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Despite industries, cryptocurrencies are widely accepted by many businesses and crypto enthusiasts. Banks and other financial institutions also started launching and accepting cryptocurrencies due to their demand. There are many instances where the crypto industry started growing hugely with an enormous audience is NFTs. The potential growth of non-fungible tokens attracted investors to step into the crypto industry. Multiple business models are grabbing investors’ attention with wider scope for the future to invest in multiple projects. Various and platforms and professions started using NFT based services. This sector is wide open for many professions, artists, multi-national companies who started minting their NFTs for global reach.

An Unbeatable NFT Market

Initially, NFT markets were not recognized as they are not authorized by central authorities and governments and had no proper awareness about blockchain networks, investors hardly showed attention until the artworks and collectable marketplaces spiked. The rare artworks and collectibles were sold for unbelievable prices in the NFT marketplaces. The characteristics and unique features of NFTs attracted a wide range of customers. In a short period, the NFT business model became number in the industry with huge revenue despite other business models in the industry. The market capitalization of NFTs is record-breaking with million dollars business in the industry with amazing future updates.

NFTs – The Future of Global Trade

Non-Fungible tokens are digital assets stored in a decentralized blockchain network with a unique id. Every NFT is unique and different from each other. Physical assets can be tokenized stored as NFTs in the digital space. The Blockchain network is responsible for handling the privacy and security of the NFT holder. NFTs uses token standards of Ethereum’s’ ERC-721 or Binance Smart Chains’ BSC-721 to maintain the distinctiveness of NFTs.
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White-label NFT Multichain Development on Various Blockchains

Many blockchain networks support NFT development but only reliable and standard blockchains take the NFTs to reach great heights. We are a White-label nft multichain development company that offer nft marketplace development on standard blockchain networks.


Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform that has its own cryptocurrency known as Ether (ETH) or Ethereum. It is also a decentralized public blockchain ledger for verifying and recording transactions. Users of the network can create, publish, monetize, and use applications on the platform, as well as use its Ether cryptocurrency as payment. Top officials refer to the decentralized applications on the network as “dApps.” Ethereum has vast experience and proficiency in the market.

Features of Ethereum

Smart Contracts
The smart contracts used in Ethereum are prominent as they are carried out by anonymous parties in the network with any central authorities which distinguishes any smart contract execution on Ethereum as decentralized. To maintain consistency many blockchain networks used smart contracts that are built upon Ethereum.
Ethereum is the largest and widely used blockchain network in the industry where the maximum percentage of blockchain is developed on blockchain. Users are highly motivated to use Ethereum because it can be run on hundreds of nodes effectively connecting millions of industries.
Automatic Data Organization
The decentralized structure of Ethereum Blockchain is excellent where it secures and automates transactions with smart contracts. This will help the architecture to not depend upon any central authorities.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network that runs parallelly with the Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, BSC supports smart contracts and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The design goal here was to preserve Binance Chain’s high throughput while introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem. It is an independent blockchain that could continue to operate even if Binance Chain went offline.
Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Support
BSC is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to offer inevitable features for the blockchain community. Many Dapps and smart contracts are built on Ethereum are compatible with the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and their features can be used by the BSC users with less affords.
Consensus Mechanism
Binance Smart Chaim implements 21 validators of proof-of-stake authority consensus mechanisms that can accept or reject a transaction. They can decide a vote for new proposals and also ensure stability, security, and to avoid confusion they detect double sign detection.
Speed and Cross-chain Compatibility
Binance Smart Chain can perform individual transactions and also support various blockchain chain networks. The BSC can progress fast with a block time of 3 secs with the help of cross-chain transferability and consensus mechanism.


Polygon is a comprehensive multi-chain system that brings together the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains. It addresses Blockchain-related issues such as high gas fees and slow speeds while maintaining security. The architecture is intended to make it simple for users to interact with decentralised platforms.
ETH Compatibility
Polygon is the layer two protocol of Ethereum and supports and supports the builds of Ethereum. Polygon is easily compatible with Ethereum based blockchain networks.
We employ dedicated throughput/resources, an entirely customizable technology stack, and sovereign governance. On a single Polygon chain, the Nft marketplaces can support up to 65k transactions per second.
ETH Compatibility
Our NFT platforms are dominant in the industry, we use a well-established technology stack, tools, languages, and standards, and enterprise adoption.
Modular “security as a service,” offered by Ethereum or a pool of professional validators. The proof-of-stake mechanism of Ethereum support NFT platforms for secured transactions.

White-label NFT Multichain Development

NFT and NFT marketplace development is the best crypto investment could ever make because the development of NFTs and NFT marketplace have wider scope in future and also to sustain in the crypto industry. The build a White-label nft multichain platform multiple components need to be integrated. We have to select the appropriate blockchain network with suitable features.
User Integration

A user interface allows users to interact with the platform, so an NFT marketplace required a user interface to initiate a trade with NFTs.


To complete trade and stake the purchased NFTs a wallet is required.

Search & Filter

To buy your desired NFTs search and filter options are essential in the NFT marketplace platform.


To add new features and stay updated, APIs play a major role while keeping the NFT marketplace efficient.

Types of White-label NFT Multichain Marketplaces
The NFT marketplace is categorized into various types based on the asset types and audience. Each Nft multichain platform development has its audience and also builds its own high demand marketplaces. The major NFT marketplace we build on prominent blockchain networks.
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for ArtWork
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Videos
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Music
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Real-Estate
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Sports
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Memes
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Games
  • White-Label Multichain NFT Marketplace Development for Physical Assets

Benefits of NFT Marketplace Development

We build our White-label nft multichain marketplace development that is open source. We maintain transparency in our development process as the public can know and access it at any time. We maintain transparency to ensure reliability in our White-label nft multichain platform development services in the crypto industry.
We use stringent security protocols with the industry best practices that will help to protect the NFT marketplace platforms from vulnerabilities and threats from hackers outside.
Cross-platform Support
All types of operating systems and devices are supported in our Nft multichain platform development. Our developers develop and test our NFT marketplaces on various devices and multiple platforms to ensure flexibility.
Technical Support

We have an excellent technical support team who relentlessly work to guide our clients on various queries. We provide 24/7 technical support to resolve issues and doubts in the NFT marketplace.

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ShamlaTech is a well-known White-label nft multichain development company and our blockchain experts are assisting clients all over the world with incredible NFT based multichain services with user-friendly marketplace developments for digital creators and NFT artists based on their needs. In our development process, we follow transparency, latest crypto-tech trends and make customizations to ensure our solutions are highly manageable, user-friendly, and secure. As a prominent White-label nft multichain development company, we cutting-edge technology to offer White-label nft multichain platform services to ensure security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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