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What is NFTs Gods Unchain Marketplace?

A gaming company named immutable develop a virtual trade series game called Gods unchained, it was built on the Ethereum blockchain network and implements the NFT token standards like ERC-721 and ERC-1155. God’s unchained NFT marketplace offers a transferable card game where the users can play and trade game cards simultaneously.
The trading cards are NFTs and the gaming marketplace is specially developed to sell, buy, and trade gaming assets. There are multiple assets available for trading. There is no trading fee so users can just open the account and start trading and buy in-game assets.

NFT Marketplace Like Gods Unchained

The platform does not have any subscription fees that have grabbed huge responses from the games to open an account in Gods Unchained. Users can collect cards on the platform by buying them and also mint their own cards for sale as NFTs. With the inception of Gods Unchained, many crypto gaming enthusiasts were overwhelmed to join the platform when it remarkably grossed 7 million dollars profit.
The platform allows users to exchange digital assets and retain the ownership of the users. The Gods Unchained platform has conducted many pools and offered huge prize money for the participants.
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The Gameplay of Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a player vs player strategy game where you tactically build a deck of 30 cards and select a card to start playing. It has to be aligned to the six different gods – Nature, Magic, Light, War, Deception, and Death. Here you can add the same card to your deck up to two copies and one copy is an imaginary card. The objective of the game is to diminish the opponent player score to zero.
To start the game, the user has to register on the platform and start purchasing the cards. Players can play the game for free by gathering any of the four sets. Users can buy their favourite cards with credit/debit cards and store them in MetaMask digital wallet that is integrated into the Gods Unchained Marketplace Platform.
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After selecting the deck, choose a loadout and click the play button to start the game. Every god has four “God Power” so that users can pick one to start the match. Be cautious while selecting the God Power as it cannot be changed during the match. For every turn, it can be used once and requires some amount of mana per usage. You can select your God by positioning it to your card deck before the game.
Generally, users have four chances to replace cards for starting hand and they can randomly replace the cards. Users can hold a maximum of 9 cards, whereas a maximum of 6 characters can be beckoned on the game board. Every card is associated with a Mana card which can be found on the top left corner of the card. The health and strength point of a creator can be found at the bottom of the card. Health points are the amount of damage that a creature took before it died. Strength point has shown the amount of damage that a creature will impose on an opposing creature while attacking or defending.

Gods Unchained clone

As a crypto game enthusiast, you can develop an NFTs Gods unchain marketplace. Our Gods Unchained Clone to allow users to play, trade, sell, and buy in-game assets as NFTs. We built our Gods unchained clone on the Ethereum Blockchain to give exclusive benefits like decentralized platform, transparency, ownership rights, security, and record transaction on a public blockchain. We offer Ethereum value to the cards that are traded in our platform and they are easily converted to fiat currencies.
Our Gods Unchained clone development process is unique and transparent and offers unique assets that can be comprehensively owned and managed by the users. All the cards that you add to the deck can be traded on public marketplaces.
Enjoy an exclusive trading experience with our Gods Unchained clone and stay unique in the marketplace!

Features of our Gods Unchained clone

The users registered on the platform and purchased NFTs have ownership rights and cannot be changed by others.
Peer-to-Peer Trading
We offer P2P trading that allows users to actively participate in the energy market trading.
Our NFT Marketplace is transparent where all the transactions are stored on a public blockchain ledger.
Trading Facilities
All the cards available on the platform are NFTs where they can be traded in open markets and also in the open marketplace like OpenSea.
Exterminate Fraudulent Activities
Every player activity is monitored on the platform to ensure any fraudulent movements are occurring and remove them on the platform.
Immutable and Transparent
All the transactions are immutable and transparent as they are built upon a decentralized network.
Ethereum-Powered Blockchain Network
The platform is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network where the cards are owned by the players and tokenized as NFTs
Host Competitive Tournaments
We conduct the top-most tournaments on the platform to reward users and encourage them to play. We offer huge rewards for top players on the platform.
No Subscription
We don’t take any subscription fees on the platform and charge zero fees for sign-up and play.
We aim to keep our Gods unchained clone decentralized where no central authorities or mediators are involved on the platform. The players who purchased the cards are the real owners of the Marketplace.

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