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NFT P2P Exchange Development

What is NFT P2P Exchange?

Decentralization is ruling the world by eliminating the traditional centralized exchange process. The process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly between users without any intermediaries is known as an NFT P2P exchange. Users can sell and buy crypto without directly contacting the other parties. Users can use a crypto exchange platform or marketplaces to determine the optimal time to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

The NFT P2P Trading platform gives you control over the transaction process. The NFT P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform classifies the transactions and uses Smart Contract based escrow solution to simplify the transactions. The market prices at the time of transaction are the final prices. We develop a highly secured, trusted, and cost-effective NFT p2p crypto exchange development company with a decade of experience. Reach us for global exposure.

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    NFT P2P Crypto Exchange Script

    Start your NFT peer-to-peer exchange platform with our customized white label p2p exchange platform script that works on the decentralized platforms for various business models. Peer-to-peer exchange platforms serve as an intermediary between the users, they gain revenue by collecting fees for transactions.

    No intermediaries are required for the interaction between the counterparties on the NFT P2P Marketplace, the exchanges are automated by the NFT P2P Exchange Software. Take a tour of our NFT P2P crypto exchange script, talk to our blockchain experts about the latest developments in P2P Marketplace software and explain your requirements to get the quote for an outstanding p2p exchange software.

    p2p exchange

    How NFT Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange Works?

    In the NFT P2P Crypto Exchange Platform, the seller and buyer connect directly without any intermediaries. Traders can interact directly on the White label P2P exchange platform where the escrow system monitors and guarantees secure transactions.

    User Account

    Create an account by registering on the NFT P2P crypto exchange platform.

    KYC/AML Verification

    Instant KYC/AML verification is provided by the p2p exchange platform.

    View Orders

    Check the orders and select the best suitable order in the orders list.

    Open a Trade

    Select the price that you want to buy/sell trade by opening a trade.

    Place an Order

    Select an item and place an order in the crypto exchange platform.

    Create a Wallet

    Create a wallet address to make it feasible for the counterparty to identify.

    Check & confirm order

    Check for order matching and confirm the orders between buyers and sellers.

    Hold assets

    The smart contract-based escrow system holds the assets before payment and confirmation.

    Make Payments

    The buyer has to make payments for the purchase.

    Order Confirmation

    The Seller has to confirm the payments and release the asset from the escrow system.

    Fund Transfer

    Enjoy trading of NFTs in the NFT P2P Marketplace and receive funds.

    Store assets

    Buyers can store the asset in their wallets.

    Features of our NFT Decentralized P2P Exchange Development

    NFT p2p Exchange Development

    Multi-cryptocurrencies Compatible

    Besides, BTC, ETH, USDT, etc., our NFT p2p trading platform is scalable to various coins and tokens. The platform is compatible with multicurrency.

    NFT p2p Exchange Development

    KYC/AML Verification

    The nft p2p exchange platform provides users with instance KYC verification and validation. To add a layer of security this verification is implemented.

    High TPS

    We ensure a fast, effective and secure trading platform by increasing the transaction speed for customers and traders.

    Global Connectivity

    Our p2p exchange platform is regulated with all native and global regulations. Users can trade flawlessly around the globe.

    Trade Matching Engine

    The p2p crypto exchange platform is reinforced with a high-performance efficient engine that automatically matches the buyer’s and seller’s orders with the lowest latency.

    NFT p2p Exchange Development

    Secured Escrow System

    Our p2p exchange platform is a reliable and secured smart contract-based escrow system to get a better trading experience for users.

    NFT P2P Marketplace

    Admin Board

    An efficient Admin board controls the critical elements like dispute management and escrow system.

    NFT P2P Marketplace

    Favored Trader

    Our NFT Decentralized P2P Exchange Development platform offers a flexible option for buyers and sellers to select their preferred trader.

    NFT P2P Marketplace

    Payment Gateway

    Clients can use various payment gateway modes to send and receive cryptocurrencies. All the transactions are quick and efficient.

    Benefits of our NFT Trading Platform

    NFT P2P Marketplace

    Quick Customization

    White label P2P exchange


    Escrow Services

    White label P2P exchange

    Multi-layer Security

    Our Project Roadmap for Success

    ShamlaTech is a result-oriented company that has a decade of experience in handling hundreds of projects. Our passionate blockchain experts and project management team are one of our spirits of success. Our Clients can have control over their projects within their projects.

    Project Discovery

    In this stage we collect requirements from the client and evaluate them. We work on the ideation of the project, our specialists perform R&D and business case analysis work on the project requirements.


    Our designers come with user flows, they design a user-oriented look and design. They build a core contract functionality to test the solution’s feasibility.

    Development & QA

    Our blockchain specialists build a security model, back-end and front-end engineering, create APIs, content, and gateways. They do manual and automated testing, handle external audits.

    Publish & support

    After confirmation from the client, we launch the NFT P2P Exchange Software in the marketplace. We provide post-launch support to our clients.

    Why ShamlaTech?

    White-label Solutions

    24/7 Technical Support

    Third-party API integrations

    Obey NDA terms and conditions


    On-time delivery


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    We approach every client with a view of building long-term partnership. We focus constantly on meeting clients’ expectation and delivering solutions with absolute transparency

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