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cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

What type of exchange will suit my business?


Every exchange has its own specialties and unique features. It is difficult to specifically point at one. The major exchange platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoin, paxfulclone provide the comfort of trading with ease also with very high liquidity and trade volume. Whatever the exchange maybe if you develop with the help of expert cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company you can make your exchange successful without any troubles.


Decentralized exchange

Decentralized exchange is the future of trading market. These exchanges follow the principle of direct or peer-to-peer trade, cutting out the middlemen and without central authorities. Above all, the exchange focuses on secured transactions and abounding anonymity. More precisely, decentralization creates censorship-resistance, enhanced security and swift trade.


Centralized exchange

For pioneering in the cryptocurrency world, Centralized exchanges stands as a gateway. With centralized exchanges, intermediaries such as companies act as middle men in order to facilitate trading on their platform. It accounts for augmented liquidity. A leading cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company will offer you the upshot to connect cryptocurrency trading and the real economy. They earnestly provide you the cutting edge solutions for crystalline and unscathed funds.



Over-the-counter trading has become an increasing trend for anonymously exchanging cryptocurrency by market participants. This exchange entrusts on a dealer by brokers who negotiate directly with buyers and sellers. However, Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultant assists high-volume traders to be feasible with the this trade. They will also help you with the technology to hold your anonymity in a wide over-the-counter trade by preventing unwanted price movements.

Local Peer to peer exchange

Local Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange is the next wave in cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows direct interaction between the buyer and the seller and restrains middlemen involvement in the exchanges trading locally. Above all, Peer to peer exchange offers faster trades, supports various payment methods and withdrawal options. The transactions also account for escrow solutions for secured trading and privacy in contrast to centralized exchanges. LocalBitcoins, BitQuick, Paxful are some extensively used Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development  

If you are looking for an experienced crypto exchange development firm, certainly Shamla tech will be of great choice. The developers here are experts in providing readymade exchange solutions allowing you to launch your exchange in no time. Get your exchange customized according to your business with specialist assistance.

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