Pay Per Click Marketing

Drive high-quality traffic to your website and watch money flow into your business

Our PPC Process

Our PPC marketing process allows us to design successful campaigns which are in line with your business goals

Stage 1 Analysis

Understand your business background and goals; learn about potential keywords, your competitors and website current position. This documentation will help in formulating PPC strategies in the coming stages of the project.


Keyword Research

Competitive Analysis

Stage 2 PPC Plan

Develop a comprehensive PPC strategy targeted to generate leads and designed to meet your business goals.


Setting objectives

Stage 3 Creation Of PPC Ads & Landing Pages

Employ the PPC plan and strategies. Create ads and landing pages designed for audience to take actions.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Landing Page creation

Campaign Setup

Stage 4 Test & Refine

Test, monitor and refine the performance of the PPC campaign, keywords, Ads and Landing pages.


Stage 5 Evaluation & Reporting

Track and report the effectiveness of the PPC strategies.

Weekly Performance Report

Display Advertising

Why buy ads directly with the websites when you can target your ideal user/customer?

Why Waste Your Advertising Budget On Hopeful Returns When You Can Achieve More Roi Through Targeted Display Advertising?

Reach your audience with limited or big budget.
Target user demographics by location, age, annual income, past browsing history and more.
Deploy ads to the targeted audience, at the right time and frequency.

How Effective Is Pinpoint Display Advertising?

Why buy ads directly with the websites, when you can target your ideal user/customer?
PinPoint is the newest form of Display Advertising and is the most effective. You can target your audience based on what they are searching for, where they are browsing from and who they are and in the process save up on your advertising budget big time!
Target your market based on specific keywords and limit your ads only to users located within your sales boundaries
Display advertisements only for potential customers with intent
Create compelling banner advertisement and corresponding landing pages to drive and convert traffic
Measure and optimize campaign performance regularly

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase your website’s visitor percentage and generate more leads and sales
Improve calls-to-action to persuade every visitor to become a customer.
Make web pages user friendly and more relevant to your visitors.
Generate more business and drive ROI.
Build customer trust with on-page elements.
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We Turn Mere Browsers Into Customers

Is traffic entering your website but can’t seem to generate sales? With conversion rate optimization strategies, we can help in increasing the percentage of your visitors into your website and turn every click into customers.
The basis of a successful conversion rate optimization campaign is research. And that’s where we start. We begin the process by evaluating the traffic entering your website. Also, we ensure if each page is receiving the relevant traffic.
We ensure the website lives up with regard to the visual psychology and design; basically we evaluate the aesthetics of the website. Strong calls-to-action are required to persuade visitors.
We remove any visual distractions and give visitors a clear web page. By providing sufficient information and captivating headlines, we try to bring the visitors’ focus on elements that will turn them into customers.
Every landing page is gauged and refined. We ensure the messaging is clear and matches the type of search conducted by the visitor. Landing pages will help visitors locate exactly what they come looking for.
We help in providing a user friendly experience with easy navigability. We streamline the process of visitors by which they can either contact you or make purchases.
Through on-page elements like badges from authoritative sources, testimonials or endorsements, we instill trust among the users.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your social presence and connect with your audience through social media marketing
Target niche audience and influencers.
Build a loyal community.
Take advantage of word-of-mouth referrals.
Engage with audience and take part in industry conversations.

The Power Of Social Media Engagement

To connect with your audience and increase sales
Customer Interaction
Social media provides a platform to understand your audience better. Through meaningful conversations, you can comprehend the customers’ preferences and opinions.
Immediate Customer Service
Through social media, businesses can instantly cater to customer grievances. Businesses offer direct channels or various other communication channels for customers to register their feedbacks and complaints.
Generate Leads And Increase Sales
Niche marketing is a powerful tool used in social media. Through focused social media marketing strategies, businesses can generate high-quality leads and persuade customers to engage and increase sales.
Effective Platform For Promotions
Customers generally search online for offers and discounts. Businesses can make use of this opportunity and persuade potential customers with promotional offers or provide discounts and benefits to loyal community.
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Social Media Integration

Social Media offers great advantages for businesses looking to target their audience. Through proper planning, you can persuade customers to engage with your brand, encourage social sharing and bring in positive impact on website ranking by integrating social media into your website.
Share content easily through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other Web 2.0 websites.
Through social media tools, create bookmarks to your website.
Set up site accounts and logins effortlessly with Facebook tools.
Integrate Facebook on ecommerce websites to increase influence.

Channels And Examples For Social Media Integration

Account Creation
  • Facebook Account & Page Creation
  • Twitter Account
  • Google Plus Account & Page Creation
  • LinkedIn Account & Page Creation
  • Pinterest Account
Strengthening Network
  • Facebook Fan Creation
  • Google Plus Connect
  • Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Followers
Content Creation
  • Facebook & Google Plus Post Content
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Pin Boards for Pinterest
  • Content for LinkedIn Connect

Examples Of Social Media Integration

A cookie concierge website, Sugar Cookies and Confections, wanted to connect better its customers, reach new users and to share exciting discounts and offers with the audience.
SHAMLA TECH set up a Facebook Business Page for the business. Through the Facebook page, Sugar managed to reach out to new users and connect with existing customers by posting interesting content. Users could easily know about the cookie concierge, “like” their favorite pictures of cookie masterpieces by Sugar and also connect with the business.
A construction website, econstruct Inc, wants to strengthen its branding in certain social media platforms to broadcast to the world about the company and its services.
SHAMLA TECH set up a Facebook Business Page and Twitter Account for the company. Through captivating content and social media strategies, the brand image of the company was strengthened.

Online Reputation Management

Credible Brand Reputation is your biggest asset. Strengthen your internet reputation with our online reputation management strategies
Improve your search engine results and bring in more sales by managing your online reputation.
Monitor the buzz surrounding your business on various online platforms.
Promote a positive image of your brand.
Build communication and trust between your business and audience.

Our Online Reputation Management Process

Our Online Reputation Management process allows us to design strategies to help build a strong and positive brand value among your audience and in your industry.
Social Media is a powerful marketing tool for every business, no matter start-ups or established. Through strategized social media marketing, you can increase your visibility on search engines, connect with potential and existing customers, sell your products, drive website traffic and enhance your brand image.

Stage 1 Research

Understand your business background and your reputation in the industry. Identify keywords, competitors and analyze your website. This documentation will act as a strong foundation for the reputation management strategies in the coming stages of the project.


Keyword Research

Competitive Analysis

Reputation Analysis

Stage 2 ORM Plan

Identify objectives and develop a comprehensive ORM strategy that is targeted to improve and maintain your reputation online.

Setting objectives

Identify Influencers and platforms

Content Strategy

Web property development

Stage 3 Execution

Implement the Online Reputation Management strategies to achieve goals and strengthen your brand value.

Content Implementation


Stage 4 Reporting & Reanalyzing

Track and report the effectiveness of the ORM strategies. Reanalyze and plan the strategies accordingly.

Weekly Performance Report

Plan Adjustments

Internet Marketing

Be seen, amplify your online visibility and turn mere traffic into loyal customers with our specialized online marketing services. With impactful search engine optimization tactics, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and targeted online campaigns, we help you create a strong online brand presence.
Search Engine Optimization
Don’t get lost among the innumerable searches. Get Noticed. Improve your visibility and reach the top position with our strategized Search Engine Optimization.
Pay-per-click Marketing
Don’t get lost among the innumerable searches. Get Noticed. Improve your visibility and reach the top position with our strategized Search Engine Optimization.
Online Reputation Management
Improve your search results and increase sales with your brand’s biggest asset, Credible Reputation. Build, monitor and repair your reputation, showcase your brand in a positive light and establish trust among your audience with our effective online reputation management strategies.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Improve the performance efficiency of your website. Convert mere leads to customers. Thousands of consumers search online before they make purchases. Turn every click to customers and amplify your business performance with our structured conversion rate optimization.
Social Media Marketing
Expand your business virally. Connect through Social Media. Your audience is spending more time online. Create a buzz, interact with your audience and build a loyal community with our successful social media marketing strategies.
Display Advertising
Persuade potential customers with Display Ads designed to impress. With compelling copy and creative design, we help in crafting display ad campaigns targeted to generate qualified traffic and increase brand awareness.

Our Online Marketing Plan Of Action

To connect with your audience and increase sales
Devise A Coherent And Effective Strategy
Every successful campaign needs a thorough and careful research and that’s where we start! Our marketing strategists immerse themselves in your brand, understanding its nuances, analyzing your competition and evaluating the market. With this research, we identify goals, set objectives and formulate effective and innovative strategies. These strategies will be the stepping stones for your online success.
Driving Quality Traffic
Once the strategy is in place, our experienced strategists employ different online media to carry out your brand message. Through careful planning and immaculate execution, we drive high quality traffic, create brand awareness and persuade customers to engage with the website. Along with the set objectives, all our actions are driven towards creating a strong brand presence and generating strong ROI.
Increasing Conversion And Building Customer Relationship
Our website design is strategized in a way to engage the visitors. Every visitor on your website will be exposed to a user-friendly and interactive experience. Through conversion optimization and other online marketing services, we drive the visitors to take an action, whether it is contacting you or making a purchase. The key to a successful business is customer management and retention. Through remarketing and other customer retention techniques, we help in building a strong loyal community who can be a valuable asset for your business in the future.
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