Our PPC Process

Our PPC marketing process allows us to design successful campaigns which are in line with your business goals.

Stage 1Analysis


Understand your business background and goals; learn about potential keywords, your competitors and website current position. This documentation will help in formulating PPC strategies in the coming stages of the project.


Gather business information and website details required to run a smooth campaign. Define business goals and objectives, set budget and identify the target audience.

Keyword Research

Research and identify list of keywords and phrases pertaining to your business segment which will be employed in the PPC strategies.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze the competitors for your business and the competition of every selected keyword. Identify areas requiring immediate optimization and areas of opportunity.

Stage 2PPC Plan

PPC Plan

Develop a comprehensive PPC strategy targeted to generate leads and designed to meet your business goals.

Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Strategize PPC campaigns that are targeted to achieve your goals. Set up accounts and analytics tracking on paid platforms. Develop ad copy and landing page ideas.

Setting objectives

Fix short term and long term objectives to be achieved during the PPC campaign. This helps in evaluating the performance of the strategy.

Stage 3Creation of Ads & Landing Pages

Creation of PPC Ads & Landing Pages

Employ the PPC plan and strategies. Create ads and landing pages designed for audience to take actions.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Implement well-written copy into ads that create an impression, express your brand message and persuade more clicks.

Landing Page creation

Design landing pages that captivate your visitors, reinforces your message and influences them with strong calls to action.

Campaign Setup

Implement landing pages with minimum page load time. Set up PPC ads on various paid platforms and create campaigns based on the PPC strategy.

Stage 4Test & Refine

Test & Refine

Test, monitor and refine the performance of the PPC campaign, keywords, Ads and Landing pages.


Make changes to the bid; refine ads and landing pages based on the performance. Introduce revisions and fine tune the campaigns based on global trends.

Stage 5Evaluation & Reporting

Evaluation & Reporting

Track and report the effectiveness of the PPC strategies.

Weekly Performance Report

Provide up-to-date documentation of analytics report, performance of PPC campaigns and strategies and keyword ranking. Plan the PPC strategies accordingly for the next week.

Case Studies

Pay Per Click Marketing results SHAMLA has achieved


Aurobliss.com is an online gold jewellery store in India and SHAMLA improved the website traffic by implementing lucrative pay per click advertising strategies.

  • Content creation based on the selected keywords
  • Design for PPC Ads
  • Promoted offers through PPC
  • Improved clicks and increased traffic into the website
  • Remarketing the ads to increase visitors

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