NFT game development like evolution land

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NFT gaming platform like evolution land

NFT gaming platforms are most trending ones in the market that has a huge user base all around the world. NFTs offer an intriguing possibility to games as they provide an approach to evaluate and adapt in-game things. Evolution Land stands out on this list as one of the top NFT games for its unique options. The platform is more like a city builder game, where you can buy virtual properties, construct buildings and generally expand your space. There are a totally 26 continents in the game, where each of the continents exists on a different blockchain. Evolution land gameplay extensively uses both Fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are truly owned by players and secured by underlying blockchain technology.
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Working of NFT gaming platform like evolution land

Evolution Land is built with cross-chain technology powered by Darwinia Network that has two continents deployed on Ethereum and Tron where you can buy and sell land, virtually expand your land, construct buildings, govern your space and also cultivate crops. Users get to acquire real estate in these continents, farm, work on different constructions or even hire other users to mine components in their land. Players can also buy or sell lands on the continents, mine resources, and build buildings, PvP, scientific research etc. The costs of the assets are controlled by players coordinated by request, demand and supply.

Features of Evolution land

The continent includes Atlantis, Columbus, Dawning, etc
Mainstream public blockchain to confirm game assets
Smart on-chain contract and SDK interface
Various gameplay options like battle
Government parameters to set trade tax by players
Mine and governance features
Designed to be a self-evolving, scalable, and open system
In-game token for making transactions

Evolution land like NFT game development

As an expert NFT platform development company, Shamla tech offers clone game of popular blockchain and NFT games in the market. We provide robust Evolution land like NFT game development that helps you to launch your own NFT based gaming platform with various gameplays, including management, collection, gene, battle, auction, trade and game etc. Our Gaming platform for NFT like evolution is built with exclusive features that accounts reliability and automation with smart contracts and deployed on various trustworthy blockchain networks.
Free Market
NFT gaming platform like evolution land allows users to trade land, hire workers, apostle in-game marketplace where you can also determine the price by players based on demand and supply. The platform also facilitates to transfer assets to a third party.
Plenty of Continents
The gaming platform offers upto 26 continents, each on the different public chains making a virtual simulation blockchain gaming technology that seamlessly integrates with cross-chain interaction.
Cross-Chain Token Economy
The cross-chain token economy system consists of Evolution Land NFT game scenes built by different continents on token, public chain and assets offing a free-market economy in the fully digital world.
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