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NFT Development Services

Our latest NFT Development solutions

The new and trending non-fungible token is a cryptographic token that holds the ability to be a unique and unrepeatable token. The NFT token cannot be divided but that can be used to represent objects in the real or digital world also along with its own characteristics, as well as its ownership, while maintaining all of this within a representation through a smart contract on a blockchain.

The advantages of the token and its uses in various sectors has become the centre of attraction in the market. As an expert cryptocurrency development company shamla tech provides cutting edge NFT Development Company for all your business needs.

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    NFT Token Development Services

    The tokenization of collectibles to digital assets is facilitated by Non-Fungible token development Company. These tokens have the unique feature to be non-exchangeable and non-interoperable. Non-Fungible tokens mostly are of standard ethereum protocols which are booming in the digital market.


    ERC-721 kind of Non Fungible tokens highlights the uniqueness of the assets throughout the world.


    ERC-998 offer better trading options as it is much more advanced than the ERC-721 standard types.


    ERC-1155 can be used to build both fungible and non-fungible at a reduced development costs.

    NFT Development for your business

    Art Tokenization

    Provide an exclusive platform that helps unique identity for the artists with their masterpiece and signature creations with NFTokens.

    Marketplace Development

    The unique and smart features of the NFTs creates a bigger marketplace for unique collectibles like art, games, real estate and a wide range of other assets.


    The tokens are largely used in gaming sector as the gamers can generate their revenue from the unique character in NFT listed by the developers.

    Lending platform

    NFT facilitates the lending market by allowing to borrow money with NFT tokens as collateral with the smart contracts.

    Exchange Development

    Build your own p2p exchange platform highly secured with a large variety of NFT tokens to support all the sectors.


    NFTs play a major role in sports and fantasy sports as even rare sport assets, teams, betting and video clips of highlights as be tokenized.

    Real-world land Properties

    Tokenization of real estate or land is possible with NFTs with digitizing your unique plans and real land for your customers.


    NFS are getting their upper hand even in the fashion industry tokenizing accessories and designs avoiding duplication of the product.


    Create your own marketplace helps to safeguard your music from being duplicated, plagiarized or pirated with proprietorship.

    NFT for Domains

    Non-fungible tokens allow to create a new and unique domain name and gain more attention in a very simple way.

    Videos and pictures

    Rare and exclusive pictures and video contents can be digitized with NFTs protect it from being copied or misused claiming ownership.

    Initial Poster Offering (IPO) Development

    Upgraded fundraising with Initial Poster Offering, in the White label NFT platform to launch a business related to Non-Fungible Tokens.

    Why choose us for NFT Platform Development Services?

    Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development firm, SHAMLA TECH has a skilled team of developers enriched with experience and expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. We offer cutting edge solutions including blockchain integration, smart contract development for automated processes, completely user friendly and advanced platform development and highly secured wallets to match all your business needs.

    Our top cryptocurrency developers work together to hit the right solutions for all your crypto trade problems. Get the best platform solutions to launch your own exchange in no time with economic prices.


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