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Non Fungible Token Development

In the realm of the crypto industry, Non fungible tokens became popular because of their uniqueness. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets with a unique string of code and stored in a highly protected record called a blockchain. Each NFT is distinctive from the other. Non-Fungible Tokens are developed using ERC-721 token standards that run on the Ethereum blockchain.
Non fungible means it is not a replaceable unique item and cannot be traded for commercial transactions. People can have a unique piece of art or asset as an NFT.

ShamlaTech offers comprehensive Non fungible Token Development services to help you to create your own nft tokens. Our services are end-to-end, cost-effective, and ensure total ownership of their assets.

Create your own NFT Token

Non fungibe Tokens are created virtually to signify any type of real or intangible items digitally. If you have any digital assets like art, music, video games, etc., and tokenized real-life assets like cars, virtual land, etc., then you are eligible to create your own NFT token.
As a leading NFT Token Development Company, we will help you to create own NFT token without any extensive knowledge of the crypto industry. Before you start you need to decide on which platform you want to issue your NFT’s. There is a separate NFT token standard, compatible wallet, and a marketplace for Non fungible token development.
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The tokenization of collectibles to digital assets is facilitated by non fungible token development company. These tokens have the unique feature to be non-exchangeable and non-interoperable. Non-Fungible tokens mostly are of standard ethereum protocols which are booming in the digital market
ERC-721 kind of Non Fungible tokens highlights the uniqueness of the assets throughout the world.
ERC-998 offer better trading options as it is much more advanced than the ERC-721 standard types.
ERC-1155 can be used to build both fungible and non-fungible at a reduced development costs.

NFT Token Development for various services

Art Tokenization
We provide an exclusive NFT platform for digital artists and content creators to create Non-fungible tokens for their paintings and artworks. The digital creators can put their artworks for auction in the NFT Marketplace.
Convert your music files to non-fungible tokens to get rid of the problems like copyrights violation, music theft, and duplication. We help music creators, owners, patent and sell their music copies without any mediators.
We have an expert team in game development who tokenize digital assets like game characters, skins, and special passes. Developers can give the tokens to other players as rewards. Players can sell the tokens or can use the tokens on other platforms.
Real Estate
List your virtual land in NFT marketplaces by tokenizing your digital real-estate properties with our blockchain services. Here you can permit participants to bid and buy your property.
The sports industry can benefit from our NFT development services in various ways. Team owners and famous sportspeople can put their sports assets, autographed t-shirts, video clips, and playing cards in the marketplace using Non-fungible tokens.
To avoid duplication of your fashion products, tokenize your accessories and fashion products using our NFT Development services. Showcase your accessories in the largest NFT marketplace to the global market by tokenizing them. The ownership rights of the item are transferred to the buyer after purchase.
Marketplace Development
NFT Marketplace is a revenue-generating system. We build an exclusive marketplace for our customers where sellers can create, sell, bid and buyers can purchase digital assets. Smart Contract ownership is transferred to the buyer after the auction.
NFT domains are the latest craze where the buyers can purchase the domain by contacting the NFT owner directly. Contact us to transfer your domain ownership rights to NFT.
Lending Platform
When users want to take a loan from a bank or private lender, they can borrow money with NFT tokens as collateral with smart contracts.
Exchange Platform
We help you to build a highly secured p2p exchange platform. The NFT exchange platform is built to support various sectors in the industry.
Videos and Platforms
We have distinctive blockchain-based NFT services to create digital ownership rights for your videos. You can sell the NFT’s by putting them in popular marketplaces. No one can claim the ownership right for your video in the NFT marketplace as they are unique.
Initial Postal Offering (IPO)
We provide an upgraded fundraising model with the Initial Postal Offering (IPO), in the NFT platform to launch a business related to non-fungible tokens.

Features of Non Fungible Token Development

No Mediators
User has to purchase the cryptocurrencies that are supported by certain protocols like aave, compound etc that your platform has integrated.
The trading process is secured by blockchain technology where the digital creators can trade the non-fungible tokens with others.
Non-fungible tokens cannot be replicated as they have their own digital signatures that are owned by blockchain technology.

Benefits of NFT Token Development

Every NFT token is unique, with distinct attributes and personalities. No two NFTs can ever have the same information.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NFT tokens are not divisible. That means you cannot trade a part of a NFT token with anyone.
Blockchain document every NFT, which be always verified by both the sender or the receiver of the token making it transparent.
Individuals who often need to present their documents for verification can carry NFTs digitally without losing authenticity.
The scarcity and the limited nature of NFTs adds to its value. The tokens can be frequently updated to keep interest high.

NFT Token Development – RoadMap

Requirements Gathering
Our blockchain expert crew gathers your requirements to analyze them. After analyzing, they will come up with an action plan. The team will prepare a report on the possibility of the product.
Research & Design
Our expert team will thoroughly research to identify the difficulties related to the project. They will clearly define and document the requirements and submit them for client approval.
In the development stage our expert blockchain developer team is involved and they start developing the product based on the client requirement and advanced features.
In this phase, our testing experts test on various environments to ensure the product is bug-free. Our team will give you a demo of the product and help you to release the product for User Acceptance Test.
Product Launch & Maintenance
Once the client approves the product, our team assists to launch the product. We also offer post-release services for our customers.


Can I create my own NFT token?
Yes, you can Create your own NFT Token with the assistance from our top NFT Token Development Company.
How do I convert an image to NFT?
You can convert an image to NFT easily in the top most NFT marketplaces. Check our Non-Fungible Token Development Services now!
How can you make money with NFT?
The rareness of the NFTs is very beneficial for any businesses. You can create own nft token on a top NFT marketplace can gain easy returns with our experts.
What are the best token standards used for NFT creation?
NFT development is mostly done on the ethereum blockchain. ERC721AND ERC1155 the top token standards for NFT development.

Why ShamlaTech for NFT Token Development

ShamlaTech is a pioneer in Non Fungible token development and we offer extensive services for business solutions in blockchain globally. Our expert team constantly thrives to support your business and trend you in the global market. We proudly say that our work plan is our success. We offer cost-effective services to our customers. So of our features include:
White-label Solutions
24/7 Technical Support
Third-party API integrations
Obey NDA terms and conditions
On-time delivery

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