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web3 game development

Launch Your Gaming Platform with Web3 Game Development Company

Web3 game development: The global gaming market size is expected to reach 583.69 billion USD by 2030. It will grow at a CAGR of 12.9% over the next seven years. Players are now demanding a more interactive gaming experience and better value for money. The rise of blockchain technology has provided fresh avenues for transforming the traditional gaming industry by enabling players to own their game items and participate in online contests or activities where rewards are distributed in cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Many industries benefitted from Web3 services along with gaming. Introducing Web3 game development for players which allows them to play-to-earn via cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Players are engaged with games without the help of central authority with the Web3 game. This democratizes all aspects of gaming, putting the main power in the hands of the player. Although in traditional gaming, in-game content or digital assets are purchasable with fiat currency or can be claimed as rewards, game operators still reserve the copyrights to the in-game content.

  • Game-relates information is stored on a server where the game admin can control and operate.
  • The web 3.0 game developers need not have adequate resources or high-end knowledge to monitor and allow trade.
  • The players can simply exchange digital assets to earn profits.

As a Web3 game development company, we offer the top-most Web3 game development services with secured crypto gaming wallets, blockchain-based gaming, decentralized gaming ecosystem and metaverse gaming.


What is Web3 Gaming?

Web3 gaming is a process of decentralized gaming where the activities of a gaming ecosystem or a gaming platform, specifically that of the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making of gaming, is done individually without the help of central authorities.

Web3 gaming consists of three different elements:

  1. The web player
  2. The platform
  3. The game.

The web player is a gamer who can access and play a web3 game. The platform is where the code for running a game exists, along with rules and data about the game. And the game itself is built from blockchain technology, allowing gamers to express their opinion as to when and how their gameplay should evolve through Web3 games.

Features of Web3 Game Development Platform

Ownership and Compatibility

With the use of digital NFTs, Web3 gaming enables full ownership of in-game things, including collectibles. This problem is solved by the actual ownership and platform compatibility offered by Web3 gaming. Users who own in-game items on one gaming platform can move those items to another.

Player-based Gaming

The gaming ecosystem in web3 gaming is customized based on player preferences. Players can make money from in-game items. The fact that Web3 gaming offers authority that is advantageous to players. As a Web3 Gaming company, we offer an unprecedented level of transparency and player participation. Web3-based games allow the players to claim their digital assets, which are an integral part of the game.

Concise gaming

In Web3 gaming, games are hosted on the blockchain. It is a distributed method that renders them impenetrable. Blockchain-based gaming relies on voter consensus. They change the game process and have no single point of failure. Web3 gaming makes this kind of transparency possible.

Old Game Integration

Users can integrate and modernize the older games into blockchain-based games and metaverse games. On Metaverse users can create their avatars and exchange their preferred in-game items and collectibles, Web3 proposes to enhance well-known and outdated games.

Various Stages of Web 3 Game Development Platform

Our Web 3 Game Development process involved three phases as follows:


This phase entails analyzing the game’s concept, choosing the technologies and tools to be utilised, creating a game design document, setting up a pipeline, and other tasks.


This phase includes the creation of visual assets, level design, game balancing, audio creation, optimization testing, and the construction of gaming modules.


This phase includes monetization, support and maintenance, third-party SDK integration, quality analysis and testing, and app store submission.


Benefits of Web3 game development company

Decentralized gaming

Based on the client specifications and requirements, we design and develop blockchain-based gaming platforms. We offer a decentralized and autonomous UI/UX design for the Web3 gaming environment by developing an open-source gaming platform with a front end and a backend.

NFT Marketplace for games

Our web 3.0 game developers will build, innovate, and launch gaming NFT marketplaces with your specifications. Through the development of a roadmap and full-stack design research, we create interoperable marketplaces.

Spaces for 3D gaming

Our clients can experience the best 3D gaming models as we offer a solid and highly scalable 3D gaming Metaverse.

Services we offer in our Web3 Game Development

As a top-most Web3 Gaming company we provide the best services to our clients with proven results.

Management of in-game assets

We use in-game asset management protocols to enhance the web3 gaming experience. Our talented web 3.0 game developers strive to provide end customers with simple navigation and management methods.

NFTs and Crypto Collectibles

Users can play more seriously by investing in guns, clothes, and other accessories. The digital collectibles are immutable which provides a better experience. Integrating cryptocurrency gives players flawless transaction speed.

Payment Gateways

We provide unique cryptocurrency payment gateways that provide users with a flawless payment experience. Allow your players the flexibility to perform any transactions using a variety of payment options with unique built-in features.

Appealing Rewards System

We incorporated a rewards system into apps after a predetermined amount of time to help users achieve goals in the real world. Users are encouraged by the feature to put up their best effort and achieve goals.


Why choose Shamla Tech the best Web3 game development company?
Certified Game Developers

Our team of enthusiastic web 3.0 game developers creates project plans to give end consumers the most value possible.

One-time Development, Deployment Anywhere

Our Web 3 Game Development Platforms, which can accommodate various platforms, are not intended for single displays. On each of your devices, check the status of our solution.

Quality Assurance

Only apps with no bugs or malfunctions survive amid the millions of gaming apps available. As a result, we emphasise a smooth user experience, an easy-to-use interface, and attractive designs.

Proven Outcomes

Since our development and testing teams are always in communication regarding quality assurance requirements, they test the platform several times before releasing a reliable and secure platform.

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