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Search Engine Optimization

Don’t get lost among the innumerable searches. Get Noticed.

Improve your visibility and reach the top position with our strategized Search Engine Optimization.

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Choose your target and we’ll make qualified traffic flow into your website. Grab the attention of potential customers and drive traffic into your business with our Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

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Online Reputation Management | Shamlatech
Online Reputation Management
Improve your search results and increase sales with your brand’s biggest asset, Credible Reputation. Build, monitor and repair your reputation, showcase your brand in a positive light and establish trust among your audience with our effective online reputation management strategies.
Social Media Marketing | Shamlatech
Social Media Marketing
Expand your business virally. Connect through Social Media. Your audience is spending more time online. Create a buzz, interact with your audience and build a loyal community with our successful social media marketing strategies.
Conversion Rate Optimization | Shamlatech
Conversion Rate Optimization
Improve the performance efficiency of your website. Convert mere leads to customers. Thousands of consumers search online before they make purchases. Turn every click to customers and amplify your business performance with our structured conversion rate optimization.
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Display Advertising
Persuade potential customers with Display Ads designed to impress. With compelling copy and creative design, we help in crafting display ad campaigns targeted to generate qualified traffic and increase brand awareness.

Our Online Marketing Plan of Action


Devise a coherent and effective strategy

Devise a coherent and effective strategy

Every successful campaign needs a thorough and careful research and that’s where we start! Our marketing strategists immerse themselves in your brand, understanding its nuances, analyzing your competition and evaluating the market. With this research, we identify goals, set objectives and formulate effective and innovative strategies. These strategies will be the stepping stones for your online success.


Driving Quality Traffic

Driving Quality Traffic

Once the strategy is in place, our experienced strategists employ different online media to carry out your brand message. Through careful planning and immaculate execution, we drive high quality traffic, create brand awareness and persuade customers to engage with the website. Along with the set objectives, all our actions are driven towards creating a strong brand presence and generating strong ROI.


Increasing conversion and building customer relationship

Increasing conversion and building customer relationship

Our website design is strategized in a way to engage the visitors. Every visitor on your website will be exposed to a user-friendly and interactive experience. Through conversion optimization and other online marketing services, we drive the visitors to take an action, whether it is contacting you or making a purchase. The key to a successful business is customer management and retention. Through remarketing and other customer retention techniques, we help in building a strong loyal community who can be a valuable asset for your business in the future.

Case Studies

Online Marketing Results SHAMLA has achieved in the past few years

online marketing

Olhausen Gamerooms & Outdoors

Olhausen Gamerooms and Outdoors, a famous pool table manufacturing company in San Diego, California, approached SHAMLA to promote the brand name and build a dedicated online community.

  • Promoted the brand name in USA widely through SEO
  • Ranked around 50+ keywords in USA
  • Promoted Blogs through content promotion websites
  • Promoted the brand on social media platforms like Pinterest etc.

NCN Journal

The National Credit News journal is a Canadian bilingual online Accounts receivable and credit platform that offers various services and products. SHAMLA implemented SEO and SMM strategies to improve ranking and social presence.

  • Implemented SEO On page and off page optimization strategies for the website
  • Set up accounts in Facebook and other social media platforms and participating in groups
  • Generated real-time likes, increase followers and website traffic
  • Shared photos, blogs in the social media profiles

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