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Education Blockchain Development
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Education Blockchain Development

Blockchain incorporation in the education sector strives to impart the sphere with more authenticity by way of establishing robust channels for education management and eliminating all the fraudulence activities in connection to academics. Blockchain is very well equipped with rich features to do an excellent groundwork for the education industry to stand upon.

At SHAMLA TECH, we offer extensive education blockchain development services to fetch personalized Blockchain deliverables making academic management easier and more authoritative altogether.

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Why is Blockchain phenomenal for Education?

The education industry in its traditional form faces a wide range of issues ranging from surplus paperwork to fake record production. The system obviously needs a way out of all the issues to march forward towards betterment. Blockchain application in the education sector shall sort out all the problems and impart a smooth flow to it with its chief characteristics of immutability, transparency and top-notch security.

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Problems in the Education sector

Record Maintenance

The academic record keeping mostly depends upon papers increasing the probability of data loss besides consuming a lot of manpower.

Bad credit

Individuals branding themselves under reputed educational institutions with fake certificates bring bad credit to the institutions concerned.


With the recommendation of social influencers, ineligible candidates get easy access to slots for higher education with the deserving ones left out.

Non-formal credentials

The current education system fails to recognize the credentials the students gain by way of indulging in non-formal education.

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Education Blockchain Development Solutions

Digital Records

The dematerialization of academic documents puts an end to the manual maintenance of records and the cryptonized Blockchain space prevents the loss of academic data.

Talent identification

The smart contract weighs the students and academicians with a pre-defined set of terms and conditions and validates them based on it leaving no room for external influences.

No Forgery

Elimination of forged certificates is a cakewalk with the availability of Blockchain ledger to have a keen eye for discrepancies across academic networks.

MOOC inclusion

Blockchain takes the massive open online courses and other digital certifications of the students into account to confirm their precise standing in academics.

Learning marketplace

Blockchain opens up doors for the creation of a powerful learning marketplace with the colleges and universities offering certifications across the globe.

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Ideal Blockchain Benefits for Education


The Blockchain keeps track of the undertaking of books in the libraries enabling schools and colleges to manage the same efficiently.

Digital Classrooms

Blockchain application in digital classrooms where teachers and students across nations come together creates a perfect learning-based trading floor.


Blockchain gives copyright to the authors while the readers buy books using cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens once the books are published on the blockchain platform.


The governance frameworks for individual educational institutions can be set and executed at ease with effective smart contracts.


The Governmental and non-governmental organizations donating funds to the educational organization can track the same with Blockchain.

Energy Management

Blockchain implementation enables schools and colleges to administer their energy sources seamlessly without the interruption of middlemen.

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Education Blockchain Development at SHAMLA TECH

As an accredited Blockchain development company, SHAMLA TECH offers end-to-end Blockchain development services for various education-based projects worldwide.
Our Blockchain developers invest their expertise and dedication in order to come up with ground-breaking Blockchain deliverables the education industry looks forward to.
We devise inventive strategies to give shape to your idea and transform it into a successful Blockchain project serving multiple academic needs.

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