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Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Scope of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

When it comes to technological advancements, the word augmented reality is thrown around a lot these days. But apart from being used to catch Pokemon and adding filters on your SnapChat, Augmented reality is a whole new universe, waiting to be explored.

Augmented reality is when a computer-generated image is projected in a user’s environment. It is a way of blurring the lines between the real world and digital world by superimposing virtual images within the contents of the real world.

Sounds like a concept straight from a science fiction comic, doesn’t it?

Augmented Reality is a game-changer in many ways than just Entertainment apps. And the giants in the technology industry have realized its potential.

Microsoft Corporation has already started shipping its augmented reality headset, HoloLens, to a limited audience. Google and Apple Inc. have also expressed their interests in AR by investing in the technology.

And that’s not all. Augmented reality has found takers within the Entertainment industry as NBC Universal and 20th Century Fox look to experiment with new formats of media.


Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality displays virtual images in reality by accessing the GPS, sensors, display, camera and other components from the hardware or software devices, usually smart phones.

From Location-based mobile augmented apps, Image Recognition & Tracking Mobile Apps to 3D Virtual Apps, there are numerous mobile apps that use augmented reality.

The application of Augmented Reality is endless. Here’s a look at the top industries in which Augmented Mobile Apps is creating a revolution.



Pokemon Go is a testament that Augmented Reality is a reservoir of creative ideas when it comes to Entertainment. From AR gaming mobile apps to the next-level movie experience, Augmented Reality has a lot to offer in the entertainment industry.



In the retail and eCommerce sector, Augmented Reality can help businesses give customers an experience like never before.

Imagine if you have a mobile augmented reality app that helps you decide what color lipstick suits your face the best by projecting it in the app. Well, that’s exactly what many beauty-related augmented reality mobile apps do. There are many apps that use augmented reality to enhance the customer experience and show how the products would suit their body.


If you are shopping furniture online, you can move your mobile across your room and place the sofa wherever you want in real-time. That’s the next level of online shopping for your customers.

When it comes to retail outlets, a customer can use his mobile augmented reality app to scan the products on the aisle and read its reviews, compare products and even receive extra discounts on the app. Another example is when you can view a product in a 360-degree angle before making the purchase.


Real Estate

If you have come across a house for sale, you can hold up your phone and look for more information about the property, including a virtual tour of the place, the number of bedrooms, square feet, nearest places and much more.

There are many online real estate businesses who may build apps that use augmented reality very soon.


Travel & Tourism

This sector is said to have the most immediate impact by Augmented Reality. Navigation augmented reality mobile apps can be of great assistance to those traveling to new places.

Tourists can also hold up their phones in tourist places to have their own personal guide informing them about the place, its history and more.


Advertising & Marketing

Advertising and Marketing can reach a large audience through augmented reality mobile apps. From using apps that use augmented reality for movie promotions to using AR to scan traditional advertisements (like billboards and posters) to get exclusive offers, Advertising and Marketing have multiple opportunities in terms of Augmented Reality.


There are numerous ways of implementing augmented reality in classrooms. Students can experience different cities within the four walls of the school; view animals live, learn the parts of a plant through a real-time dissection explaining every detail through Augmented Reality. A real-life experience is a much more memorable way of learning.




Architectural design and engineering design through Augmented Reality can help students to design products with instructions. They can view the finished product in 3D to ensure that they meet the users’ expectation and deliver the desired results.


Augmented Reality mobile apps can also be used to store your architectural and product designs to showcase them to your clients in a live environment.



Augmented Reality can help soldiers to view detailed checkpoints, check potential enemies and weapons information with ease. In aerospace, augmented reality can help pilots understand parameters like speed, altitude, direction and orientation.




Students can practice within a controlled environment and dissect a human body to understand their functions better. Medical practitioners can also use mobile augmented reality apps to expose the scan the patient to find a vein for injection, thereby saving time and discomfort.


Augmented Reality is a vast ocean of opportunities. A creative idea and the right developers can change the way you do business and perform your day-to-day activities. For building apps that use augmented reality, get in touch with SHAMLA TECH Solutions.

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