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When an cryptocurrency exchange offers or introduces trading pairs for a particular asset, this actthe processes is known as listing the asset. Every trading platform will have their own set of rules to showcase a coin, so in order to list your coin or a token, it must meet all the requirements of an exchange portal. In this phase, you must contact the website as an owner of the coin. In IGO listing service platform, lower the barrier to entry for participating retail investors and grants them the option to secure in-game digital assets and tokens before they are made available to the public. As a top IGO listing service company, we assure custom IGO listing service software solutions cost-effectively. Talk to our experts now to get instant consultation and quote.

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What is Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

An Initial Game Offering or an IGO is a fundraising event, usually carried out through crowd sale, for game industry projects and startups. The process enables participants to obtain project tokens and other advantages such as receiving discounts on the game’s release or having access to special features from those who pre-register before it goes live. IGO’s also provide rewards in the game depending on the investment of the participant. The main benefits of an IGO listing service platform are that it is open to all rather than traditional investing that tends to be reserved for high net-worth entrepreneurs or companies with huge sums of money at their disposal. Leading IGO listing service agency, Shamla tech with the top experts in the market offers the best suitable IGO listing services as per your business needs.
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Benefits Of IGO’s

The main aim of the IGO listing service company is to enable game developers to gather money through crowdfunding.
Quick funding
With the appropriate facilities, IGO listing services can achieve instant fund raising. It basically needs the interested community of people and not venture capitalists.
Retainment of the company’s equity
The percentage of net income with IGOs is retained to grow the business, rather than being paid out as dividends.
Full game custody
A player or the user has full control of the game and its asset. The right of decision making is completely with the users.
Funding future games
With the way IGO listing service platform functions, one can get to fund several game projects at once. It also encourages the use of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings).

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We, at shamla tech provide transformative IGO listing services that deliver satisfying digital experiences to your customers. Our team grew up understanding that new technologies and are well aware of the IGO listing service software trends. That’s driven us to become experts in the field. We have a very deep and nuanced understanding of the practical technologies, trends, processes, and applications that drive today’s market, as well as a curiosity about the emerging IGO listing services and innovations that will shape tomorrow’s solutions.

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