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paxful clone

PAXFUL CLONE: This Is What Professionals Do

Entrepreneurs are always interested in a successful business idea and, startups start with an innovative business. Both; have a common point, they aim for an innovative and successful business.  Crypto exchange is an innovative and successful business. You can start your cryptocurrency trading platform to allow users to sell, buy and exchange different types of cryptocurrencies securely.

To launch a successful cryptocurrency trading platform you can use Paxful clone which is a bug-free cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. To ensure security Escrow acts as a thirty party in all the transactions.


History of Paxful

In 2015, “EasyBitz” is renamed “Paxful”, Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback developed it in 2014. Their goal is to make trading easier for everyone, from merchants to businessmen. Paxful supports nearly 300+ payment methods to trade bitcoin and cryptocurrencies using fiat currency. The charging fees vary for every crypto trading based on different payment methods. Paxful permits the users to sell, buy and trade cryptocurrencies using all payment methods. The purpose of the white label Paxful clone script is to guide you to build your crypto exchange website like Paxful.


Paxful Clone Development

Paxful is a network-based peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to connect with traders all over the world to buy and sell cryptos. These peer-to-peer networks work seamlessly that no middle-man is involved in trading, this increases the transparency.

Build an exclusive bitcoin exchange platform like Paxful

It is not an easy factor to start your own trading bitcoin exchange platform like Paxful, you should understand and have a clear idea about the paxful business model, development process, key features, brand creation, and monetization options, etc. You should consult an expert paxful clone script provider company like Shamla Tech to build your trading platform.


Understanding the Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script is a model which has all the inbuilt features of Paxful. It is a designed, developed, tested, and ready to deploy bug-free source code. You can get the White-label paxful clone script from trusted and leading industry experts like Shamla Tech! We offer Paxful Clone Script that helps you to launch your own p2p Exchange Platform Like Paxful. As per your business needs, you can make your customizations to the Paxful Clone script.

The users have to register in the decentralized paxful clone script and fill the KYC (know your customer). Once the registration process is completed and KYC is verified then they can log in to buy, sell and exchange bitcoins. You can purchase bitcoin with fiat currencies. When you build your crypto exchange website like Paxful make sure that your platform supports all the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin, ripple, etc.

Reasons to build a Crypto exchange website like Paxful
  • There are random reasons to build a crypto exchange website like paxful, the major reason is Escrow integration with Paxful. The purpose of the Paxful escrow feature is to ensure an unbiased trading experience for both parties.
  • Over 300 payment methods are supported. When you start trading, the cryptocurrency in the seller’s wallet is automatically moved to a transient safe account like Escrow, where the cryptocurrency will be held until the transaction is completed.
  • All major countries like United States, UK, European countries, and Asian countries support the Paxful exchange.
  • All the transactions are encrypted and recorded by the peer-to-peer distributed ledger.
  • Two-factor authentication is supported during sign-up to avoid fraudulent actions.
  • Some of the popular services offered by Paxful.
    • Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk
    • Cryptocurrency wallet
    • Affiliate program
How does Escrow work?

When you start a trade then your crypto is automatically transferred into a secure escrow account (trade amount + escrow fee is transferred to the escrow).

Buyer: When the seller refuses to release crypto after payment then the escrow serves as a guarantee to buyers. The seller’s cryptocurrency will remain an escrow account so that the escrow’s moderators will come into action to investigate and handle the cryptocurrency to the deserving party.

Seller: When the buyer did not finalize the cryptocurrency payment then the cryptocurrency is safely returned to the seller’s wallet. When the payment is confirmed then the seller can release crypto from escrow to buyer and mark it as trade is completed.

paxful clones

Key features of White label paxful clone script


Decentralized P2P exchange

The Paxful Clone Script supports reliable p2p secured transactions between buyers and sellers.

Payment Gateway

Over 300+ payment options are available for users for their ease of use.

 Robust Engine

An automatics matching engine helps the buyers and sellers to get the exact match for their trading.

Bitcoin Wallet

Every user is allocated a bitcoin wallet while registering on the platform. These wallets offer safe and secure trading on exchange platforms.

KYC Verification

The users who registered to the Paxful platform are automatically verified according to KYC norms.

Escrow Security   

To experience hassle-free trading then the escrow will help buyers and sellers to exchange without any differences.

Gift card Option

Users can buy cryptocurrency with gift cards offered by third-party service providers like amazon by entering the card details.

Liquidity API

Liquidity API helps users to get instant trading options with their favorite cryptocurrencies with ease of access. Liquidity API helps to get reliable trading options, best price, and accuracy.


GDPR refers to General Data Protection Regulation which is enabled on the cryptocurrency exchange to protect the user data on the trading platforms.


Paxful Clone App

To reach more customers we suggest you get a Paxful Clone App that allows users to perform trading on mobile devices. It is similar to the crypto exchange website like Paxful which has similar and some advanced features. Creating a paxful mobile app provides a thrilling trading experience with a dashboard, features, payments, etc.


Earn by building a bitcoin exchange platform like Paxful

There are other ways to earn money other than building a p2p Exchange Platform Like Paxful. The following are the way you can earn some extra money other than that business.

Listing fees: You can charge for listing the cryptocurrency, as it is very important to list in the market you can earn through listing fees by building a paxful website.

Trading fees: For every crypto trading, you can charge trading fees on your platform.

Deposit & Withdraw fees: If you want to earn money then you can charge feed for deposits and withdraws.

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