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Zed run clone software

Horses ability to run fast is one of their most distinguishing and noticeable characteristics which gave birth to the sport of horse racing. Horse racing and horse chariot racing have been used to test the strength of the horses. It also gave birth to a new industry of horse breeders and horse trainers. It is considered to be one of the most expensive sports on the planet, and it is only available to a select few, most of whom are extremely wealthy or have royal ancestors.
Zed Run clone software is digital platform development for horse races. The platform allows users to participate in games and races where they can set up their own team, train people in the digital environment, and compete with other teams virtually.
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Zed Run clone

ZedRun is a blockchain-based NFT marketplace platform that provided a virtual environment where people can purchase virtual horses, breed a stable horse, train the horses, ream them, race the horses, and win exciting prizes. Blockchain technology ensures that the uniqueness of horses, their value, and their ownership are preserved globally. After all, even in physical horse racing, a horse’s value is determined by its unique characteristics. NFT marketplace on Zed Run is a combination of NFT gaming and betting platforms.
Users can train and tier the horses and sell the horses in the NFT marketplace. The price of the horses depends upon the demand and tier. There are many features on ZedRun that make it an ideal NFT horse racing platform. Zed run clone is compatible with different racing options in the crypto space.

Components Of Zed Run Clone Software

Develop Zed Run clone script with the above components to experience a real-time horse racing experience in the digital space.
Commercial Trade
To make a better trade, the horses can be purchased into the external marketplace. The demand for the horses depends on the races they won and their growth rate.
Know the Process
The information about the rarity and availability of the horses should be known to breed a horse. You should also be able to analyse the genotype purity and the bloodline scarcity horse breed.
Horse Racing
The core aspect of this platform is Horse racing. Using the horses that the owners own, they can compete in races where the horse’s winning probability is determined by the pro genie, the record, the type of feed, the maintenance, and a variety of other factors.
The major feature of any horse racing platform should be a marketplace/storefront. The users can purchase “digital horses” through the marketplace/storefront. These horses’ prices should be justified by their rarity, uniqueness, and other factors.
Horse Breeding
Horse breeding is introduced as a part of the ZedRun ecosystem to bring an excellent digital experience as close to the real-time horse racing experience. Genetics play a vital role; the progeny of horse racing determines the horse racing abilities with the breeding process by creating new horses. The platform charges for breeding.
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Zed Run like NFT Marketplace – Classified Horse Breed

NFT marketplace development in zed run offers a real-time gaming experience. The horses are classified into five types such as Genesis, Exclusive, Pacer, Cross, Legendary. As a drop, genesis is directly available in the NFT marketplace on Zed Run that is grouped between Z1 to Z10.
Group-wise accessibility of Genesis horses
  • Z1 -1000
  • Z2 -1000
  • Z3 -1000
  • Z4 -1000
  • Z5 -2000
  • Z6 -3000
  • Z7 -4000
  • Z8 -6000
  • Z9 -9000
  • Z10 -10000


The genesis of the horses are grouped differently and they are streamlined under the bloodlines where a specific bloodline name is given to the horses.
Nakamotos is considered to be the genesis horse group between the z1 and z2.
Szabos is considered to be the genesis horse group between the z3 and z4.
Finneys is considered to be the genesis horse group between the z5 and z7.
Buterins is considered to be the genesis horse group between the z8 and z10.

Griffing Race

The user can take their first race in the available 12 slots after breeding a horse. The first position will be awarded 4 points, following the second position with 3 points, the third position with 2 points, and the fourth position with one point. The 9th to 12th position will be depreciated in the points.

Workflow Of White-Label Zed Run Clone Development

Here you can see the step-by-step process of our Zed Run clone script development process.
Step 01
At first, the user must first create a stable.
Step 02
Now, the user should start breeding the horse.
Step 03
Once the horse has grown up and is ready for racing, the user can go racing with the horse.

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