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With a large variety of audience pouring into crypto based fundraising methods, the models have also started upgrading with many newest and advanced of the features. One such model is Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILO). ILOs aim to offer high amount of liquidity to boost the token price and trading volume. Initial Liquidity Offerings can be easily conducted on DeFi based platform like Uniswap as there are a huge number of interested investors who will purchase the cryptocurrencies instantly for a high price. These decentralised exchanges utilize the Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism, where liquidity pools are managed by highly skilled liquidity providers.
Shamla tech with skilled developers offers cutting edge ILO platform development services to help you reach your goal and top the market with the trending new options.

What Is ILO?

Initial liquidity offering (ILO) is a new method adopted by startups and even established companies to raise funds for their business and projects. Here the startup creates crypto tokens and sell them directly in the DeFi based Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) by bypassing the process of Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
The Initial Liquidity Offering is expected to take over ICO as the pre-eminent method to raise funds as the tokens are released in an exchange that has an already been introduced in the market, ready for purchase. The model also makes your Fundraising Campaign completely reliable and easy to attract a wide range of investors in no time.

Benefits Of Initial Liquidity Offering Platform

Immediate Liquidity
The liquidity pool in ILO guarantees easy liquidity to the token on every price.
Superfast Trading
As the tokens are launched directly in a DEX, the trade can be started immediately.
ILOs are budget-friendly than others even with smart contract in the AMM options.
Open Fundraising
As the model is open source, it does not require to list or sell the new tokens in the DEX.

Fundraising Models

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a type of fundraising activity or token sale in the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment.
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is conducted on the platform of a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup or organization that seeks to raise funds with its newly issued tokens.
Initial Farm Offering (IFO) is a completely new type of fundraising or crowdfunding activity that uses farming events to raise funds for participating projects.
Initial Dex Offering (IDO) enables startups to crowdfund their native token on decentralized exchanges and automated market makers (AMMs).
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Why Should You Choose Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)?

ILOs help entrepreneurs to easily earn a huge profit by staking their capital on the DeFi-based DEXs. The liquidity providers here are highly efficiency as they will receive bonuses regularly in the form of yields. The entire process of listing an ILO is very economic compared to that of other fundraising models like ICO’s, IEO’s, and IPO’s. Initial Liquidity Offering eliminates the risk of volatility as the token holders receive equivalent stablecoins held securely in the liquidity pools. Initial liquidity offering development also ensures Flexibility to create and list new tokens according to the extent of demand from investors.
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Is ILO customisable?

Yes, at Shamla tech, we offer scalable options to be best suitable for your crypto project needs.

What is AMM in ILO?

Automated Market Maker is a type of DEX (Decentralized Exchange) protocol that relies on mathematical formulas instead of an order book like a traditional exchange. It facilitates superfast and completely reliable trading options.

Can we integrate smart contracts in ILO?

Yes, we provide cutting edge smart contract solutions to assure trustworthy trade.

Why Choose Us?

As an expert initial liquidity offering development services provider we highly appreciate people are self-motivated and open to new challenges, innovation and are ready to grow by embracing the latest decentralized network. Knowing your strong sides and business requirements, we help you better our team to assure personalized ILO platform development services that will work the best and guarantee fast results to our clients.
Strategized fundraising model
White paper drafting
Increase token value
Create governance tokens
Initializing liquidity pools

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