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NFT Marketplace on Harmony

Harmony Blockchain

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain network designed to support collectibles, assets, identity, and governance. The platform offers cross-chain asset transfers with other blockchain networks like Ethereum, Blockchain, etc. Harmony’s channels can connect any Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work. The Blockchain network is reliable and extremely gas-efficient. At present, the channels of the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum secures many cross-chain assets. Many users built their NFT platform like harmony for fast, robust, and reliable transactions. Users can use a Ledger or MetaMask with low fees. Harmony is compatible with any of the Ethereum wallets or portals for executions and transactions.

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    Salient Features of Harmony

    NFT platform like harmony

    Random State Sharding and Security

    The sharding option is provided for decentralization and security. All the blockchain states are divided into shards, linear scaling with features of storage, transactions, and machines. Every shard has 250 nodes to ensure security against Byzantine behaviours. Harmony uses Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) for unpredictable and unbiasedly shard membership.

    NFT platform like harmony

    Rapid Transactions

    Harmony is invented on the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) for quick consensus of block transactions with low transaction fees and 1-block-time finality. To commit blocks in single round consensus messages, Harmony uses Boneh-Lynn-Shacham(BLS) constant-sized signatures.

    NFT platform like harmony

    Tokenomics & Proof-of-Stake

    To offer security and economics, Harmony uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism. Effective staking helps to fairly distribute rewards and reduce centralization, it also supports reward compounding and support delegation.

    Develop NFT marketplace on harmony

    As a leading NFT marketplace development company, we have vast experience in developing popular clones to build top-notch NFT marketplaces in the crypto space. We focus on the requirements of our clients, innovative crypto trends, and security in our development process.

    NFT Marketplace development on Harmony is a leading NFT marketplace built on popular blockchain networks that allow users to list, sell, and buy digital collectibles. Crypto investors can develop an NFT marketplace on the blockchain network and earn a never-ending profit. DaVinci is an NFT marketplace platform built on Harmony where the users can create/mint, sell, and buy non-fungible tokens within 2secs transaction speed, low fees, and environmentally friendly running on the proof-of-stake mechanisms of Harmony.

    Build your NFT marketplace on Harmony with advanced features to fascinate more users on the platform!

    Customized White-label NFT marketplace development in harmony

    We build customized NFT marketplace solutions based on our client requirements. Our decentralized NFT marketplaces are built upon various blockchain networks to ensure security, transparency, and reliability. As a custom-based solution, users can instantly launch their NFT marketplace in the crypto space. We embed all the latest features in the customized NFT marketplace clone for a better experience.

    End-To-End Solutions

    Our NFT marketplace development in harmony is an end-to-end solution where we built it from the scratch. We built the solutions based on the user requirements and it is a custom-made NFT marketplace development in harmony so, new features can be added after deployment.

    Outstanding Features in our NFT Marketplace on Harmony

    Competent Architecture

    The architecture completely utilizes the sharding operations to ensure security and reliability and also offer linear scaling, storage, and transactions.

    Develop NFT Marketplace on harmony


    All the transactions are secured, efficient, and low in fees with the proof-of-stake features.

    NFT Marketplace on harmony

    Cross-Chain Shard Processing

    Our platform offers the cross-chain shard compatibility feature to empower smart contracts between the shards.

    NFT Marketplace on harmony

    Random Operation

    The system performs random operations to protect the process of the shard from shard attacks.

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    NFT Marketplace on harmony

    Why NFT marketplace on harmony?

    There are many NFT marketplaces in the industry that are built on various blockchains but they all end up having some issues. Meanwhile, Harmony is the featured NFT marketplace platform for secured, speed and rapid transactions, the transactions are processed in 2 secs transaction finality. An effective decentralized exchange platform benefits users in multiple ways. For an efficient and effective transaction, Harmony plays a vital role in the trading process. The platform offers scalability and cross-chain compatibility. The platform is entitled as a perfect business solution for crypto enthusiasts.

    ShamlaTech’s NFT Marketplace on Harmony Services

    We are a pioneering NFT marketplace development company in the industry with more than 10 years of experience. Our NFT marketplace development in harmony services are unique and transparent in the crypto space.

    Professionals on Blockchain Business
    We have been developing a blockchain-based solution for our global clients for many years to know that you require blockchain development experts who can understand your business requirements, not just coding.

    Profound Development SkillBase
    We have an expert blockchain development team who can bring skills and experience in specific blockchain-based techniques and deliver world-class solutions across blockchains, libraries, and codebases.

    We focus on classifying our client’s needs and the exact tools that solve their problems. We invite our clients to attend regular meetings, deliver reliable reports, and gather client’s feedback. We perfectly build solutions for your business.

    Innovative Solutions
    We are continuously enlightening our skills to deliver innovative solutions and services for our clients. Our NFT marketplace on the harmony development process is unique.


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