NFT layer 2 development

Accelerate your NFT marketplace with layer 2 model with advanced features to support scalability and efficiency.

NFT with ethereum layer 2

With the increase in NFT’s popularity, millions of crypto traders started to prefer NFT based platforms as it is more reliable and highly efficient since the value is soaring in the marketplace. Many companies worldwide are stepping forward to tokenize their own collectibles as NFTs with the latest features initiated along with it. To upgrade the use of NFTs and enhance the trade, Layer 2 technology is used. Layer 2 nft Development is a distinct solution designed to scale the application by speeding up the transactions and facilitate seamless processes. Shamla tech as an expert blockchain and NFT development company offers custom and cutting edge solutions to help run your platform with utmost efficiency.

Significance of Layer 2 protocol with NFT marketplace

NFT with ethereum layer 2 execute transactions on the Ethereum main chain using a variety of tools to improve the effectiveness and flexibility of on-chain apps. Layer 2 protocol with NFT marketplace process data in a way that decreases the burden the base layer or the root chain usually bears. By offloading transactions from the main chain onto layer 2, the blockchain network can handle much higher transaction throughput with reduced gas fees. Layer 2 NFT Marketplace significantly allow for enhanced scalability and increased efficiency while still holding the integrity of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for complete decentralization, transparency, and security. The most popular examples of Ethereum layer 2 solutions include Immutable X, Polkadot and polygon.

Upgraded NFT marketplace with Immutable X

Immutable X NFT is the first Layer 2 based NFT protocol that allows anyone to develop decentralized marketplaces, blockchain solutions and other Dapps. Immutable X NFT is a promising contribution to the potential for adoption of NFTs in mainstream. Since the Ethereum scalability problem begins with NFTs, Immutable X NFT solves it by boosting up blockchain capacity to process 100 million+ high-impact transactions in a second. Also with the help of smart contracts and several trending features, the technology helps to establish a sophisticated marketplace, applications, games and other products.
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Develop NFT in layer 2

Our Layer 2 protocol with NFT marketplace development is user-friendly, highly secured, thoroughly tested to avoid vulnerabilities added with the capacity for widespread adoption through various consumer applications. Our solutions uses ZK Rollup, a protocol takes thousands of off-chain trades, creates a proof for ownership and trade validity and then publishes that proof on chain, where it is then verified by a smart contract. The platform offers absolute security as the NFTs are held in the smart contract and are released only after a valid proof including the assets has been published in a batch. Talk our experts to know more about our services.

Advantages of NFT layer 2 development

Zero gas fees for P2P trading.
Set your desired trading fees.
Top notch security with private keys.
Highly scalable
Super fast transactions, upto 9,000+ TPS.
Not a centralized sidechain.
Inheriting robust features of L1.
100% carbon neutral

Why choose shamla tech for NFT layer 2 development services?

Here at Shamla tech, we always make sure with offer the best of the solutions. In the ever-changing world of technology and software needs, our developers realize that every day someone out there is coming up with the next great idea. No matter your needs, even if it is a brand new or robust technology like NFT layer 2 development services, our talented developers are eager for the task. Our experts thrive to bring out the most beneficial outcome and ensure to be a reliable partner. We want to be there not just for phase 1 to Develop NFT in layer 2 but to provide technical support for all the phases as your business grows.

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