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IDO platform

A Trusted IDO Platform for Smart Business Decisions

IDO platform is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which uses smart contracts to enable new forms of asset trading, payment and investment on the blockchain — this includes new instruments like Initial dex offerings or IDOs. The IDO platform consists of an open-source protocol and a modular smart contract architecture that forms the basis for a decentralized exchange (DEX). It represents an alternative to centralized exchanges. IDOs can be issued by any individual or organization and are tradable on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Even though it is a fully-fledged DEX, it still provides customer service, marketing and airdrops for its IDOs.

Best IDO platform

This is the top IDO platform that cleared the way for GenesysGo’s infrastructure. It’s designed to be up and operating within a day of a new app’s release. That’s why when we announced our $20 million IDO, there was no separate infrastructure team to follow: GenesysGo was already prepared for it.

This is the IDO platform used by $SHDW that utilizes a decentralized RPC network to launch dApps backed by the Solana blockchain. The $SHDW team used this IDO to run an ICO called Solay Eggs for ETH that ended on 4/15/18 with a funding goal of 150 ETH and raised 204 ETH. This dApp was one of the first release candidates and can be utilized by any project related to Solana, IDO’s, or dApp development to provide support for their newly created crowd sale for their token.

To solve the issues and create a truly decentralized ICO platform that is simple to implement, the team has engineered an innovative solution on top of Solana. Instead of handling all of the ICO’s backend computations with ChainCode (on-chain smart contracts), IDO Launchpad allows the customer to deploy their own smart contracts on the platform that will then receive notifications when external events (such as someone depositing ETH into the IDO) occur. Those smart contracts can then handle execution within those externally triggered slots. The customer can thus choose to create their own rules inside these slots without compromising or relying on ChainCode.


How to create an IDO Platform?

Ideation: To construct a decentralised trading network, develop a creative approach based on user needs and keep current with current trends.

White Paper: To attract users and take the business to the next level, investors can give a full description of the project or product in a white paper.

IDO Token Launch: Hire skilled professionals to construct a world-class fundraising approach and learn how to build a top IDO platform from the ground up.

Utility Services: Boost the value of the token by allowing utilities to use it in the market, resulting in high liquidity for investors.

Governance Tokens: It is extremely effective at discovering tokens that will help users grow and connect to the platform.

The above steps define how to create an IDO Platform for better ROI.

Service: Robust services are provided in the development of the best IDO platform employing blockchain technology to boost the market value of investors’ businesses.

Best IDO Platforms List

For a better understanding, we present you with some best IDO Platforms list which helps you to analyze the current market and trends about the best IDO Platform.

Firestarters: The IDO Launchpads for Metaverse Platforms

Seedify:This is the popular IDO Launchpad

BSCPad:It is the  first Decentralized IDO Platform on Binance

GameFi: Best IDO LaunchPad for Best ROI

TrustPad: The best and safest Multi-Chain IDO LaunchPad


Why choose Shamaltech Solutions to build Initial Dex Offering Platforms?

The crowdlending market changes rapidly with the development of smart contracts and blockchain technology, features like the Initial DEX offering help blockchain companies to be competitive. From our previous crowdfunding (initial ICO) to our initial DEX offering, we are positioned to be a leader in the Crowdlending Industry. By making initial DEX offering platforms popular and convenient, it is easier for blockchain companies to raise capital for their projects. With the IDO platform, there will be fewer administrative costs for all parties involved and potential lenders will only undergo KYC procedures once when investing in multiple projects from one ICO company.

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