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Hire Blockchain ICO Developer

Hire Blockchain ICO Developer: Everything you need to know about Blockchain ICO

Hire Blockchain ICO Developer: Everything you need to know about Blockchain ICO

Hire Blockchain ICO Developer : New opportunities for the Blockchain Technology have entered the market since 2008. The Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) stands as the most effective, secure and beneficial way for start-ups to raise funds for the development of projects. It continues to sprout up, as one of the most revolutionary methods of raising funds by using the Blockchain Technology
Presently, the Blockchain ICO space is developing at a rapid pace. The rise of this new phenomenon has gripped the tech world and is changing the perspectives in which start-ups raise capital. ICOs are an application of token-based models that are enabled by the Blockchain technology.


Hire Blockchain ICO Developer
Hire Blockchain ICO Developer

What is Blockchain ICO?

Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) is a fundraising apparatus that exchanges or trades Cryptocoins or tokens in exchange for Cryptocurrencies of prime value. They are analogous to IPO (Initial Public Offering), but, where stocks are issued; crypto tokens are created and divided among the crowdfunding members. ICO coins are digital tokens or coupons that are issued on an immutable distributed ledger or Blockchain and aids in raising money.
ICO brings advancement in the traditional business enterprise funding model and has gained dominance within the Blockchain community in a short span of time. The ERC20 token standard that abstracts the development process essential to create a new cryptographic asset makes it easier to structure ICOs. The Financial Times defines ICO as,” Unregulated issuances of Crpytocoins where investors can raise money in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies”.

Why Invest in ICOs?

Start-ups can use ICOs in order to raise funds for their Blockchain related projects or for a new Cryptocurrency venture that are frequently required by banks or business enterprise capitalists across the world. ICO ratings are also important as it helps investors to know about best ICOs to invest.
By using the advanced Blockchain Technology and smart contracts, small business and start-ups can specifically limit the project funding. Companies and individuals should ensure that, by using the secure and decentralized Blockchain Technology, every Cryptocurrency token has a pre-designed price which is indelible during the token funding or ICO period.
Hire Blockchain ICO Developer :ICOs are one of the easiest and most effective techniques for start-ups and small businesses to raise funds for their Blockchain based projects from the view of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts. Many financial Institutions around the world explore Blockchain’s new technologies and business models to minimize fraud.

Hire Blockchain ICO Developer : How do ICOs work?

Investors send funds to a smart contract which stores them, and in return gives an equal value in the new token at a later point in time. Most of the ICOs work with this protocol. Since money is taken from a worldwide team of investors, the overall benefits of ICOs are exorbitant. ICO works when an individual provides investors an amount of new Cryptocurrency or crypto-tokens which is further exchanged for Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This process usually extends over a week or more. Every individual is allowed to buy newly issued Crypto-tokens in exchange for recognized Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.
Many companies provide the services that help to develop, plan, market and launch ICOs. In order to participate in an ICO, some of the basic requirements are to open an Exchange Account, to have your own wallet and the most important of all, follow the ICO instructions. For a person to participate in an ICO, it is essential for him to send BTC or ETH from the personal or private wallet in order to receive an ICO token. ( Hire Blockchain ICO Developer )The crypto-tokens are fundamentally digital assets. In this way, he can wait until his target is hit and trade them or exchange the ICO coins. Pre-created tokens can be easily traded or sold on Cryptocurrency exchanges if it is on demand.

What are the advantages of ICO?

Many investors view Cryptocurrency ICOs in different perspectives with an aim to bring something new and advanced into the Industry. One of the main advantages of the ICO is that it helps in raising funds in a completely decentralized manner with a large number of investors from all over the world due to its unregulated and flexible feature.
ICO always offers massive potential returns, for example, $1000 invested in Bitcoin will be worth over $400,000 in five years. A Study shows that the recent ICOs have invested massive returns in a short span of time. ( Hire Blockchain ICO Developer )Investing and launching ICOs provides increase liquidity. Once the Cryptocurrency ICO is capable of building a solid network, investors can immediately sell their Cryptocurrency for ether or dollars right away.



Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers for the Massive Benefits of any Business

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers : Blockchain has become the most popular technology when it comes to business and other enterprises. It has transformed the world from finance industry to global supply chains. However, most business sectors are still unaware of the technology and how it can improve the efficiency and scale scores for their business. Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers for the best benefits of your business.

The Profits that Blockchain brings to Business

Blockchain makes business simple, fast and secure for many entrepreneurs. The security of each block is guaranteed as the Blockchain is a decentralized technology. This makes the Blockchain the most presently reliable technology.  It is quite common to see that there are so many business sectors that face security challenges and other online threats. Blockchain presents a safer alternative that devices the use of peer-to-peer transactions that have already evolved in many industrial sectors.

Utilizing the Blockchain Platform for any business can yield many benefits. One of its main benefits is its efficiency. Transactions on the Blockchain are completed directly between the relevant parties without a middleman. These transactions are done with digitized information thereby making it quick. Secondly, each transaction of the user is recorded sequentially and indefinitely. This helps in auditing and verifying the authenticity of assets. Hire a Dedicated Blockchain Developers to get top-notch Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions.

The Blockchain is thoroughly transparent that is an added benefit for any business. This enlists trust within the process thereby providing a more stable relationship. The authenticity of the information is highly secured as each transaction is verified within the network with the help of independently verified complex cryptography.  Thus the Blockchain technology brings many influencing solutions to most of the industrial sectors for a safe and efficient environment.

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers
Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

Statistics of the Blockchain Technology

Study shows more than 40 listed Blockchain Companies in India who are presently experimenting with the Blockchain Technology. Study shows that about 69% of banks are emerging with the permissioned Blockchain technology. This technology is said to reach to its extreme potential in 2021, there will be almost or more than 10 to 20 successful business cases surviving and deployed commercial with Blockchain by late 2020.

Statistics shows that the Blockchain technology on the global scale is expected to be worth in 2024 about $20 billion. The average investments in the Blockchain Business is about $1 million in 2017. Most of the employees in several large business sectors are dedicating themselves in the Blockchain technology


The influence of Blockchain in different Industries

The Blockchain Technology is said to change the world in few years. There are so many startups working on Blockchain Technology for the betterment of their Business. Blockchain is said to make a large influence in different industrial sectors. This is because of its powerful features and benefits that influences various business sectors.


Blockchain is said to benefit many industries beyond banking and finance. There are so many Blockchain development companies that provide almost all the services related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development. Some of the most popular industries that is already emerging with the Blockchain technology is Healthcare, Finance, Everlegder, Procurement, Food, Education and much more. As a Blockchain Development Company, our Dedicated Blockchain Developers are there to bring you the best Solution.

Banking and finance are the top industries that has made much use of the Blockchain Technology. The main reason for Blockchain to play a major part in the field of banking and finance is because of its features of high-security and immutability. Just as how internet and media helped n communication, Blockchain is said to help banking and finance industry Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers. Blockchain making international banking and finance easy and secure. This can be done instantly with low fees.  Almost 15% of the banks are using Blockchain by the end of 2017.

Cyber Security is also one of the most influenced by the Blockchain technology. With the help of Blockchain, the data is less prone to hackers and other threats, since the ledger is public and the data is verified by cryptography.

Insurance is based on a global trust management. Blockchain is highly specialized in managing and verifying many types of data in insurance contacts, which also includes the individual’s identity.

Transport and Travel has also emerged itself with the Blockchain technology in most of its sectors. Blockchain can be used in ridesharing apps to help both the car owners and customers to organize terms and conditions safely. The imbibed e-wallets allow the users to automatically make payments for parking, highway tolls and other vehicle necessities.

Healthcare is one of the industries that relies on many legacy systems. One important aspect of any medical organization is to store a large amount of data, and as a disadvantage most of the hospitals find it difficult and inconvenient to do so. Blockchain breaks all barriers of insufficient space. Any amount of data can be stored in the ledger of network shared between parties.


Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers
Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

Real Estate faces many issues in buying and selling, such as bureaucracy, lack of transparency, fraud and other issues. Blockchain technology in real estate helps in speeding up transactions and allows to store information for in records. you can Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

Procurement industry faces many imbalances in the delivery and transfer of goods and other services. Placing a middle man will not only take time but will also add to wastage of money. Smart Contracts in Blockchain removes or gives very little space for intermediaries.

Our Blockchain Services

The Blockchain Technology imbibes a large amount of services under different sectors of the industry. SHAMLA TECH stands as a leading Blockchain Company in India providing world-class Solutions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development. Hire Top Dedicated Blockchain Developers from SHAMLA TECH for a robust Blockchain Services.

As a Blockchain Development Company and Cryptocurrency Development Company, we provide services for various industrial sectors. Our Certified and Dedicated Blockchain Developers have all the expertise required for top-notch Blockchain Services. Some of the major Blockchain services include as follows.


Hyperledger is an open source concerted work that is mainly created to advance cross-industry Blockchain Technologies. It is globally hosted for leaders of finance, banking, supply chains, manufacturing and internet of things.

Smart Contracts Development

A piece of code which is stored in the network of Blockchain is the smart contract. It is based on the state of consensus of the Blockchain. It basically helps in recording, managing and enforcing contracts by making it secure and transparent.


Blockchain Development Services

An expert team of Dedicated Blockchain developers can provide all solutions for a perfect Blockchain Application and development. This includes the process from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to front end development and designing.

Blockchain Wallets

Blockchain wallets are digitally developed to send, receive and manage cryptocurrencies for a secure, quick and easy process of transactions for users. It carries all the prime benefits of the Blockchain technology.

Supply Chain Blockchain

With the Supply Chain Blockchain user can add greater visibility an efficiency to their business. A complete Supply Chain helps to track the whole process of the ledger in a single place.

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Most of the Business sectors is on-demand in developing cyptocoins, wallets and much more that falls under the development process of cryptocurrency. This will help to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography in order to secure transactions.




Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

What is Blockchain Technology all about?

What is Blockchain Technology ? Blockchain is commonly known as the distributed ledger that works with cryptocurrencies and makes peer-to-peer transactions with massive benefits for the users. Each data of the Blockchain is stored in blocks, thus the name “Blockchain”. This technology has influenced many industrial sectors of business with its competent features. The Blockchain devises a state of consensus that checks in itself.

Blog chain
Blog chain



Some of the basic features of the Blockchain network are transparency that by definition is public. It has no way to corruption as an enormous amount of computing power is required to make a single modification on the Blockchain. On the whole, the Blockchain technology is an embedded network of blocks.


Types of Blockchain

Blockchain is used for different purposes for various industrial sectors. In healthcare, Blockchain is used as Healthcare Chain Personalized Blockchain, and in finance it is used to make monetary and other transactions easy and quick and much more. Blockchains are basically divided into two main sectors, which again bring further divisions.


Public Blockchain

The Public Blockchains are opened to the public for participation. Any individual is free to partake in the network. Users, however, may or may not be compensated for their participation. These ledgers are decentralized and open-source, however, they are highly secured at the same time with the advanced cryptocurrency and consensus protocols.

The users of the public Blockchain will maintain a copy of the ledger and make use a distributed consensus mechanism in writing the data or block in the public Blockchain. Such Blockchains are also known as permission-less ledger. There are innumerable public Blockchains. Bitcoin and Ethereum were the first to be used in the Blockchain Technology. It allows anyone to build smart contracts and decentralized applications on the same.


Private Blockchain

A private Blockchain is different from the public Blockchain as the name suggests, the permissions to write data onto the Blockchain are controlled by an organization that is highly secured and reliable. This organization may not provide the option of allowing users to read the data. Moreover, public readability of the Private Blockchain may be unnecessary in most of the cases.

In some cases, the public might audit the data with the requisition of the particular organization. The private Blockchain, provides a greater level of privacy to the users and a restriction to read the ledger, unlike the Public Blockchain. In the private Blockchain, the transactions are quick, as they are easily verified. Moreover, the private Blockchain is not immutable and rectifications can be made by human intervention and easily approved by the users as they depend on organization in control of the Blockchain.