEO came into existence and now IDO is the new fundraising model on the decentralized platforms.


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