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IDO marketing company

How to Create Your Own IDO Platform: A Blog post that teaches How to Create your own Token.

IDO Marketing Company : IDO is one of the best crowdfunding models that was selected by many DeFi projects for their startups to issue tokens on decentralized exchanges and automated market makers (AMMs). They will raise funds transparently and fairly than the previous crowd funding process.


Creating Your Token and Token Economics

Creating a token is very easy which is like creating an asset on a cryptocurrency marketplace for sale. Most of the DeFi projects use Ethereum Blockchain to create a token with the ERC-20 token standards. There are also other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, TRON, EOS, etc., with token standards to create reliable tokens.

Here we discuss the process of creating tokens and the economics that come with it. The first step in creating a token is designing its function, which is to serve as a utility or fuel for your project. To create a successful IDO or similar form of fundraising, you need an appealing token design that will get people interested.

Also, decide the total maximum supply and funds that you would like to raise with the project. The cost of retaining for project development and marketing, cost of airdrops, cost of your initial liquidity pools and staking pools. Decide token burning and fixed supply costs.

IDO marketing strategy is a type of marketing in which an IDO marketing company utilizes cryptocurrency, blockchain, and tokenization. They offer IDO services for their clients and use tokenization to incentivize customers to buy from them.

Categorize your Audience

You should have an idea about the investors that you should attract investors such as professional traders, new crypto investors, and others who have been for a longer time.

Try to attract the investors with a unique platform and liquidity pools, make sure your investors believe in your project and get good profits. Engage your audience on the platform and let them know the talk and discuss the project by building a community.

We suggest recognizing the right audience for the goal rather than ending up just time passers. Build a platform on blockchain that targets the right audience based on your goal.

Select your Blockchain

Many blockchains support IDO development like Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, etc. Since Ethereum is flexible to develop tokens with its unique features. Every blockchain has its features and so it is up to you to decide the best blockchain that suits your requirements and offer the best transaction cost for your investors with security.

We implement a new excellent IDO marketing strategy that focuses on the investors. The target audience is people who are interested in cryptocurrency investments for startup’s that are highly plugged into the digital world.

IDO marketing consultants work with companies to develop a brand positioning strategy that will resonate with this target audience. They provide insights on how to create an IDO marketing strategy for their company to stand out from competitors.

Examine your IDO Host

Now carefully examine your launch pads that meet the criteria and are accompanying scams, trading bots, bad projects, etc. Analyse the successes and failures of projects deeply to get a deep understanding of the launch pad. Strictly examine the performance of the tokens and the sentiment of the users about the launch pad. Check if the contracts are audited independently and have a huge venture capital behind them or it can bloom anytime.


Security and Documentation Testing

The last step of the IDO project is to ensure that the smart contracts, documentation, and coding are reviewed and up to the mark. Prepare for an objective assessment.

Make it an open-source project and allow other developers to test the project for any bugs and loopholes that might catch and for a better improvement in its security. We are a leading IDO marketing company implementing vast experience in implementing marketing strategies to build a brand. Our IDO marketing consultants work relentlessly to offer great IDO marketing solutions.


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