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STO Launch Service


STO Launch Service is an innovative crowdfunding business model revolutionizing the crypto industry right now and is found to surpass the ICO business models. The reason for this instant shift of buzz right from ICOs to STOs is nothing but the securities offered by the security tokens of STOs. Though the ICOs and STOs both look similar in the sense of raising funds for new blockchain-based crypto startups, they are very different in all other aspects.

ICOs are not that stable as they have some scam issues. But that is not the case with STOs; Of course, STOs are meant for stability which is achieved by their in-built securities called the security tokenization. Yes! Security is the major aspect that most of the ICOs today fail to meet with. This is where the concept of STO had gained its importance in crypto fund-raising space. 

Moreover, STOs allow the investors to ensure the protection of their funds via their security regulations, thus meeting the necessary business security standards. By the way, STO raises support for the prevention of fraudulence or scam issues threatening the crypto space over the years. In case beyond this protection, if there comes a threat further for the investor in an STO, then he would be eligible to get recourse upon his invested asset. 

Come; let’s have a glance at the overall Security Token Offering development process in this blog…

With the gradual rise in the value of the real-world crypto assets, the STO market continues to soar to new heights ever each passing day. Hence an STO is the latest buzz word often heard in the crypto space. According to a recent study, STOs alone have raised around 65.59 million US dollars by the last year. 

Of course, the year 2019 was certainly the year for STOs to boom and flourish even more than before.

What are all the types of securities that are included in an STO? 

  • Private equity
  • Shares 
  • Stocks
  • Venture capitalization

Benefits of STOs:

  • Global reach: 

STOs being the highly secure fundraising models, they can get reach all across the globe, thus ensuring profit enhancement.

  • Liquidity: 

As security tokens are highly liquid assets, they are very much expensive to trade.

  • Transparency: 

Security tokenization is the most trusted business model in the crowdfunding space. Hence it is 100% flexible and transparent.

Steps involved in the development of an STO model:

Step 1: Define the rights of the security token that you are going to create.

Step 2: Define the necessary jurisdictions for the STO development process.

Step 3: Get done with the right STO platform for token issuance.

Step 4: Develop the token in a unique way.

Step 5: Run the STO campaign successfully.

Things to be done for an STO launch:

STO Launch Service

As we all might be aware of the fact that the security token offerings are now the trend set of the crypto business economy in raising funds for new projects. 

So, to go with such an STO launch Service, we need to build the website in the PHP programming language, as it seems to be the one that powers up the speed as well as the performance of the overall STO ecosystem.

White paper:

Designing the white paper is of much importance when it comes to an STO. The reason here is that the white paper serves as the entry point for the investors to get into the project at first and to know about its overall goals and plans. Hence it should be draft in a more detailed and professional manner ever to ensure the success of the project.

The following are some of the crucial information needed to be included in the white paper design:

  • Significance of the business model
  • Details of the team
  • Project roadmap
  • Goal sets
  • Mission and vision

The major difference that makes the white papers of STOs dominant over the ICOs is that the STOs focus on the legalization part. Yes! The STO white papers are known mainly for their legal side. Hence the details of the legal disclaimers should also be added here.


The STO website is the one-stop destination where the entire STO crowd sale event happens. Hence it should be designed in a highly appealing and user-friendly way. The investors of the project are about to register themselves in the site for becoming a participant of the token sale.

The website needs to be get integrated with the compliance check modules like KYC and AML for proper user validation.


Token creation is the most vital part of any STO launch as the tokens are the media of exchange. Here, the created token needs to be furnished with a unique name and logo as well for going live.

Grouping up with a team of blockchain tech experts for getting legal advisory:

Legal compliance is not that easy to achieve for an STO, as security is the most important aspect that differentiates an STO from its market counterparts. 

Hence, it is always crucial for an STO to get legal advice from expert professionals serving the industry. By the way, you can choose us for making your STO attain the necessary legalization with no hassles. 

How shamla tech fits for your STO development needs?

Unlike the ICOs, STOs cannot be developed and executed with ease as it involves security tokenization, which is very much tough to handle. They require us to meet some basic security standards by following the jurisdictions imposed for making securities. Thus, sound knowledge together with a blend of research abilities is needed. 

We at Shamla tech are here to provide the same for you since we are one of the top-notch STO development service providers in the industry. 

List of STO services we offer:

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