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Acquire Blockchain social media platform creation with assured benefits with enhanced privacy and top notch safety.

Smart Decentralised Social Network Solutions

Decentralised social networks saw a steep rise in the recent days with most of the popular social networking platform started showing interest in it. The Blockchain-based Decentralised social network makes every activity on the network gets irreversibly stored in the technology and all interactions are protected by end-to-end encryption. Recently top social media platforms were blamed for Exploiting customer’s information and data theft like the user’s interests, preferences, connections, age group, education, location etc. Blockchain social media, with distributed ledger and decentralized concept, secures users’ content by securing it and upholding privacy.

Blockchain social media platforms development company, Shamla tech offers tailor made solutions to Develop Blockchain social media creation platform of your own with robust of the features. Get your custom services with expert developers in no time.

Develop Blockchain Social Media Platform

Build your own Develop blockchain social media with experienced and expert developers with personalized solutions and gain massive benefits with data security, freedom of expression and privacy.

What Does Blockchain For Social Media Offer?

Blockchain social media creation platform give the users more control and autonomy of their content. Logging into a social media website may lead the user to be a target of various marketing campaigns for advertising with the details we enclose in our social media account. Also social media sites available today are mostly centralized and provide opportunities for exploiting the user’s personal information as well. Problem arises when the website gives space for third parties to steal the user’s personal details and use them for their own. But Blockchain social media integration provides more benefits than just security and privacy including freedom of expression, scope for crowdfunding and many more.

Privacy And Freedom

Privacy in the social media has become the most concerning topic as the leading platforms started gaining access to your conversations and other data through the applications. In this case blockchain enables users to make transactions in a more private way as it allows only the sender and receiver to be aware of the contents exchanged assuring more security to the information and pictures shared.

Payment And Crowd Funding Options

The social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook also added features to share funds and of course all the transactions are being acquired. On the other hand Blockchain social media assures a decentralized platform and token sales with native cryptocurrency. This brushes away the hesitation and also paves way for crowdfunding options with reliability, security and privacy to the funds.

Data Security And Control

Social media is prone to leverage of data for advertisements and marketing of the products we search for or talk about. Here peer-to-peer network, end-to-end encryption, decentralization and elimination of middlemen or third parties avoid threats of user commodification. When you Develop blockchain social media platform, it not only assures data immutability ensuring trustworthiness but gives full control to the users.

The Top Blockchain Social Networks Of 2020

  • Steemit
  • Diaspora
  • Minds
  • Earn
  • SocialX

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