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NFT Auction Portal

Upgrade to Online auctions

Trading online in the recent days isn’t just restricted to buying and selling goods alone, thanks to the emergence of online auctions or eAuctions. They have not only upgraded the way public sales are conducted but also revolutionized the old and uninviting county courtrooms and hotel ballrooms favorite among auctioneers of the past years.

In fact, perhaps the best feature in online trading is the absence of physical presence and the chaotic scenes that define a traditional auctioning process. Here online auctioning is decent, convenient and incredibly accommodating for all. You bid, sell and trade your crypto assets and collectibles, all without leaving your comfy couch. At shamla tech we assure to help you develop an advanced and intuitive action portal to enjoy barrier free business.

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    What is an e-Auction?

    E-AUCTIONS is an easily accessible marketplace for all making a hasslefree run even in the pandemic. It offers the space for all organizations to enter global markets irrespective of their size and of course without barriers with the support of cryptocurrencies. The online auctions are more responsive and wide, with real-time communication and instant availability of data identifying shifts in markets and opportunities. Here the buyers can easily negotiate with a number of vendors at once at the same time. This leads to massive time-savings and reduced costs for everyone.

    NFT based Auction platforms

    Types of auctions

    Classic Reverse Auction

    This process involves multiple sellers compete to obtain the buyer’s business and the buyer can see all the offers and may choose which would work best for their business.

    It is one of the most common forms of e-auction where bids are announced by either an auctioneer or the bidders and winners pay what they bid to receive the object. It is usually user-friendly and helps to reduce transaction costs.

    English Auction

    Dutch Auction

    This form of auctions start at a higher price and goes lowered until a buyer accepts the price. Here first person who wins the auction makes him good for quick decisions and ability to win more.

    In this auction, the buyer sets a high price which decreases at pre-defined amounts at particular intervals. The seller or an auctioneer will provide the goods and services at that price for some time and may alter it after a time period.

    Japanese Auction

    Vickrey Reverse E-Auction

    In Vickrey Reverse auctions users wishing to buy a product could indicate the maximum price that they’re ready to pay. Here the platform hides from the buyer and the least price is indicated by suppliers and then calculates best prices.

    In sealed-bid auctions, a single bid is made by all bidding parties and the only highest bidder wins. Here you can’t see what suppliers have submitted until the closing the event.

    Sealed Bid E-Auction

    Benefits of online auctioning

    Much larger audience willing to take part

    Easy worldwide reach

    Convenience of participating in many auctions in a day

    Exposure to get their desired items

    Instant engagement from marketing

    Longer bidding window to choose the needed

    High throughput

    Quick and reliable transactions

    Reasonable Pricing

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    Advance Auction Portal Design

    Customized Auction Portal

    Auction Web Application

    Auction Mobile Apps Development

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    Online Auction Portal Development

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    Cryptocurrency trading is driving the world of business and has been widely adopted by various businesses of all sectors. Cryptocurrency development has attracted business of all scales and sizes are drawing leverage out of digital and online vast potential. Being a leading software development company in India, Shamla tech has assisted wide-spread clients and assures to offer end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange development and blockchain solutions to business of all shapes and sizes, spread around the world.

    NFT Auction Portal


    We provide innovative creative and custom e-Auction portal and Web Development.

    Auction Portal NFT Marketplace

    Cryptocurrency exchange software

    We provide customized exchange softwares and robust clone scripts for all your trade needs.

    Auction Portal NFT Marketplace

    Mobile apps

    Our experts provide successful user friendly and attractive mobile apps for both android and iOS for wide user base.

    Auction Software Development

    Blockchain development

    We help you to keep your business as front runner with advanced traceability solutions with blockchain.

    Auction Software Development

    Auction Software Development


    We offer personalized platform to buy and sell almost everything easily and instantly attracting a wide audience.

    Online Auction Portal Development

    Online Auction Portal Development


    Our Marketing experts assist to rank your site in the popular search engine listings with smart strategies.


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