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asset backed tokenization services

What does asset backed tokenization services provide?

Asset backed tokenization services are an emerging trend representing the merging of real estate investing and blockchain technology. This tokenisation helps asset or fund owners to raise capital more efficiently giving investors unprecedented access to their private real estate investments, liquidity and transparency. Asset tokenize offering is one of the most promising use cases of blockchain technology. With a total asset value in trillions USD globally, property is a more valuable asset class than stocks and bonds combined.

With asset backed tokens creation investors can buy and sell tokenized real estate through digital exchanges. There are virtually no minimum investments and transaction costs are significantly lower. Asset tokenization blockchain developers help you get your own token to excel in the digital market.

Asset backed tokenization types


The token has the functionality to provide ownership to the land or asset compiled with regulations and standards.


The token provides the investors to own a certain residential properties worldwide allowing enhanced liquidity and opportunity.


The token ensures utmost liquidity with the freedom to sell their portion on the on the open market through secondary trading.


Asset backed tokenization services

The expert developers from leading companies offer Real Estate Blockchain Development on a highly professional scale. Experienced developers provide services that will make the real estate businesses to march forward in the right direction with personalized Blockchain solutions.

You can also get customised solutions that are best suited for your business with Ethereum, Hyperledger and Stellar Token Structure and other solutions. The tokenisation also offers various benefits like,

  • 24/7 markets
  • Transactional transparency
  • Increased liquidity and market depth
  • Rapid settlement
  • Reduction in direct costs
  • Automated compliance and regulations
Asset backed token development

Property tokenization not only allows a wider range of investors to access the asset class but will also enable a liquid secondary market. As a leading token development company Shamla tech provides complete solutions for all the real estate backed tokens for your trade. The company assures to furnish your token with cutting edge technologies that are best in the market. Their professionals provide blockchain and develop smart contracts that yield you the maximum benefits. Get end to end customised needs that are best suited for your business.


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