How effective is PinPoint Display Advertising?

Why buy ads directly with the websites, when you can target your ideal user/customer? PinPoint is the newest form of Display Advertising and is the most effective. You can target your audience based on what they are searching for, where they are browsing from and who they are and in the process save up on your advertising budget big time!
Target your market based on specific keywords and limit your ads only to users located within your sales boundaries
Display advertisements only for potential customers with intent
Create compelling banner advertisement and corresponding landing pages to drive and convert traffic
Measure and optimize campaign performance regularly

Case Studies

Results achieved by SHAMLA through Display Advertising

Promoting the brand and building a strong brand image for, an Online Gold Jewellery Store in India, through display advertising.

  • Create slide shares and other promotional content
  • Share posts and banners widely
  • Implement advertising campaigns on social media
  • Create images, videos and flash for brand promotion


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