Case Studies

Social Media Marketing Results SHAMLA has achieved

Olhausen Gamerooms & Outdoors

Olhausen Gamerooms and Outdoors, a famous pool table manufacturing company in San Diego, California, approached SHAMLA to promote the brand name and build a dedicated online community.

  • Promoted the brand name in USA widely through SEO
  • Ranked around 50+ keywords in USA
  • Promoted Blogs through content promotion websites
  • Promoted the brand on social media platforms like Pinterest etc.

NCN Journal

The National Credit News journal is a Canadian bilingual online Accounts receivable and credit platform that offers various services and products. SHAMLA implemented SEO and SMM strategies to improve ranking and social presence.

  • Implemented SEO On page and off page optimization strategies for the website
  • Set up accounts in Facebook and other social media platforms and participating in groups
  • Generated real-time likes, increase followers and website traffic
  • Shared photos, blogs in the social media profiles

The power of Social Media Engagement
To connect with your audience and increase sales

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool for every business, no matter start-ups or established. Through strategized social media marketing, you can increase your visibility on search engines, connect with potential and existing customers, sell your products, drive website traffic and enhance your brand image.
Customer interaction
Social media provides a platform to understand your audience better. Through meaningful conversations, you can comprehend the customers’ preferences and opinions.
Immediate Customer Service
Through social media, businesses can instantly cater to customer grievances. Businesses offer direct channels or various other communication channels for customers to register their feedbacks and complaints.
Generate leads and increase sales
Niche marketing is a powerful tool used in social media. Through focused social media marketing strategies, businesses can generate high-quality leads and persuade customers to engage and increase sales.
Effective platform for promotions
Customers generally search online for offers and discounts. Businesses can make use of this opportunity and persuade potential customers with promotional offers or provide discounts and benefits to loyal community.
Personal touch
Sometimes, companies may appear impersonal to the general audience. Social media helps put a human face on the company. This makes it relatively easier for audience to connect with your business, improves accessibility for the public and can help tear down barriers between your public and yourself.

Our SMM Process

Our Social Media Marketing process allows us to design a social media marketing campaign personalized to meet your business goals.

Stage 1 Research


Understand your business background, current brand position in social media, your competitors and your audience. This clear documentation will lay the foundation for the social media strategies in the coming stages of the project.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Audit

Asses your current social media position, your connections through social media and your overall social presence.

Audience Research

Identify audience’s topics of interest in social media, their influencers and audience size based on keywords and other ad tools.

Competitor Analysis

Identify social competitors and analyze your competitors’ social media activities. Evaluate your social media presence in comparison to your competitors.

Stage 2Plan & Strategy

Plan & Strategy

Identify your business objectives and goals. Develop a comprehensive SMM strategy to achieve set goals, increase your social presence and build a loyal community.

Set business goals

Based on the SMM Audit and initial research, we, along with your requirements, will set goals and results to be achieved during the SMM campaign.

Identify Social Platforms

Based on your business market, your audience and competitor research, identify social network platforms to engage with the audience and deploy the SMM strategies.

Profile Setup

Build or refine profile accounts across the identified social networking platforms.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Devise strategies to engage with users on social platforms. Create successful plans to interact with the community and to attract the influencers with captivating ideas.

Content Strategy

Set up a content calendar for content creation. Persuade engagement and conversion within the social networking community with compelling content.

SMM Ad Campaigns

Plan for advertising campaign strategy and fix on a budget. Set campaigns to achieve targeted objectives, whether it is community growth, community engagement, lead generation, conversions, or anything else pertaining to your business.

Stage 3Execution


Implement the Social Media Marketing strategies to achieve goals, create a buzz and strong brand awareness.

Content Implementation

Develop content based on content calendar and post it in social networking platforms. Share opinions and become a part of conversations on social platforms.

Campaign Execution

Start advertising campaigns defined by the campaign strategy. Deploy your message clearly to different social platforms.

Customer Relationship Management

Interact with users, be responsive to user generated content and follow up on comments and feedbacks from the community.

Stage 4Reporting & Reanalyzing

Reporting & Reanalyzing

Track and report the effectiveness of the SMM campaign strategies. Reanalyze and adjust the project plan accordingly.

Weekly Performance Report

Measure the success of the campaigns. Provide up-to-date documentation of analytics report, performance of SMM campaigns and strategies.

Plan Adjustments

Reanalyze the plan regularly and refine strategies to effectively reach the business goals. Plan for the SMM strategies accordingly for the next week.

Social Media Integration

Social Media offers great advantages for businesses looking to target their audience. Through proper planning, you can persuade customers to engage with your brand, encourage social sharing and bring in positive impact on website ranking by integrating social media into your website.
Share content easily through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other Web 2.0 websites.
Set up site accounts and logins effortlessly with Facebook tools.
Through social media tools, create bookmarks to your website.
Integrate Facebook on ecommerce websites to increase influence.

Channels and Examples for Social Media Integration

Account Creation

  • Facebook Account & Page Creation
  • Twitter Account
  • Google Plus Account & Page Creation
  • LinkedIn Account & Page Creation
  • Pinterest Account

Strengthening Network

  • Facebook Fan Creation
  • Google Plus Connect
  • Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Followers

Content Creation

  • Facebook & Google Plus Post Content
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Pin Boards for Pinterest
  • Content for LinkedIn Connect

Examples of Social Media Integration


A cookie concierge website, Sugar Cookies and Confections, wanted to connect better its customers, reach new users and to share exciting discounts and offers with the audience.


SHAMLA TECH set up a Facebook Business Page for the business. Through the Facebook page, Sugar managed to reach out to new users and connect with existing customers by posting interesting content. Users could easily know about the cookie concierge, “like” their favorite pictures of cookie masterpieces by Sugar and also connect with the business.


A construction website, econstruct Inc, wants to strengthen its branding in certain social media platforms to broadcast to the world about the company and its services.


SHAMLA TECH set up a Facebook Business Page and Twitter Account for the company. Through captivating content and social media strategies, the brand image of the company was strengthened.

Social Media Marketing practices
to avoid

Social Media has become a hub for every conversation about almost everything. People connect on platforms to engage with your brand, take part in conversations about your industry. Businesses need to be careful while interacting on social media. Here are the SMM practices you ought to avoid.

Ignoring the Social Media

Sometimes, companies tend to ignore social media altogether, failing to understand its capacities. People are constantly on social media and blogging platforms. On a daily basis, your business is likely to become a part of social media conversation. Listening is the greatest advantage in social media and can help businesses in gathering tons of information about their audience, competitors and industry.


Treating all social channels the same

Posting the same content, implementing the same strategies on different social channels is the biggest mistake made by businesses. What works on Twitter may not be successful on Facebook and vice versa. Always have a clear strategy for different channels to gain maximum impact.


Walking into Social Media blindly

The most common mistake people make is to assume that anyone can devise and execute a social media campaign. Proper planning and implementing effective strategies at the right time and the right channel is the key to succeed online.

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