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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

If you think a mobile website will suffice the emerging trend of mobile, then you are wrong. Mobile Applications play a huge role in connecting with your audience and it also adds up a massive marketing value. Let’s see how.

The Power of Mobile

Since 2008, the use of smartphones has risen from a few minutes to nearly 3 hours per day. And in 2014, the use of mobile applications on smartphones surpassed that of desktop websites. In fact, 90% of the time is spent on mobile applications, and a mere 10% is on mobile websites. So, if you think mobile websites are enough to drive attention, this statistic definitely indicates otherwise.

Why Even Small businesses need a mobile application

Now there has been a common misconception that mobile applications are dedicated to only major brands. But the fact remains that small businesses are also in dire need of mobile applications of their own. In fact, many of the small and medium-sized businesses have their own app and are one step ahead of their competitors, both big and small. Here’s how mobile application can help your business.

Improve Brand Visibility

The statistics of mobile usage are clear enough to indicate the amount of brand visibility you’ll get through mobile applications. Also, through mobile apps, you can be available to your customers at all times. Customers expect to view information on the go. Through the apps, they can view the website’s details, products, promotions and sales easily.

Mobile App

Direct Communication with Customers

Speedy customer service is crucial in today’s business and through mobile apps, you can connect with your customers quickly. When customers can communicate through the messaging feature easily, it will definitely improve engagement.

Promotions and Sales

Through mobile apps, you can inform your customers easily about the upcoming promotions and sales. Also, the application can be used for various marketing tactics such as providing special discounts for loyal customers or offering rewards for customers with high social influence.

Build Customer Loyalty

There are millions of brands and this makes the cut-throat competition all the more challenging. Mobile apps can help in building strong brand recognition. And through continuous efforts, your customers will love your brand, thus cultivating brand loyalty.

Are you ready to take your business mobile? Then talk to us and we can transform your ideas into a stellar mobile application.

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