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NFT Game development

NFT Game Development Company: Look How Gaming World is Fascinating Towards Crypto Games in 2021

Nowadays, NFT games are creating a lot of buzz in the market where they are occupying the huge market cap with their latest development and industry trends globally. Cryptocurrencies are widely utilized by the digital gaming industry benefiting crypto gaming enthusiasts for safe and reliable gaming.

NFT Game development

Let us have a clear understanding of how the blockchain industry is profiting crypto enthusiasts in the crypto gaming industry and also know how NFT game development companies help in building a reliable and secured NFT gaming platform.


Blockchain Game Development Methodology

In conventional gaming platforms reusability is not possible as no one other than developers can view the logic and build a different version using the existing data. In Blockchain the data and core logic is regulated by the smart contracts and can be reused.

Most of the Blockchain game development platforms and games are decentralized. Instead of using a central authority that controls the server, NFT –based blockchain game assets are distributed among players. Blockchain gamers can use their tokens or use existing tokens like Ether, etc. With fair gameplay and tokenomics design, blockchain games are the latest developments in the era of the gaming industry.

There are many games and NFT gaming solutions offered by the blockchain gaming industry where the player has to initially purchase a character or any asset to start the game. Some mining games in the industry reward coins to the players for completing some activities and there are some other games where you can start playing immediately and earn cryptos.

So first let’s understand the process of Decoding NFT Game Development with blockchain methodology where it is difficult to proceed further without a basic understanding. Here we have discussed every phase of blockchain game development.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Try to analyze and understand the blockchain technology and its security, understand the uses, benefits, and integration possibilities of the blockchain. In addition, try to find out the limitations, problems, and drawbacks of the blockchain.

The white paper defines the methodology and infrastructure of Blockchain and also the developers need to understand hash functions, distributed ledger technology, and blockchain consensus, etc. Additionally, the developers should know blockchain technologies like Ethereum, TRON, Hyperledger, etc.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts deal with exchanging of whatsoever with a value without any mediators. In gaming, smart contracts are used without the use of intermediaries during the exchange.  In gaming, smart contracts are used during trading and purchasing of items, or used as collateral for any exchange of value. Once the smart contracts are used for a transaction, they cannot be modified. Additionally, smart contracts are supervised by blockchain explorers to substantiate the transparency of the platform. Blockchain gaming eliminates the threats and scams with the decentralized and automated governance system.



The blockchain developer should understand and structure the blockchain network consequently as per the requirements of the users and demand in the market. In the future, they have to try to understand different types of data structures and databases of the network.



Understand the need for decentralized applications and the dApps that need to be built on various blockchain platforms using various procedures and protocols. The blockchain developers should try to understand and adapt the decentralized blockchain technology



Blockchain developers should have a clear understanding of cryptography, algorithms, and how to apply suitable algorithms for different blockchain networks. They should also know the development process of these algorithms. Digital records and cryptography are the basics of blockchain operations.



We highly suggest developers understand the economics of cryptocurrencies and the process to implement them in the blockchain. Developers can go through some blockchain development courses on gaming theory, mathematical frameworks to frame cryptonomics, and conflicts involved in framing before NFT development. Additionally, try to understand the factors that affect cryptonomics and associated financial policies.


To build effective and advanced applications programmers should be well versed in different coding languages because to build an application the developers need to understand and have the ability to write their code to build complex NFT-based gaming platforms like dApps and decentralized applications. As a beginner, freshers can develop the small decentralized app without any coding skills.

The process of NFT game development has many phases where developers should try to understand and have hands-on experience on the game development on blockchain platforms.


Popular Blockchain-Based Games Globally

Look out for some popular NFT blockchain-based games if you want to know how blockchain games work. Some Blockchain games have already won the heart of online games and now they are very popular on digital platforms. Here are some of the interesting and impressive games where blockchain technology is used.


It was a crypto game created back in November 2017, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. It was developed by the Canadian Studio Dapper Labs that allows to sell, buy, collect and breed digital kitties. Every CryptoKittie is an NFT that has a unique ID of the pet. Cryptokitties became so popular that everyone wanted to own a digital kittie.


It is one of the famous games implemented with the digital app called TRON. Android and iOS users can download the app from google Play Store and App Store. Earn cryptos and game NFT tokens by playing the game. Exchange the coins to get bitcoins on the crypto gaming platform.

Axe Infinity:

It is an NFT based video game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. It has copied most of the features from the Pokemon game series by adding its blockchain to deliver a final product with additional functionalities. The players breed and collect Axies to fight with other players. An Axies is an NFT based digital pet that has its genetic inscription. The digital pets are traded on the Ethereum based NFT marketplaces where the price of every independent digital pet is dependent on its uniqueness and scarcity.


It is a card game that can be traded on a crypto gaming platform and earn as they play. Users can earn rewards when they win matchups. Initially, you have to purchase a starter pack of cards, register a steem account and reveal the purchased cards on Splinterlands. Acquaint the cards well and proceed further to fight with other players. The results of the activities will determine that if you can earn enough cards.

My Crypto Heroes:

It is a multiplier role-playing game where you can complete tasks and participate in PvP battles to improve your character. The game has pixel art, interesting tasks, and depth. Like CryptoKitties, the game is based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

My Neighbor Alice:

It is a multiplier game where the users can build and use their island. This game allows anyone to buy an island by collecting various items to build.


Why People Are Fascinating Towards Crypto Games

Crypto games are considered next-gen games allowing players to earn crypto through various activities. Many NFT marketplace for gaming allows users to trade NFTs. Some games reward players with in-game currencies which can be exchanged later for the conventional cryptocurrencies. They can also buy characters and items, nft gaming tokens in the crypto gaming platform.

NFT marketplace for gaming provides the community of gaming the best way of rewards for playing games on the NFT gaming platform. People are fascinated by the play-to-earn model and they are joining the crypto gaming communities. Non-Fungible Tokens in Video Games allows users to tokenize their video games and make a unique game to earn profits.

The blockchain gaming industry is surrounded by different NFT-based gaming platform and many new blockchain game development platforms are entering the market. There are pay-to-play games where players have to make an initial purchase to get a character or an asset to start playing. There are mining games where players are rewarded with coins and NFT gaming tokens for completing specific activities. The free-to-play games allow users to earn crypto by playing straightly.


Why ShamlaTech to Build NFT Gaming Platform

We are a pioneering NFT Gaming Platform Development Company with vast experience in building NFT game development for customers. We have our core developers who have experience in developing NFT gaming solutions on blockchain platforms. Our experts will guide you through the entire phase of NFT game development and gaming NFT tokens development.

From requirement to launch our blockchain game development team will help you with our transparent and reliable NFT gaming solutions.

If you want to create own NFT game like CryptoKitties, then you are in the right place with our NFT game development company you can unleash your dreams of creating a crypto game. We will cater to all your requirements to produce the best outcome.

Our Team for Blockchain Game Development

To build a reliable and secured NFT-based gaming platform you require expert blockchain developers and a solid technology stack. Our team includes as follows:

  • Project Managers
  • Front-end/Back-end Developers
  • UI/UX Designers (for UI/UX design of the game
  • Android/iOS Developers (for gaming app development)
  • Quality Assurance Team/ Testers (to quality check the product)
  • Digital Marketing Team (to launch and promote the game)

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