NFT Art Tokenization

Tokenize your Digital arts and make them unique by escaping from the theft with the revolutionary Non-fungible art Tokenization.

What are Non-fungible Tokens?

Non-fungible tokens offer digital ownership for digital assets. Smart Contracts are created using open source code that is used to protect digital assets. Only one authorized owner exists, the owner ledger cannot be modified or copied. Non-fungible assets cannot be exchanged and the ownership is tracked using Ethereum blockchain. An ERC-721 standard is used to tokenize digital assets like artworks, videos, music, etc.
NFT’s are built on the Ethereum blockchain, they are built using the ERC-721 token standard. Each NFT has a unique address, token ID, and smart contract. We create Non-Fungible Tokens for digital assets like arts, videogames, rewards, music, etc., and real-world assets like cars, real estate, etc.

Why NFT Tokenized Art?

Start working by creating amazing digital art, we at ShamlaTech offer NFT Art Tokenization for your digital artwork that tokenizes your digital assets with a unique token ID.
Fractional Ownership
The digitized arts are extremely divisible where investors can invest in a small fraction of tokenized artworks. Investors can have a share in an asset.
No Mediators
Tokenized Non-fungible arts remove the need for mediators to provide transparency and immutability.
Enhanced Liquidity
Non-fungible art tokenization allows the automatic transfer of ownership according to the agreement. With low costs and complexity, NFT for art presents an option to invest with P2P trading and fiat money on the structured trading platforms that enhance liquidity.
Wide range of investors
NFT for Art tokenization removes the constraints by allowing to sell or buy tokens by representing the fraction of ownership which results in a wide range of investors participating in the investment process. Tokenized nft arts will open opportunities for new investors.

Benefits of Tokenized NFT Arts

Tokenized NFT art can be accessed 24/7 globally, from anywhere in the world.
There are no mediators for tokenized assets so this will reduce the cost of paying an amount to mediators.
The token ownership is removed when it is purchased by others. If the owner sells the tokens, then they can be transferred to the buyer. In case of any disagreements, the conflicts can be resolved by considering the immutable records of ownership.
Every record is maintained on a common immutable record. No one has a right to claim the assets illegally. Everyone should have a clear view of the updated ownership records to ensure transparency within the ecosystem.
Invest easily
Tokenized assets provide better liquidity with fractional ownership and eliminates lower investments. NFT for art tokenization epitomizes the latest opportunities for the asset exchange market.

What is NFT Art Tokenization?

Digital artists are experiencing a lot of difficulties to protect their copyrights for their artwork. When non-fungible tokens come into existence, digital artists can sell their artwork safely online. Tokenized NFT Arts and Smart contracts permit the addition of comprehensive attributes like the identity of the owner, metadata, or file links that will help digital artists have copyright over their work.
The Crypto world motivated digital artists to create innovative and stimulating artworks to explore the blockchain world.
Digital Art is one of the major growing applications for Non-fungible tokens. The connection of proof-of-ownership and scarcity makes it a seamless match same as physical goods. Purchasing a digital asset and getting a physical equivalent is fetching a bigger business and part of an ecosystem.
We will help you to create your own NFT tokens without any extensive knowledge of the crypto platforms. Before you start you need to decide on which platform you want to issue your Non-fungible tokens for your artwork

How Tokenized Non-fungible arts work?

Non-fungible art Tokenization is defined as a method to change the ownership rights of an asset into a digital token.
Blockchain plays a crucial role in creating Non-fungible tokens, it is an immutable record that allows you to purchase tokens. Whether the owner is registered in the government registry or not, no one can remove the ownership. Each block is locked by a cryptographic hash which identifies a set of data, to the previous block. Ethereum is one of the widely used blockchains that supports ERC-721 token standards, it enables digital creators to capture data that is significant to their digital artworks and store it as tokens on the blockchain.
So, take a digital art, tokenize it and build its digital illustration on the blockchain. NFT Tokenized art offers amplified liquidity, fast payments, and reduced costs.
We are qualified experts in tokenized digital art and amplifies your digital artwork to the next level with our Non-fungible art tokenization solutions.

Why ShamlaTech for NFT Art Tokenization

We are a leading NFT Token development company leading the global industry with our wide range of services for digital asset tokenization. Our expert team works seamlessly on token development to support your business and involve your business in the global market. We proudly say that our work plan is our success. We offer cost-effective services to our clients. Some of our features include:

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24/7 Technical Support
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