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white label cryptocurrency exchange software in USA


Overcome the budget constraints of cryptocurrency exchange development by getting to know about the cost incurred for the adoption of white label cryptocurrency exchange software right from here.
Cryptocurrency exchanges are now seen as the appropriate media for making money over the internet. They provide its users with profit in a variety ways including the financial transactions, and trades and so on.
Thos is the reason why a wide range of people have started to get into the world of cryptocurrencies in the recent years.

How Shamla tech can help you in cutting down the developmental cost of your exchange?

When it comes to the cryptocurrency trading platform development, the first question that comes to any entrepreneur’s mind is the developmental cost.
Today, everybody looks out for the embracement of the best decentralized crypto exchange script at a completely low budget. Also, no one is ready to be getting compromised with the quality of the exchange as well.
The perfect solution here would be hiring a dominant white label cryptocurrency exchange software services provider like us. Yes, we are open for negiotation and at the same time, we never ever make you comprise on the quality.
We can give a guarantee that you can come up with a solid crypto currency trading script loaded with excellent features at reasonable budget ever.

Ultimate add – ons of our cryptocurrency trading scripts:

• Margin trading:

Here, the users can get additional trading funds unlike the bank loans reap an extensive level of profit.

• IEO integration:

This will help the exchange owners make IEO listings in their exchange platforms.

• Mobile app configuration:

This is to support mobile accesses to ensure compatibility with both IOS and Android devices.

• Trade order book:

This is to depict the history of overall trade orders and transactions happening in the system.

• Liquidity API:

This is to drive the exchange towards a greater liquidity rate.

• Atomic swap:

This is to facilitate direct crypto exchanges leading to the elimination of third-party services. Through this, the overall cost associated with the exchange’s operations can be minimized.

• Market making:

This is to drive more leads into the business altogether by providing a seamless trading experience as well for the users.

• Wallet integration:

This is to bring the best-in-class security practice for the project. Wallets can make the users’ assets stay safe forever with free of hassles, thus providing an additional layer of security.

• KYC and AML:

This is to meet the basic regulatory demands of the crypto exchange market. KYC and AML are nothing but the standards of legalization that are needed to ward-off all the illegal activities out of the system. This give rise to the authenticity for the exchange thus making it stable on the go.

• Custom admin panel:

This is to provide an end-to-end control for the cryptocurrency exchange.

• White labeling:

This is to provide an added advantage for the exchange and to make its operations fully functional with better results.

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