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Crypto payments gateway

Crypto-Payment Gateway

Shamla tech excels in providing robust Cryptocurrency payment gateways for borderless payment networks to allow smooth transfer of cryptocurrencies. We ensure to help traders to do transactions in bitcoins and altcoins instantly. Get advanced white-label cryptocurrency payment gateways from experts to enjoy immediate conversion of bitcoins and other crypto coins into the native fiat currency. Acquire various payment methods with the full privacy of your transactions.


Enjoy the comfort of buying and selling of your desired cryptocurrencies easily with convenient payment options including Visa and MasterCards.


Trade with more than 50 cryptocurrencies seamlessly and also enjoy high liquidity to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat money for instant usage.


List your cryptocurrencies in our payment gateway and get updated about every usage.


Buy cryptocurrencies seamlessly and get super fast trading options without registration in our latest crypto payment gateways.

Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway services

Our extensive experience guiding crypto exchanges through the vast services for global crypto payments with solutions to reduce troubles and ensure all payments are processed seamlessly.

Instant Transactions

Offers quick processes and no payment delays compared to conventional payment methods.

Easy Conversion

High liquidity allows easy conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat money allowing immediate usage.

Multi currency payment gateway

Various payment methods helps easy trading with desired options including cards and other banking apps.

User Controlled

Customers have full control over their transactions with their own private keys and passcodes.

Security options

Our secured cryptocurrency payment gateway has multiple security options ensuring top notch protection against hackers.

Multiple Wallets

Integration of Crypto Payment Gateway with Exchangers and wallets allows smooth cryptocurrency transactions.

Multi-language support

Enabling multiple languages helps uninterrupted trade from anywhere around the world.

Transaction History

The user gets the view of the complete record and overall track of the transactions taken place.

Two Factor Authentication

Reduced risk of third party intervention with two or more codes to complete a transaction.

Payment Options

Advantage of our cryptocurrency payment gateway script

Worldwide Transactions

Trade any cryptocurrency of your choice from anywhere around the world.

High Security

Trade any cryptocurrency of your choice from anywhere around the world.

Minimal fees

Transaction fees are significantly low as compared to debit and credit cards or even zero.

Fast process

Instant transaction process ensures to never miss out any trade deal.

Easy acceptance

There is no confusion due to various fiat currencies and international trade becomes easy.

Andriod and iOS

POS apps assure easy cryptocurrencies usage in both android and iOS mobile phones and ipads.

Round the clock Withdrawal

Get access to your fiat money through your payment gateway anytime without being controlled.

New Customers

Low transaction costs and multiple new payment options easily attract many new customers.


Our developers here provide you end to end crypto payment gateway development solutions to customize and integrate the payment gateway as per your requirements.

Customers will be able to make payments many top Cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP etc.

Our solutions assure immediate and quick transactions without any delays.

You will be able to retrieve the deposit records under your transaction history section.

You can discuss the possibility of implementation of our business solution to your field of work via mail or through Phone call.

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