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What is IDO (Initial Dex Offering)?

IDO is the upcoming fundraising model where it has started gaining the attention of crypto investors. An IDO initiates any type of crypto assets to be hosted on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

The IDO fundraising model is for enhanced liquidity and can be created for everything from cryptocurrency to video games, music, etc. IDO development easily engages business communities and enhances their products and services to make smart business decisions for their crypto assets.

As a pioneer in crypto exchange platform development solutions, Shamla tech offers smart Initial Dex Offering services to our customers. We diligently watch the crypto market daily and update ourselves with the latest concepts, thus delivering our unique and brilliant IDO platform solutions.

Initial DEX Offering Service

An Outline of the emerging fundraising model – IDO

In the conventional prototype, startups raise funds from a centralized system through banks, finance companies, venture capitalists, etc. But the process takes a long time as lots of paperwork is required with many conditions and securities in the centralized system. So many crypto investors are attracted to blockchain technology due to its flexibility and decentralized nature. The blockchain technology here has opened the door for many crypto investors with lots of business opportunities and IDO is one such opportunity.

Initial DEX Offering is a novel fundraising model to assist fundraising quickly for your decentralized exchange platform. The model is the latest model in the crypto industry and is more advanced than other fundraising structures like ICO (Initial Coin Offering), STO (Security Token Offering), and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

Benefits of Initial DEX Offering Service 

Immediate Liquidity

In IDO the project tokens will get access to immediate liquidity that would help the token price. Liquidity refers to the ability of an asset to turn into liquid currency.

Instant Trading

Investors can immediately start trading once they purchase project tokens and sell them for higher rates.

Lower prices for listing

Get more customers while using a liquidity exchange for a project at very affordable gas fees to deploy a smart contract.

Open and balanced fundraising

Anyone can kick-start to organize fundraising without any permission, anyone can organize and participate in the fundraising.

How Initial DEX Offering Service is unique from ICO/STO/IEO services

In ICO (Initial Coin Offering) the issuers are involved in the entire responsibilities of the token. In IEO (Initial Exchange offering) the central exchange authority takes complete responsibility. In STO (Security Token Offering) the security token supports the investment contract and follows the government guidelines.

IDO is a combination of both ICO and IEO with a decentralized exchange and the standards and guidelines need to be enclosed. It is a next generation model that does not require anyone’s permission. It is also advantageous for its cost-effective nature and instant trading and immediate liquidity benefits.

Initial DEX Offering Service

Launch your IDO

1 Create a powerful strategy

We come up with a powerful strategy to strengthen your DEX exchange platform and fascinate customers.

2 Prepare your Report

Tell your investors about the strategy and create an interest to fund them in your project

3 Launch Your IDO

Create a fundraising platform by launching your IDO

4 Set price to the token

To use the token in the market, set a price to the token by providing utility services.

5 Issue Governance Tokens

Render tokens with a unique authorization to take your DEX platform to the next level.

6 Start your services

To enhance the token value, we offer your services with ultimate features.

ShamlaTech is a top-most IDO service provider to instantly launch IDO for your business needs.

Blockchain Experts

We are a team of blockchain experts who relentlessly work on blockchain and crypto technologies. They understand the customer needs and deliver a seamless solution.

Technical Team

Our developers and programmers have sound technical knowledge in blockchain and they can offer you constant IDO services.

Custom Alternatives

To meet your requirements we deliver custom solutions.

On-time Delivery

As we value your time, we continuously work on the projects to deliver you on time.


Yes, the features are completely customizable to benefit your business the most.

User identity verification features can be added or eliminated depending on the client needs. The feature can be equipped to add trustworthiness and reliability to the project.

An IDO crypto issuance can be organized completely independently by the token issuer. We provide end to end support to bring out the most advanced and high yielding project to ensure surprising benefits.

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