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NFT Marketplace Clone Development


Social media has always been a game-changer for some industries and I was shocked to know that a digital art collectible was sold for some million dollars which is now creating a great impact on the NFT marketplace. This is not the first time that NFT made a bigger number but there are other big stories where the digital collectibles were sold at huge prices. Many businessman and entrepreneurs are now trying to enter the NFT Marketplace Clone Development to try their luck.

Before entering into the marketplace, let us know about NFT basics.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a business term used to describe interchangeable unique assets. Fungible means, it is replaceable by another item, non-fungible means it is not a replaceable unique item. There is a huge demand for this technology which represents ownership of unique assets and tokenize things like collectibles, art, furniture, a computer, games etc. Only one official owner exists at a time where the owner record cannot be modified or copy a new NFT existence. Fungible assets can be exchanged with a similar type of assets whereas Non-Fungible Token assets ownership can be tracked using Ethereum, a blockchain technology.

NFT is an artwork marked with a unique string of code and stored in a simulated ledger called a blockchain. NFT marketplace has expanded, driving the price of digital artworks to a huge number. In 2017, crypto kitties, a blockchain game started getting attention and fame due to their uniqueness, many gamers and investors started creating their own NFT and earned a million dollars. Every NFT is unique, each token value is different from the other.

When you have a rare piece of digital art, say it, a videogame, animated gifs, a podcast, songs, painting, real estate, accessories, etc. Some of the problems that exist on the internet can be solved using NFT and Ethereum. As everything becomes digital, every NFT is unique and cannot be replicated or equalized with another similar asset. Tokenizing provides the real-world tangible assets to be purchased, sold, and traded efficiently by reducing fraud. NFT’s represent identities, collectibles, property rights, real estate, etc. NFT uses blockchain technology which validates the ownership of the digital artwork. NFT is protected by Ethereum tokens known as ERC-721.


 Creating a Non-fungible token is Profitable?

Of course!! If you have a rare piece of art that exists nowhere then it is time for you to create non-fungible tokens and put them in the NFT marketplace clone development. Like a Kohinoor diamond which is a unique piece and kept in the museum (not for sale), people spend thousands of dollars on traditional artworks, you can put your digital artwork in the digital museum (for sale) by creating a Non-fungible token that can earn your good number.

NFT aims to create non-fungible tokens and protecting digital artworks from copyright issues, where a user can copy the images or gifs to any number of devices but cannot claim ownership of the artwork.

How to Create Non-Fungible Tokens ?

NFT’s can be created digitally to represent virtually any type of real or intangible items. If you have any virtual artworks, video games, virtual currency, avatars, weapons, music, collectibles, tokenized real-world assets like real estate, cars, virtual land, video footage, etc. You can create your own NFT.

Creating your own NFT artwork is quite an easy process and does not require any extensive knowledge of the crypto industry. Before you start you need to decide on which blockchain you want to issue your NFT’s. The leading blockchain service for issuing NFT is Ethereum. There are other blockchains like Tron, Binance smart chain, EOS, Polkadot, Cosmos, WAX, etc which are becoming popular now.

There is a separate NFT token standard, compatible wallet and marketplaces for every blockchain. For example, if you create NFT’s on top of Tron, you will be able to sell them only on those platforms that support Tron assets which means you cannot sell on other blockchain marketplaces like Ethereum. Ethereum is the best marketplace to start your steps in NFT with an ERC721 token standard.


Start with ERC721 token for NFT development

ERC-721 was the first standard for representing NFT and it determines the minimum interface such as ownership details, metadata and security which is required for the exchange and distribution of gaming tokens. Here is all you need to create your NFT artwork on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC721 is inseparable, they cannot be sold a share by dividing. Every token is unique and no other tokens have the same values. ERC721 standard is so popular not because of the item being unique and digitized, because of the digital verification process available in ERC721, so if you are a beginner then we suggest you choose the ERC721 token for NFT development.

You can buy ether from the platform with U.S. dollars, British pounds or fiat currencies. You can also buy ether from a cryptocurrency exchange. Once you have all these then you can connect your wallet to any of the NFT centric platforms and upload your file or image which you want to turn into NFT. Important functions of NFT are approval, the balance of, transfer from, owner of, approve. All functions make NFT unique and different from each other.

All you need to create an NFT

  • An electronic wallet
  • Purchase Ethereum
  • Connection to NFT marketplace

Learn about NFT Marketplace


Initially when having the idea of NFT but not sure what is NFT marketplace then you should also learn about the NFT Marketplace and NFT Marketplace clone development. Let us take an example, when you developed a product, say it is a toy car, if it was your idle creation then you will have to put it in the marketplace to sell the toy car, similarly, once you create your own NFT then you have to put it in the NFT marketplace to sell your NFT. Once you upload the NFT in the marketplace, the uniqueness and ownership are verified on the blockchain. All the digital works like music, artwork, videos, collectibles, etc can be listed in the NFT marketplace. NFT marketplace clone development is another process of replicating a popular NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplaces are replicated to improve the user experience, create awareness on NFT domains and offer the best benefits in the Industry.



Steps to create white label NFT marketplace

Now a day’s people are aspiring to do creative business and NFT is one kind for all ambitious entrepreneurs. So, if you are likely to start your business and NFT suits your path then you have to know the process of creating a white-label NFT marketplace.

You can create your white-label NFT platform to buy, sell, and discover digital products by following simple steps.


  1. Install the MetaMask browser extension. MetaMask is a web3 interface and cryptocurrency wallet. Metamask is built on Etheruem with secure pixura.
  2. After Installing Metamask, go to
    NFT Marketplace clone
  3. Click Launch collection, you are re-directed to the page.
  4. Select any of the options
    1. Ropsten Testnetwork
    2. Ethereum Mainnet

white-label nft marketplace

  1. Create a new account using the sign in with google option or sign in with email.
    NFT Marketplace Clone Development


  1. Now you have a Ropsten or mainnet network setup, go to the dashboard and launch your first collection. Every collection is a smart contract that has to be deployed to the blockchain.
  2. Now, enter your collection name and a token ticker symbol and click the create collectables smart contract.NFT Marketplace Clone Development8. Now a dialogue box is opened and a MetaMask pop-up window is displayed. You can edit the gas fee and confirm the transaction and close the dialogue box.

NFT Marketplace Clone Development


  1. You will see a pending contract on the right-hand side, it will a few minutes to update, you can click View Transaction to see the progress on etherscan.
    NFT Marketplace Clone Development


  1. Once the contract has created, you can view it on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

NFT Marketplace Clone Development

11. Click on the project to get a dashboard view of the specific project.

12.This is the new admin panel for your new collection, you can view all the new create collectibles tokens, basic stats about the contract, edit settings.

13. Click the Add New Collectible button to add a collectible.

NFT Marketplace Clone Development

  1. Fill in the basic details like name, description, tags and image for the token.
  2. You can add any number of additional properties in the form.
  3. Double-check the properties as you cannot change them again.
  4. Now, click the Create CollectibleERC721 Token for NFT Development18. Once again a MetaMask pop-up wizard is displayed, confirm it. Now, you will see the pending token being created in your dashboard.

ERC721 Token for NFT Development

  1. Once the blockchain transaction is confirmed by the end, you will see a new collectible in the dashboard. Check that now your Total Supply has incremented to 1.

ERC721 Token for NFT Development


  1. Now click on the setting menu to customize the marketplace, you can edit the collection name, collection icon, banner, about the collection, etc. After editing click the Save button to save the changes.
  2. You can create more tokens similarly.

ERC721 Token for NFT Development

  1. Set price for the token to sell them in white-label NFT marketplace. People always search on white-label NFT platforms to purchase the tokens.
  2. Click the Set Price on a token, an Approve Marketplace contract pop-up wizard is displayed ( it will allow the user to purchase tokens at your set price without reviewing other sales).
  3. Confirm the MetaMask transaction and Click Approve to proceed.


white-label nft marketplace


  1. Once, the transaction is completed, now you can set your desired price in ETH which triggers other MetaMask Transaction.white-label nft marketplace26.Once it is completed, you can click on the token to view its public-facing view with the new price.

white-label nft marketplace


  1. Now if you click on the collection name above the image, you can go back to the public-facing marketplace view.

white-label nft marketplace

These are the steps to create a white-label nft marketplace, please follow the guidelines to create your white-label nft platform.




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